Patch 4.1 PTR - Build 13707
A new build might be deployed on test realms soon apparently, it's a fairly minor build and I had time to have fun with something else, more on that a little later ...

Strings Changes
A few interesting things again in this patch.
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  • EMOTE453_CMD1 = "/read";
  • ERR_NOT_ON_TOURNAMENT_REALM = "Not available on a Tournament Realm.";
  • SPELL_FAILED_EXCEEDED_WEEKLY_USAGE = "You can only cast %s %d times a week.";
  • SPELL_WEEKLY_USAGE_TOOLTIP = "%s can be cast %d more times this week.";

Achievements Changes
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Player vs. Player
Tol Barad

Spell Changes
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion

Companion Pets

Death Knight (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)

  • Frost Strike now deals 130% weapon damage plus 360, up from 110% weapon damage plus 305.
  • Howling Blast now scales from 48% of Attack Power on the primary target, up from 40% of Attack Power. Base damage on additional targets reduced by 17%, from 865 to 721.

Item Set

Druid (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Stampeding Roar no longer breaks prowling.
  • Swipe (Bear) now has a 3 sec cooldown, down from 6 sec
  • Feral Swiftness has a new effect - In addition, your Dash and Stampeding Roar have a 50/100% chance to remove all movement impairing effects from affected targets when used.

  • Lifebloom now costs 7% of base mana, down from 11%.
  • Efflorescence now restores health equal to 4/8/12% of the amount healed by your Swiftmend to the three most injured targets within 8 yards, every 1 sec for 7 sec.
  • Malfurion's Gift has a new effect - In addition, the cooldown of your Tranquility is reduced by 150/300 minutes. (Ok we'll just assume they mean seconds)


Hunter (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Multi-Shot now deals 118% weapon damage, up from 55%.

Paladin (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
Item Set

Priest (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)

Item Set


Shaman (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Deep Healing now affects all heals instead of just direct heals.

Warlock (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)

Pet - Felhunter
  • Shadow Bite now deals an additional 30% damage for each of your DoT on the target, up from 15%.

Warrior (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)

  • Precision now also increases auto attacks damage by 40%.

  • Shield Mastery now reduces magic damage taken by 7/14/20% for 6 sec, instead of 8/16/25%.
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  1. Fusmu's Avatar
    Another Druid nerf? Cmon guys/trolls/idiots do u have any hearts and brains?
  1. Rigobertinho's Avatar
    I'm happy they give us the chance to reduce the cooldown of tranquility, but I'm not sure about the change in efflorescence. Must see how it works in a fight, maybe good or maybe not.
  1. Seriousdoom's Avatar
    PFFFFFFFFFT!!!!!.. 40% melee damage increase, holy shit.
  1. Fuze's Avatar
    More warrior buffs >_<
  1. blahssat's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Seriousdoom View Post
    PFFFFFFFFFT!!!!!.. 40% melee damage increase, holy shit.
    its only affecting autoattacks. things like bloodthirst, raging blow, execute, slam, etc, will remain the same.
  1. Eace's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by trhemp View Post
    So now VP will be useless for even longer. Tier 2 Heroic give 140 VP, so we will have nothing to spend them on. Unless they put in new VP items that are ilvl above 359... mmmm

    ---------- Post added 2011-03-04 at 01:25 AM ----------

    Not everyone cares about Heroic Raids....

    Looking at June now for 4.2... they already said Ulduar took too long to come out, and they are doing the same thing again.
    They already said that ToC came out too fast, not giving players enough time to enjoy and raid through Ulduar. And that's what they want to avoid with the current tier.
  1. Seriousdoom's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by blahssat View Post
    its only affecting autoattacks. things like bloodthirst, raging blow, execute, slam, etc, will remain the same.
    Yeah but still.
    You do now that auto attacks usually is in the top 3 of most damage dealing abilities?.

    Bloodthirst, Raging Blow, Auto Attacks (and they swap leader position pending on your RNG luck)
  1. Lumineus's Avatar
    Ulduar was out for a long time. The reason people didn't get to "experience" it was because it was over-ambitious. 14 bosses, really? OK, so four of them are optional (or not, if you need the loot, like the axe off the fire giant in 25 or the trinket from the protodragon in 10) but that's still longer than Molten Core, and Molten Core was like a 10 hour slog-fest, assuming you went with a group that actually needed T1 gear and wasn't just farming Ragnaros for pants. They could have cut the first two wings entirely. Well, maybe left Kologarn in for teh lulz.

    DK buffs are nice. Frost on the way to becoming a three-button wonder though. I think Wrath Ret was more complex.

    I think they might have gone overboard with the Fury buffs at this juncture. Bet they end up nerfing the cooldown of Colossus Smash, effectively making it a clone of Waylay.
  1. Rufcat's Avatar
    Instead of changing the 4pc bonus on Holy Pally T11, they should make the stats on the set more enticing. Not having any haste on any of the pieces makes this set a complete waste of time (and justice points).
  1. Blancester's Avatar
    Thats a great looking screenshot (that is a screenshot of ingame firelands yes?).
  1. Erroon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by II Xion II View Post
    Is that a tiny bit of good news for druids I see amidst a sea of problems?
    Us druids mostly resto are screwed.... thanks blizzard... we imo were bad enough with mana problems now we are the worst healing class
  1. Paper12's Avatar
    Wow, they nerfed the ferals root breaking ability, than realised what they did and had to buff it in another way,
    why cant they figure out whats gonna happen if they remove such a key ability for a class.
    But they are good at overnerfing and quick at giving half of it back, its so blizzard.

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