Zul'aman and Zul'gurub Loot Table
The latest PTR build added items to Zul'gurub and Zul'aman and we now have a pretty good idea of what will drop there.

  • No screenshots for the moment, models aren't implemented yet.
  • The list might not be final, especially because it's incredibly annoying to scan for items in the current PTR build.

Level Type Spec Slot Name
353AxeMeleeTwo-HandReforged Trollbane
353BackMeleeBackHex Lord's Bloody Cloak
353BackPhysical DPSBackRecovered Cloak of Frostheim
353BackSpell DPSBackHakkari Loa Drape
353BowPhysical DPSRangedMandokir's Tribute
353BowTankRangedVoodoo Hunting Bow
353ClothSpell DPSFeetBoots of the Ursine
353ClothSpell DPSLegsSerpentine Leggings
353ClothSpell DPSShoulderJan'alai's Spaulders
353ClothSpell DPSWaistSash of Anguish
353ClothSpell DPSWristWristwraps of Madness
353ClothSpell SpiritChestHexing Robes
353ClothSpell SpiritHeadThe Hexxer's Mask
353ClothSpell SpiritShoulderClaw-Fringe Mantle
353ClothSpell SpiritWristWristwraps of Departed Spirits
353DaggerPhysical DPSOne-HandTwinblade of the Hakkari
353DaggerSpell DPSOne-HandVoodoo Hexblade
353FingerMeleeFingerRing of the Numberless Brood
353FingerPhysical DPSFingerArlokk's Signet
353FingerSpell DPSFingerShimmerclaw Band
353FingerSpell DPSFingerSignet of Venoxis
353FingerSpell SpiritFingerSoul Drain Signet
353Fist Weap.Physical DPSOne-HandThekal's Claws
353Fist Weap.Physical DPSOne-HandArlokk's Claws
353LeatherMeleeFeetFasc's Preserved Sandals
353LeatherMeleeHeadThe Savager's Mask
353LeatherMeleeLegsLeggings of Dancing Blades
353LeatherMeleeWristAmani'shi Belt
353LeatherPhysical DPSChestShadowtooth Trollskin Breastplate
353LeatherPhysical DPSWaistBelt of Slithering Serpents
353LeatherSpell DPSChestVestments of the Soulflayer
353LeatherSpell DPSFeetTwo-Toed Moccasins
353LeatherSpell SpiritLegsLeggings of the Pride
353LeatherSpell SpiritWristArmbands of the Bear Spirit
353MaceMeleeTwo-HandJeklik's Smasher
353MaceSpell SpiritOne-HandAmani Scepter of Rites
353MailPhysical DPSHandsHandguards of the Tormented
353MailPhysical DPSHeadHeaddress of Sharpened Vision
353MailPhysical DPSLegsZombie Walker Legguards
353MailPhysical DPSShoulderPauldrons of Nalorakk
353MailPhysical DPSWaistWaistband of Hexes
353MailSpell DPSWaistHawkscale Waistguard
353MailSpell DPSWristShadowmender Wristguards
353MailSpell SpiritChestBreastplate of Serenity
353MailSpell SpiritHandsMojo-Mender's Gloves
353MailSpell SpiritLegsKilt of Forgotten Rites
353MailSpell SpiritShoulderSpiritbinder Spaulders
353NeckPhysical DPSNeckAmulet of the Watcher
353NeckTankNeckAmulet of Protection
353Off-HandSpell SpiritOff-HandLost Bag of Whammies
353PlateMeleeChestChestplate of Hubris
353PlateMeleeFeetSkullcrusher Warboots
353PlateMeleeHandsPlunderer's Gauntlets
353PlateMeleeHeadRoaring Mask of Bethekk
353PlateMeleeLegsJungle Striders
353PlateMeleeWristDeathcharged Wristguards
353PlateSpell SpiritChestTroll Skull Chestplate
353PlateSpell SpiritFeetBoots of Bad Mojo
353PlateSpell SpiritHeadPlumed Medicine Helm
353PlateTankChestBattleplate of the Amani Empire
353PlateTankHandsBone Plate Handguards
353PlateTankHeadSpiritshield Mask
353PlateTankShoulderPauldrons of Sacrifice
353PlateTankWaistCoils of Hate
353ShieldSpell DPSOff HandZulian Ward
353ShieldTankOff HandShield of the Blood God
353StaffSpell DPSTwo-HandLegacy of Arlokk
353SwordMeleeOne-HandZulian Slasher
353SwordMeleeOne-HandRenataki's Soul Slicer
353SwordTankOne-HandBloodlord's Protector
353WandSpell DPSRangedTouch of Discord
353WandSpell DPSRangedZulian Voodoo Stick
70MountAmani Battle Bear

Blue Posts
I guess we finally know why Ghostcrawler is gone from the forums: we can blame the europeans (but not me) and the whiners who don't take the time of reading posts when they come from a blue tracker. There, that's why the daily classes update are gone, but now we have super fast updates to patches hotfixes!
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Why Ghostcrawler stopped posting on official forums
These forums have always been about players talking to players. We don't want to foster the expectation that it's going to get a blue response if someone tries hard enough (lol I'm replying to a thread calling for a blue). While GC added a lot to these forums (and I say 'these forums' because he only posted in the North America forums) we think we can reach more players, particularly those in other regions, more directly through the blogs, or concerted Q&A's. Blogs also tend to be a better medium for getting the message out there loud and clear, but does have downsides that it removes the conversation that we know is appreciated quite a bit.

While forum posts do lend themselves to that conversational approach, they actually have a lot of downsides to them from our perspective of attempting to get clear and clean information to the players. They aren't very visible is really the first and maybe biggest problem. You can liken forum posts and the information given in them to some of the displeasure surrounding how hotfixes are communicated. I may reply to a thread 20 times and in my #13 reply I say something really important regarding class balance. Who is going to see that? How quickly will that knowledge actually permeate? Will the message be kept clear? Will my clarification in post #17 that explains what people are misunderstanding in #13 be seen by everyone that read #13? People tend not to read past the first blue post in a thread, or skip around and don't read them all, so if you have a correction/addendum to the first post, or just expound upon a thought, it's generally lost on the majority of readers. Blue trackers can help with this, but we're generally not having to explain that "post #13 wasn't the end of the thought and it's being taken out of context" to people who just go to blue trackers. Forum posts also tend to be fairly quickly written by one of us without much in the way of peer-review, and anything written off-the-cuff like a reply to a thread can tend to be more precarious than a more substantive outlet that has an official process of review and correction before its posted (like the blogs). Much to the dismay of many forum goers I'm sure, there's just an infinitely smaller chance we'll say something stupid or mess up in a fully published blog post.

As with anything we do, we never believe we're perfect. There's always room to improve. The blogs may not be the best outlet but we're continually working to improve upon the content we're delivering, and have some pretty exciting stuff planned. We're also working to make the comment system for the blogs a bit more like the forums so conversation can be held there more easily, as well. Of course you've no doubt see we're running a recurring global Ask the Devs Q&A. It's one way where we're hoping to fill that gap of direct developer interaction that the blogs probably just can't hit. We think the Q&A's are going to be extremely popular and fill a big part of what made GC's interactions on here so useful. And we’re going to continue collecting feedback and posting when appropriate, but we'll also be trying to come up with additional ways to facilitate the communication between the developers and players. (Source)

Recycling content in future patches
There definitely is not a hard and fast rule about updating existing content. If we feel revamping existing content makes sense in the current state of the game and lore -- and we think it will be fun -- sure, it's a possibility. You definitely shouldn't expect this every patch though. In the grand scheme of World of Warcraft's history, we've reintroduced very little existing content per patch and expansion. (Source)

And let's get real - we know why you're recycling old content. With the next Starcraft 2 expansion, Diablo 3, and an "unannounced MMO" all in production, I'm guessing the art team has its hands full. Recycling old content is an easy way to create a "new" instance with old art assets.
There isn't a singular Blizzard Entertainment art team. Each franchise has its own art department. We don't just pull resources from one project to give more attention to another in the sense you're suggesting. This is why we have multiple development teams (which include art teams for each) and can work on multiple franchises simultaneously. (Source)

That wasn't at all the context of the post to which I was responded. That player was suggesting that a singular art team directs their attention away from WoW to work on art for our other games. That's not true.

Now, if an individual person does move onto a new project, their position is filled. Therefore, the resources are still there (which is why I said "in the sense you're suggesting"). This is how career advancement works at any company. How else do you account for a company's growth? You bring in new talent (or move them up from within the company) and train them under the current folks so they can eventually fill the vacancy.

This talk about losing WoW developers, or that WoW is left to a "B team" is getting tiresome. There is no finite pool of talent and we have every intention of making sure WoW development remains very strong.

All of this is practically besides the point anyway. All you've been told is some talented people who helped build WoW into what it is today have moved over to another project to help bring it to fruition. You don't know who those people are, what positions they held on the WoW team, or how many of them have moved onto other projects. Most of them, in fact, are programmers working to develop the systems and tech for a new project. And the programmers WoW has now are amazing. They've taken the original systems and improved upon them many times over.

Just as an example, think back to how slowly UI improvements would be implemented in vanilla and TBC. Now there are scores of great UI improvements nearly every patch. That team is incredible and very experienced. Just the same, the class design team has hardly changed in years, save for a couple of additions (read: not subtractions).

Every department at Blizzard has expanded immensely over the years to accommodate the growing playerbase, as well as our ambitions for the future of the company. You can look at our job opportunities page just to get an example for the talent search we have constantly going on.

Bringing in new talent and growing the company from within is far from a bad thing. It's a great thing and has allowed us to develop several projects simultaneously without short-changing any of them. Anyone who says otherwise is working on an incredible amount of speculation and assumptions.

And even still, the WoW development leadership remains largely unchanged. Every time I stop by to chat with these people -- the same people I've been interacting with for years now -- I'm inspired by their creativity, their talent, and their dedication to making this game mega-awesomesauce. (Source)

Ragnaros Model
The problem is that you have no context or perspective on the model you've seen a static image of.

  • 1) Standing next to the full-sized, animated model will give you a very different perspective when you're looking up from his toenail
  • 2) Knowing that he will only come out of his lava pool to reveal his full figure in a Heroic-only phase of the fight will give you a bit more context

He's not just going to be running around the moment every raid reaches him.

I don’t think a lot of you understand; perspective is a large part of art design. The designers probably designed the model looking upwards from his feet. I bet you Rags’ll look epic when you see him in person
This is sort of what I was getting at with my first point. The perspective is completely different when a player character is standing near him. The proportions were designed with that in mind, which is why the screenshot of the model really doesn't do Ragnaros justice at all. (Source)
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  1. erwil's Avatar
    God for heavens sake, there should be some kind of universal rule against POINTLESS whining. A kitten dies whenever you open your mouth to QQ.

    I wonder if the Amani Battle Bear is going to be something similar to the Bronze Drake in wotlk? I miss GC, and I did giggle at Raggy's legs at first, but I love the model nonetheless.
  1. Revonoc's Avatar
    "I believe that (ranged slot for DPS warriors) was specifically brought up in a meeting I had last week. We want to get some items out there that are currently missing, even if it's because they're only useful to a small number of classes/specs." -Zarhym

    Waiting for an update....
  1. pharix's Avatar
    primal blessing v2 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaasssssssseeeee
  1. Grimduk's Avatar
    What a crap loottable - there are plenty of threads/posts in the forum where enhancement shamans express there need for an epic relic. Currently the blue 346 is better then the 359 epic version, adding a 353 with even the same stats (but higher numbers) as the 346 would have been a solution. You cleared the whole content including Sinestra and end up in still wearing a 346 blue beside all your 372 items and the 379 legs...
    Also the only epic mail enhancement/hunter bracer are those from Chimaeron. On all those listed 353 epic slots you currently have atleast two 359 options. Why not add a minor option to the only slot that has only one chance to drop per week? That just totally not listening to what people report in the PTR forums...
  1. Caldrumr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Prozac View Post
    Moar wands!
    Yeah, where's the spirit wand? We need more spirit. =-)
  1. Hymerish's Avatar
    Why have blizz started hating on Dwarf hunters ,with the lack of Epic guns ?
    Come on Blizz sort it out
  1. Ailideath's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sameen View Post
    Yaaaay more epics for baddies
    More epics for goodies too.
  1. Baikalsan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bogrim View Post
    Do you know Deathwing, the big black dragon that's supposedly the icon of this expansion? Ever since the release people have been saying how impressive it was to see the model in the game and how huge he was compared to the images they had seen of him. The thing about images is that they're flat and two-dimensional and it's actually a third-dimensional animated model that you can really only experience fully in a third-dimension environment.

    So it's not your "opinion" that counts here because you can't form an actual opinion until you've actually seen the model for its worth, you're presuming it looks "goofy" which is the same as judging a book by its cover.[COLOR="red"]
    You are talking about size, the Deathchin model would still look awesome if it were the size of a kodo although it would be a lot less intimidating.

    And dude, a model is nothing but a cover, a model is only visual. Your comparison doesn't hold water, you cannot judge a book by its cover because the content is important but here you only get the visual and the visual sux. Maybe the fight will be the most epic in history of mmorpgs but rag would still look retarded.
  1. Barny's Avatar
    hmm, the "yaay more epics for baddies" is a bit black n white.
    of course higher than average players with alts will be happy, if their guild has no alt runs.
    Blizzard gave the lower than average players a big sign where it says " Apologies that you can't raid, heres some epics to ease the pain"

    still...I liked the idea that 5-man dungeons drop blues wich gave you the chance to enter raids.

    Epics are no longer epic but let's hope to God/Allah/Billy Mays that those two new dungeons are hard.
  1. Amgyn's Avatar
    I really hope the arlokk and thekall claws come back with their associated procs
  1. Sounder's Avatar
    There is only one PVE Agility 2H Epic in the game right now: Malevolence. Sad Feral Druid. I've been killing Halfus weekly and haven't seen it drop -- and am not guaranteed to get it when it does.

    I was looking forward to ZA/ZG as another way of upgrading my blue two-hander... but there's no Agility 2H to be found in the loot table! Holding out for "The list might not be final"...
  1. Kalcheus's Avatar
    Hey Boubouille,

    I know you said it's annoying to scan for items, but any chance you can try to get more info about http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/69626 (if there is any; I'm not a ptr datamining expert at all)

    EDIT @Sounder, the above link may be our salvation
  1. quras's Avatar
    I read those blue posts and continue to be thankful I canceled my account. Now for it to just run out.
  1. Ailideath's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sameen View Post
    hmm, the "yaay more epics for baddies" is a bit black n white.
    of course higher than average players with alts will be happy, if their guild has no alt runs.
    Blizzard gave the lower than average players a big sign where it says " Apologies that you can't raid, heres some epics to ease the pain"

    still...I liked the idea that 5-man dungeons drop blues wich gave you the chance to enter raids.

    Epics are no longer epic but let's hope to God/Allah/Billy Mays that those two new dungeons are hard.
    Also, wrath heroics dropped epics of the same ilvl as 1st tier raid from day one. We had to wait months for these and they're not even as good as the raid drops. It's kind of funny how the whiniest people are the leetest of the leet.
  1. Psii's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Revonoc View Post
    "I believe that (ranged slot for DPS warriors) was specifically brought up in a meeting I had last week. We want to get some items out there that are currently missing, even if it's because they're only useful to a small number of classes/specs." -Zarhym

    Waiting for an update....
    Can you link to that blue post?
    I really would like to bring Mail Agi bracers to the table
  1. Rookworst's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Naaren View Post
    Still no plate dps shoulders?
    Nice, back to hoping forever for a token drop at Cho'gall... bah.
    Indeed, and your not the only one..
    I really hope that Blizzard adds more Plate DPS shouders to the game
  1. Kavoo's Avatar
    I just hope they reuse this model http://www.wowhead.com/item=19915 for the tanking shield
  1. Duster505's Avatar
    Could you please go over the loot again and see if there are any plate wrist bracers with spirit on them. I would surely hope they are there - considering that there are 346 bracers - and then 359 bracers at CHO'GAL (Endboss in BOT).

    But ofc - this is BLizzard. They love to bully holy paladins.
  1. spitfirek's Avatar
    I hope the list is not complete... Mail AGI getting screwed for the 4th time since Cata otherwise. No Mail AGI wrist(back to farming Chimeron....)
  1. Haggland's Avatar
    Fellow hunters, you gotta give credit where credit is due.

    Recovered Cloak of Frostheim

    Truly EPIC!!

    Grats to Frostheim of WHU! Well deserved!

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