Patch 4.1/4.2 Content - Firelands raid not in patch 4.1
We now have a very official blue post for the information, Firelands is not part of Patch 4.1. See the previous news post for more information.

Originally Posted by Bashiok (Blue Tracker)
By now you’ve seen that the redesigned Heroic five-player dungeon versions of Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub are on the PTR, featuring all-new boss mechanics, updated epic-level loot, and some rare mounts for players to try to tame.

You may be asking, "where's Firelands?”

Our goal with each major patch release, and especially with each expansion, is to learn from the past and use that knowledge to improve the game as we move forward. One of our biggest regrets in the pacing of Wrath of the Lich King was the Crusaders' Coliseum. The Trial of the Champion 10- and 25-player raid was released while many raiders were still busy with Ulduar, which meant a premature end to Ulduar raiding -- and a lot of players didn't get a chance to experience all of Ulduar's content during the normal expansion progression.

Having learned that lesson in pacing from Wrath of the Lich King, we don’t feel Cataclysm needs a new raid tier just yet. We’re close, though, and Firelands will be part of patch 4.2, which is expected to hit the PTR very soon after 4.1 goes live.

One of our long-standing development goals has been to release more regular content updates for you to enjoy. Our plan is to package features like raids, dungeons, and daily quest hubs into smaller content updates and release them as soon as possible, rather than wait and release them as large but infrequent updates. Our first significant step in this direction will be Cataclysm patch 4.1, and we hope the rest of our content updates moving forward follow this model.

This new flexible approach to updates allows us to release content like Zul'Aman and Zul'Gurub so that you'll have more challenges to overcome while we make the flames of Sulfuron even fierier and this second showdown with the Firelord even more climactic.

While we know that some raiders feel prepared to smack down the Firelord once again, releasing an epic raid dungeon before its time would, in the words of Ragnaros himself, be "too soon!"

If firelands isn't being released why are people finding all of this content?

A good amount of development progress had already been made on Firelands by the time we decided it would be better to release it in the following patch. Because of that, a lot of information about what is now considered 4.2 content was already in the game files for the initial 4.1 PTR build. This just reinforces what Bashiok said about 4.2 being scheduled for release on the PTR shortly after 4.1 goes live.

Development for both patches is currently well in progress.
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  1. Kiro's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ganush View Post
    When I thought 4.1 was going to have firelands, I actually felt it was too soon. I think if they get 4.2 out mid-May to early-June that's pretty close to perfect timing. Just one man's humble opinion.
    Up to 7 months until new content? Really? Listen, i'm sorry, but blizzard can't, and SHOULDN'T cater to those players who are extreme-casuals that only get to play a very limited amount of time a week, nor those who just can't coordinate enough to get kills. I'm not talking HM kills neither. I'm talking about johnny casual who posts here "good news about them learning! I'm planning on hitting 85 next week and then start gearing up through dungeons and then heroics, then get the raids done". Those people should never-ever be taken into account for. That said, I don't think that as soon as all HMs are down by a guild that new content is on the way. 4months TOPS for a new raid, period. This will help keep the game fresh, keep the PVPers happy as well, and actually more people will be happy in the end. It's not like they can't go back to old content to check it out.

    If blizzard thinks I'm going to fall for their tricks again, I'm not. Subscription is up in the next few weeks, it WON'T be renewed, I'll put that to RIFT instead. I'm not waiting 4 more months for new content, something we should be getting next month instead. (insert sheeple rage "go on, we won't miss you").

    I'm still just bewildered that people are so freakin' blind when it comes to blizzard. I always though apple fanboys were the worst, but it's clear that blizzard fanboys are easily the worse, throwing logic out the window, getting bent over all the time, and helping blizzard ruin the game for the other players calling them out by supporting them. Pathetic.
  1. ghora's Avatar
    unbelievable ...
    All the whiner are like kids
    You are SOOooooo used to get candy every same moment that when you receive a NOoooooo you started to whine , cry and roll on the floor like a kids ..

    The point of that is to update content more often than before ...

    I personally think this is a good ideas
    If the patch was call 4.0.8 would all of you whine ??? no
    The remake of ZA and ZG gonna have new boss and new ability so it`s not basically the same thing
    It`s the same place yeahh but not the same encounter ...

    So Deal with it
  1. Azalu's Avatar
    I don't think it's gonna be a major difference. My prediction

    4.1 = 3rd week of March
    4.2 = 2nd-3rd week of April
  1. manniefaces's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DerpderpHAMMA View Post
    I hope blizz knows what they are doing. Not to beat a dead horse, but Rift is looking more and more appealing to people each and every day. By no means am i saying Rift will beat wow, but people are migrating there. They believe people are shitting themselves over ZA and ZG commin back, but to what i have seen, most people arent. Even if most people arent ready for Firelands, we would still like the option, right? Its only 2 dungeons to hold us over for god knows how long, may be 1 month, may be 4. But still, i would like to see Firelands be open just to show that they are attempting to put out major content.

    Like has been said before, alot of individual raids with different themes would be nice, but i cant see them doing this.
    Just lie lotro, Warhammer, AOC, Aion and the beat goes on. People leave but the majority return and there is a reason. This is the best mmo out there period like it or not. YOu complain about content and yet Blizzard gives more content than any other mmo /sigh.
  1. jamess's Avatar
    I hope the raiding gear is balanced at a sensible level, would hate to see current hardmode gear look silly compared to the next tiers normal mode gear.

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