Patch 4.2 - Season 10 Armor Models Preview
Everything is starting to work nicely on my side after the PTR build and it's time to release the slightly more interesting stuff! Let's start with the Season 10 armor sets!

  • Yes, I said Patch 4.2 and not 4.1. It was confirmed in a blue post.
  • The amount of recolors vary for each class, I only used the ones actually used on items to try to minimize confusion.
  • The sets are previewed on humans because they have perfect proportions and are the best way to display all the pieces of an armor set.

Death Knight










Blizzard Art Gallery Update
The World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade and WarCraft III Art galleries has been updated with four pieces representing the Warcraft universe.

Apparently I forgot to post Dark Legacy Comic #277 last week.

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  1. Ian wulf's Avatar
    I love the druid set, i miss wearing thorns :<
  1. streamster's Avatar
    The sets look good and if you haven't noticed with WOTLK the sets EVOLVE over each season they start shitty looking then they keep evolving s5 > s6 > s7 and the best was S8 they were fully evolved last season of wotlk....and its the same for cata the sets were the start armor for s9 > s10 they evolved and look a little better next season they will look even better but have the same look to them. They look good imo all sets do. But the glad mount on the other had -_-
  1. valkinon's Avatar
    hmm whats the word I'm looking for.... Oh right, fcking horrible. I have given up on all hope of ever seeing the creative side of blizzard's design teams (in particular). There is not a single set in there, that shows an actual unique, or original touch in either sets. And considering blizzard has one of the easiest kinds of armor sets to develop (the only pieces that are switched out and remodeled are shoulders and helms) it's kind of rediculous. They have had, what, 6 months?? that's inexcusable, no matter how you look at it. seriously.
    quitting anyways so w/e really, don't even know why it bothers me xD
  1. Flaks's Avatar
    The warlock helm is slowly turning out to be sinister. I have a feeling the blandest and simplest sets right now are going to turn out to look the most amazing by Season 12.
  1. BlueCh's Avatar
    Why cloth set's are resemble plate? I'm sick of it.
  1. Tahal's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mazamaras View Post
    Learn to spell COLOUR, European site not American.

    And WoW is an American game not European.
  1. Fogsworth's Avatar
    All the spikes & fire of the seasons is great & all...but Id like to see an awsome set with a nice colour scheme...i've not seen one of those in ages...I loved the way the sets used to look, for example the mage & warrior sets in vanilla...everything now is realy brown & orange & shades of purple & gray

    Wtb pink for warriors
  1. Forgottenone's Avatar
    Lets go back to Wotlk.

    Savavge to Hateful to Deadly to Furious to Relentless to Wrathful

    Look at how the gear started TERRIBLE and in the end became a work of art, something that most people wanted and tried hard to get. Now if you think your set looks bad now, imagine how amazing it will luck in the future....and for those who are happy, well be you have amazing things to look forward to as well
  1. Berserker Moose's Avatar
    The Daily Blink: Pauldrons Growing at Untenable Rate

    That's all you need to know
  1. Belars's Avatar
    Pally set looking like a boss again.
  1. crucifixion's Avatar
    so why do all the models look like plate? and how the hell do mages get thier head into that helm? is it like srayed on or sumthng and poor poor warriors ur face is gonna be all burnt. comeon blizz

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