Gearing Up in Legion
There are lots of different ways to gear up for raiding in Legion!

World Quests
  • World quest rewards scale based on your item level and can also randomly be upgraded to item level 850 (as of before raids open).
  • World quests can reward gear, including Artifact Relics.
  • The emissary cache can reward a legendary item.

  • Dungeon gear can be randomly upgraded in 5 item level increments.
  • Normal dungeons reward item level 805+ gear.
  • Heroic dungeons reward item level 825+ gear (requires item level 810 to use the group finder).
  • Mythic dungeons reward item level 840+ gear (requires you to form a group, no group finder is available).

World Bosses
  • World Bosses will go live when raids open, dropping item level 860 loot.
  • You can see the dungeon journal and loot for each world boss here.

  • PvP world quests reward gear that starts at item level 805+ and scales up with your honor level.

Crafted Gear

Order Hall Set
  • The Order Hall armor set pieces range from item level 810 to 850.
  • Each piece has a different requirement to unlock it and many can be upgraded to item level 840 at the cost of Order Resources.
  • See the Order Hall sets page for more details.

Faction Rewards
  • Legion factions offer an item level 820 piece of gear at Revered and item level 850 piece of gear at Exalted.
  • You can see the listing of rewards on the factions page.

Legendary Items
  • Legendary items come from world quest caches, dungeons, raids, PvP, and other sources.
  • Your loot specialization controls what legendary items can drop for you.
  • See the Legendary items page for more details.

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