Patch 4.1/4.2 Content - Firelands raid not in patch 4.1
We now have a very official blue post for the information, Firelands is not part of Patch 4.1. See the previous news post for more information.

Originally Posted by Bashiok (Blue Tracker)
By now you’ve seen that the redesigned Heroic five-player dungeon versions of Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub are on the PTR, featuring all-new boss mechanics, updated epic-level loot, and some rare mounts for players to try to tame.

You may be asking, "where's Firelands?”

Our goal with each major patch release, and especially with each expansion, is to learn from the past and use that knowledge to improve the game as we move forward. One of our biggest regrets in the pacing of Wrath of the Lich King was the Crusaders' Coliseum. The Trial of the Champion 10- and 25-player raid was released while many raiders were still busy with Ulduar, which meant a premature end to Ulduar raiding -- and a lot of players didn't get a chance to experience all of Ulduar's content during the normal expansion progression.

Having learned that lesson in pacing from Wrath of the Lich King, we don’t feel Cataclysm needs a new raid tier just yet. We’re close, though, and Firelands will be part of patch 4.2, which is expected to hit the PTR very soon after 4.1 goes live.

One of our long-standing development goals has been to release more regular content updates for you to enjoy. Our plan is to package features like raids, dungeons, and daily quest hubs into smaller content updates and release them as soon as possible, rather than wait and release them as large but infrequent updates. Our first significant step in this direction will be Cataclysm patch 4.1, and we hope the rest of our content updates moving forward follow this model.

This new flexible approach to updates allows us to release content like Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub so that you'll have more challenges to overcome while we make the flames of Sulfuron even fierier and this second showdown with the Firelord even more climactic.

While we know that some raiders feel prepared to smack down the Firelord once again, releasing an epic raid dungeon before its time would, in the words of Ragnaros himself, be "too soon!"

If firelands isn't being released why are people finding all of this content?

A good amount of development progress had already been made on Firelands by the time we decided it would be better to release it in the following patch. Because of that, a lot of information about what is now considered 4.2 content was already in the game files for the initial 4.1 PTR build. This just reinforces what Bashiok said about 4.2 being scheduled for release on the PTR shortly after 4.1 goes live.

Development for both patches is currently well in progress.
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  1. bloodwine77's Avatar
    As others have stated, it all depends on how long it takes 4.1 to come out and then 4.2.

    I am not 12/12. I am only halfway through this raid tier and I admit that I am already bored. Guildies are no longer even logging in to the game if it not raid time. I am burned out on Tol Barad dailies. I have two 85s and I can't yet bring myself to level up my other 80s because 80-85 is so mind-numbingly linear. It was awesome the first trip, ok the 2nd trip, but I tried it on a 3rd alt and he quickly got shelved. I hope in time I can revisit my 80s.

    Cataclysm feels flat. WotLK had major issues, but even in Wrath I didn't get bored so quickly. I don't know if it is Cataclysm or it is the fact that Azeroth has been around for over 6 years now.

    I'd fully support monthly (or every 2 months) patches that added one dungeon or new daily quest hub or anything to help keep things fresh.
  1. Kilpi's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kiro View Post
    Nope, it's not the other way around quit making stuff up, maybe that was the sheeple once again talking "if" anyone said that. If anything, it meant the quality of Ulduar v. ToC. No need to defend blizz here, they're big boys now.
    Buuuut... If for 1½ years it was said that Ulduar didn't last long enough and now you say it went for too long.. Something must have happened?
  1. godofslack's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Beliandra View Post
    The lead producer said 4.1 is coming in roughly two months. Not a few weeks.
    If that's actually true that's unacceptable, I follow the simple rule that any period longer than 6 months after a major content patch (and no 2 5-mans is NOT a major content patch, it's slightly less than Ruby Sanctum). Admitedly I'm not even done the normals yet, (partially because we lost 60% of our raiding division and weather crushed us a fair bit as well) and I am getting bored of normal mode content (I've never considered heroic modes the same fight).
  1. Argroth's Avatar
    Absolutely fine with me if they put off Firelands Raid for awhile.

    Anybody who is completely ready/geared for a new raiding tier needs to find something else to do with their life. They especially need to separate raiding tiers since they cheaped out and took out half of the gearing opportunities by being lazy and sharing 10 and 25-man raid lockouts. Not to mention that with the harder transitions from regular dungeons to heroic dungeons then raids it has certainly slowed down some of the less obsessed players from needlessly rushing through content.
  1. pateuvasiliu's Avatar
    So this means world-wide raid progression is going way more worse than in wotlk.

    Which is good,right?
  1. Fool's Avatar
    lmao, they are so fucking lazy
  1. yeto's Avatar
    i like this, gives us a chance to do some hardmodes before we outscale them on ilvl to mucth
  1. Gratlim's Avatar
    Good move for firelands. I guess they realised how the vast majority of players never got / gave up on raiding. Now make pve obsolete and focus on pvp / world achievements.
  1. Jahovenaught's Avatar
    Wow has 11 million players; 5.5 million will say content releases too fast (that's what she said), and 5.5 million will be omgwtf hurry up more more content. You can never please all the people all the time so log on and play or don't; it's your buying power.
  1. Oursaviour's Avatar
    4.2 guess-timated 3 months away = June = summer = I'm not spending 4 hours straight at the computer unless the weather is really bad :s But that's still better than rushing on content
  1. CPHKA's Avatar
    Reasonable decision. With so few people raiding now, there isn't a whole lot of reason to dedicate too many ressources in to particular part of the game. The focus should rater be on more casual content like the next tier of five mans and perhaps more BGs.
  1. myrddinde's Avatar
    It is starting to be a habbit of recycling old content. I have been running zg each reset on 2 chars ... since vanilla ... yay! while it had something epic as raid instance even when we outgeared and outleveled it, it was still kind of fun ... but now they did something "cool" to zg (won't spoil) and its jsut another piece of $%$& instance. And ofc no new raid content, why bother with it when like 90% of the players from vanilla don't actually play this game anymore ... for a reason.
  1. Radefa's Avatar
    The decision may be for the greater good for the overall population of wow but the timing is bad rift has just come out and that's alot of new and exciting content...
  1. Vilden's Avatar
    more spare time yeah!
  1. SanderZammy's Avatar
    Meh, tbh I think that they should've kept the 'raid' tiers to 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and the patch with ZA & ZG 4.0.7 or so, it's just more logical imo. But then again, I didn't play in Vanilla.
  1. Cell's Avatar
    First of all I thought they were introducing more raids each patch, seems like we're only going to have Firelands in 4.2 with probably another boss in Baradin Hold.

    They also said they would put out content patches more frequently, if they are going to release a new raid in 4-6 months that's not more frequent and IF you already do that, atleast make sure the minor content patch you put out (4.1) goes live within a month and not more.
  1. Brett Skullcrack's Avatar
    Great, no new content is 4.1, just recycled 5 mans. Seems like Blizzard has completely stopped pretending that they put any effort into content creation these days.
  1. Argroth's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kivimetsan View Post
    This is really good to see!

    My guild isnt even 12/12 normal 10man yet (we just re-structured our core group) and with a new raid coming out so soon feels like we would be missing alot, like Heroic modes and acheivments. Im actually really happy blizzard, good work
    Good to know there are some other non-obsessed people out there that move at a reasonable rate rather then eating hot pockets in a basement blasting through end-game content just over a couple a months after the whole expansion was released.

    basement dwelling over-achieving for nothing obsessed players get too much of a QQ voice on any mmo forum. They like to believe that everyone else is as pathetic as them and that their world revolves around a game and doing as much as possible with it as fast as possible.
  1. kildal's Avatar
    This is awesome and what i thought and hoped for in the first place.

    This way i can gear up my alts a bit easier and get maelstrom crystals really easy to actually make use of the enchants i want without paying 10k g each time i get a new item...

    Combined with the fact we want to progress through hardmodes and currently were only 11/12 with some good tries on halfus wyrmbreaker post 4.0.6.
  1. Nekovivie's Avatar
    Still only a tiny fraction of guilds are halfway through hardmodes in 4.0, it only makes sense to hold back a bit.

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