(Possible) Legendary Staff - Preview
A few forum threads appeared on the forums (nice work on Datamining the legendary staff!), people asked me tons of questions, it's time to try to do a preview of the legendary staff!

This is not an official preview, the whole post could just be speculation going wrong. There is definitely a lot of data available and it's definitely enough to assume that this is indeed the legendary staff but unless you hear it from a blue poster, anything I post could be a giant lie.

In any case, nothing is official, nothing is final, this is just data from a test server.

Weapon Model
The staff has 3 models and we can assume that it will be upgraded through multiple quests/events like Shadowmourne. The upgraded is much more visible than with Shadowmourne and it looks like you will even add parts to your staff at some point.

Click the picture to see all 3 versions of the staff

The staff seems to have a lot of icon, hints of various stages of construction/quest.

Icon Name Icon Name
INV_Arcane_Orb INV_Flaming_Splinter
INV_Staff_Branch INV_Stave_2H_FirelandsRaid_D_03_Stage1
INV_Stave_2H_FirelandsRaid_D_03_Stage2 INV_Stave_2H_FirelandsRaid_D_03

A couple of quests added in the patch seems to be related to the staff. Most importantly, it seems that the questline is heavily tied to the Keepers of Time.

A Legendary Engagement / A Legendary Engagement
Objective - Speak to Anachronos in the Caverns of Time.
Description - I expected that I would find you here, . But then, we of the bronze flight have somewhat of an advantage when it comes to such things.

*Coridormi smiles.*

For reasons unknown to me, my master seeks audience with you. I would counsel you not to take this invitation lightly, . Anachronos seldom has cause to interact with mortals. Wisdom would dictate that you seek him out in the Caverns of Time at once.

Speak to me when you are ready and I shall personally deliver you.

A Wrinkle in Time
Objective - Speak to Anachronos in the Caverns of Time to witness the future of Azeroth.
Description - Listen carefully, , for though we are only beginning, time already grows short and the consequences of our failure are unfathomable. An event in the recent past has been obscured from my vision by the most powerful of magics. Its impact, however, has not.

If action is not taken to change the course of this timeline's future, the outcome is clear. Brace yourself, mortal, and behold the future of Azeroth.

All-Seeing Eye
Objective - Collect 25 Living Embers from Firelands and 3 Sands of Time.
Description - I perceive the questions that burn within your mind and I must confess that I share in your uncertainty... a rare position for one such as I, and a most unsettling one. As I scour time to find traces of this obscured event, you must aid me in the creation of an Eye, both to test your worthiness, and to provide an essential tool in the unraveling of this mystery.

Venture into the Plane of Fire, , and gather Living Embers. Bring them to me with Sands of Time and I will create the Eye.

On a Wing and a Prayer
Objective - Bring the Timeless Eye to Coldarra.
Description - Time well spent, mortal.

While you were struggling in the Plane of Fire, my watchers and I were able to determine where and, most importantly, when our vision was obscured. We have discovered that the shroud was placed over the Nexus, far to the north in the realm of the blue dragonflight.

I have attuned the Timeless Eye to show you the occurrences that remain hidden to us here. Go at once to Coldarra and search out a place suitable for the Eye's activation.

Travel well, friend.
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  1. Mammoth's Avatar
    To craft Shadow's Edge and make sure I was the first guy in line for Shadowmourne after the guilds top dps, I spent about 15k on primordials since they were still expensive. I don't see a problem with a legendary costing 9k. Frankly its cheap.
  1. Abandon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sammonoske View Post
    If it is a Legendary, grats Casters. Real question is what class specifically..?
    I would imagine it would be restricted to DPS casters. So Mages, Warlocks, Priests, Druids and Shaman should have the option to get it, I guess. Since it seems to be upgradable and part of a quest chain there would not really be any reason to restrict it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mammoth View Post
    To craft Shadow's Edge and make sure I was the first guy in line for Shadowmourne after the guilds top dps, I spent about 15k on primordials since they were still expensive. I don't see a problem with a legendary costing 9k. Frankly its cheap.
    The Living Embers are most likely going to be the "Primordial Saronites" this time around, so it's 9k plus 25X however much they cost. I doubt it will work out cheaper.
  1. Thingsix's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zokten View Post
    Truthfully it looks pretty unimpressive sadly.
    Shadowmourne was worse... But I want an agility melee legendary!! Go go enhancement!!
  1. Femoral's Avatar
    Even though I agree that 9k gold is not that much. (Vial goes for 65k on my server) I still don't like this direction that blizzard is taking by making everything into a huge gold dump. Yeah of course there will be some crazy thing that im sure will need to be done (Shadowmourne attunements) but still...
  1. Farora's Avatar
    If you get it in the same way as lolmourne then this 'legendary' won't be legendary either. Too bad Blizzard doesn't learn. All the sucky guilds that currently haven't even cleared heroic modes will drown in these staves. Which sucks, because it's ugly as hell.
  1. Gohzerlock's Avatar
    I can't WAIT until we start seeing these in arenas, so that everyone who defended smourne in pvp can eat their words.
    Also, good to see staves being useful again. I really hope they do a nice animation for this, it already looks just so so in comparison to other legendarys.
    Yes I agree with poster above.. it's kinda fugly.
  1. Strafer's Avatar
    9000 g is nothing.
  1. Elektrik's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Femoral View Post
    I still don't like this direction that blizzard is taking by making everything into a huge gold dump.
    Infinitely better than legendaries dropping from bosses, and everybody running around with 2 legendary swords 3 weeks later.

    And I don't remember exactly - however many months of killing Ragnaros weekly in vanilla and no eyes... - but wasn't Sulfuras a huge gold dump at the time, too?
  1. Lixo's Avatar
    Why am I not scared about Boubouille tracking me down and punching me in the face?
  1. Grimbold21's Avatar
    "Collect 25 living embers"

    Now where have i seen this before?
  1. Zoma's Avatar
    Staff looks fine to me, though seems a bit stubbier then other staffs. I would have liked one that looks like a polearm.

    Some people complaining about lolquestline to get the legendary, but I prefer that over 'Grind this instance every lockout, and you might get it before it becomes obsolete and only functions as a vanity item.'

    And question to data-miners: Is there any evidence of the questline ending with a bunch of BoE vanity items like Shadowmourne did?
  1. Spoonman's Avatar
    If it will be the new legendary my only opinion is that its a bit short.
  1. corola10's Avatar
    let the farming begin =D
  1. Poppasan's Avatar
    But where is teh lazor beams? D:
  1. orderschvank's Avatar
    the quest line is obviously just for the first stage of the weapon, like it was for shadowmourne..

    except thist ime it has 3 stages instead of 2

    first stage will be IL of normal mode weapons
    stage 2 will be IL of heroic mode weapons
    then third stage will be T12 heroic IL

    unlike shadowmourne went straight from normal mode IL to heroic IL
  1. link064's Avatar
    Well, we know going to Northrend / Coldara has something to do with Tarecgosa. She even has a camera and a phase named after her.
  1. rofl's Avatar
    if it will cost gold in some way or form, I really hope it will cost at least 100k, just to keep it a bit more legendary.
  1. Meeria's Avatar
    Why on earth are people complaining about looks when it most likely isn't completely finalized yet?
  1. gabrranth's Avatar
    I wanted the Scythe of Elune QQ
  1. rosco's Avatar
    Equip: You are always hit capped.

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