Boss ‘Fixation’ Bug and Hotfix
Originally Posted by Bashiok (Blue Tracker)
Due to a fix applied earlier today a bug was introduced that is causing bosses which have any ‘fixate’ abilities, meaning those that will fixate on and/or chase a certain player, to not function correctly. This is currently noticeable for most players on Atramedes in normal or heroic, and Ascendant Council and Sinestra on heroic, but affects a great number of other bosses throughout the game.

We have a fix currently in the testing stages but it will require realm restarts to apply. We’re currently anticipating rolling restarts to happen early tomorrow morning during off-peak hours. We apologize for any inconvenience for those attempting bosses tonight with these mechanics.

Guild Challenges Information
Zarhym wrote a couple of blue posts about Guild Challenges, it's not really a preview yet but at least we know where it's going now.
Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker)
We haven't shared much information about this feature because it's remained very much in development. That said, we're about ready to release Guild Challenges for testing on the PTR soon. We'll also be sharing more information on how Guild Challenges work in the near future.

[...] What about if Guild Challenges gave experience above the cap, functioning like rested experience and moving the cap further relative to the experience gained through completing said challenges?

Don't worry. I can read, I swear. I'm referring to experience and not rep.

Ok now you're just tormenting us Zar. How about a one-sentence teaser about what guild challenges actually are?
Built into the user interface, Guild Challenges will be separated into three categories: Guild Dungeon Run, Guild Raid, and Guild Rated Battleground. You just need to be in a guild group to complete each category a set number of times per week, earning your guild achievements, experience above the cap, and gold deposited into the Guild Vault (a lot more gold if the guild is level capped). We'll have more details for you probably by next week.

Are these challenges only going to be able to be completed at level 85? It would be nice to see some love for low-level members in the guilds!
As I understand it, you'll be eligible to contribute equally to things like the Guild Dungeon Run challenge, provided the dungeon you're running is level-appropriate for the guild group.

That's pretty disappointing. Isn't this what guilds are already doing anyway? I thought it would be more like guild quests that create a phased challenge somewhere in the world for your guild to complete. This just promotes even more LFG queueing while sitting in town. Some love for world zones in endgame please.
We're working on something sort of along these lines as a much more robust content feature for the future, but I can't put a date or patch number on that yet. It also won't necessarily be centered around guilds.

Was that ambiguous? I've never been ambiguous before, so I wouldn't know.

The Daily Blink - Mages Get A Slight Buff in 4.1
Another piece from The Daily Blink! Hopefully I made the warning big enough.

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  1. sscavenger's Avatar
    HUH?! MAGE CHANGES! GROWL! ME NO READ WARNING! ME ANGRY OVER CHANGES CURSING OUT BLIZZARD NOW! MAGES TOO STRONG! HATE GAME GROWL ROAR RAGE!!! There you go, the warning should encompass the entire front page. Be a series of flashing lights, with def con sounds blaring with a voice... the killer AI from Portal stating this is a joke, it is not real.
  1. Puppetmaster's Avatar
    I want that "glyth of polymorph" for real :>
  1. Musra's Avatar
    Haha, nice Daily Blink but seriously though, we had very much trouble with Atramedas changing targets when the fire got close to its original target and then *BAM* just switch to someone else. We did kill him however but I ahve bo idea how it went on Neffy HC :S
  1. premxzenrar's Avatar
    I think I’m going to re-roll mage now.
  1. Tsjb's Avatar
    I really laughed so hard at every Mage change, I can't even choose which I like the best.
  1. det's Avatar
    Daily Blink = full of win as always.

    Too bad the community is in a state where that disclaimer "That is a joke" is needed.
  1. Static's Avatar
    "Shamans who are detected looking directly at an arcane mage will now explode, dealing 50% of their former life to allies within yards."
  1. ChildeRoland's Avatar
    Arcane Missiles is now named Nuclear Missiles.

    Made my day.
  1. Sahagin's Avatar
    <3 the new Blink, gj Daily Blink.
  1. Xelu's Avatar
    I want the last change
  1. lb's Avatar
    This patch notes are from wiki-leaks. This are official patchnotes for 5.1 - the 4.1 is just a typo. This are the new overhauled skills from the new hero class Archmage.
  1. homerunhomer's Avatar
    Mage buffs?! REALLY? They can't be serious, those are so op...

    Good job I play a mage.

    I'd like to see how people would really react if they were real. I'd bet the Blizzard forums would go down
  1. Xistenz's Avatar
    Dunno about that "fixate" shit, but Razorgore in BWL is bugged aswell...
  1. Sanji's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Leatbabiez View Post
    this is such bullshit more mage buffs?! Fuck this game im quitting and am gonna go play a worse game like rift
    Frostbolt has been casted on you
  1. Azshira's Avatar
    haha daily blink strikes again
  1. ennui's Avatar
    By far the funniest thing on the whole post are the big letters spelling out THIS IS A JOKE, NOT OFFICIAL CHANGES.
    Tells so much about the MMO-Champ community.

    ...actually, that's kinda sad.
  1. Xaroc's Avatar
    Strange i dont even think those mage "changes" are funny. Guess after 5-6years of wow everything about mages is on my ignore list
  1. Andaja's Avatar
    Tbh, that mage part about arcane intelecting himself only is so true. Experienced it way too many times where you almost had to beg the mage to give us intel...well mage was toping meters but still, selfish little buggers.
  1. Fiercon's Avatar
    I ADORE the mage changes of counterspell. Although I wonder does this make me PvP or PvE holy?
  1. keymil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Everstride View Post
    The warning was big enough, but why was it needed? Is wows population this fucking monstrously retarded?
    Dont you remember the news with datamines lion with wings? Even though the warning was huge, huge ammount of people still complained about shitty textures and Blizzard not caring about thier customers.

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