Guild Challenges on PTR 4.1
Guild challenges are now available on test realms, so far it only looks like weekly quests pushing your guild experience cap further. However it looks like the game also supports gold rewards for challenges, maybe after you reach the cap (See the Build 13793 Strings below). we will probably know more about it when Blizzard posts the official preview.

PTR 4.1 - Build 13793 Strings
Client strings are the lines used to describe elements of the interface and a lot of the things you see written in-game. Last build updated and added a lot of them and we can definitely gather some extra bits of information from them.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Daily Quests Weekly Cap
  • CURRENCY_RECEIVED_THIS_WEEK = "%s you have received so far this week:";
  • CURRENCY_THIS_WEEK = "%s This Week";
  • CURRENCY_THIS_WEEK_WITH_AMOUNT = "%s This Week: %d/%d";
  • FROM_ALL_SOURCES = "From all sources:";
  • FROM_A_DUNGEON = "From %s:";
  • FROM_DUNGEON_FINDER_SOURCES = "From all Dungeon Finder sources:";
  • INCLUDED_DUNGEONS_EMPTY = "The levels of people in your group are not close enough to be eligible for any Random Dungeons.";
  • LFD_CURRENCY_CAP_ALL = "You may only receive a certain number of %s from all Dungeon Finder sources combined each week. You have currently received:";
  • LFD_CURRENCY_CAP_SPECIFIC = "You may only receive a certain number of %s from queueing for %s each week. You have currently received:";
  • LFD_REWARD_DESCRIPTION_DAILY = "You may receive this reward %d |4more time:more times; today:";
  • LFD_REWARD_DESCRIPTION_WEEKLY = "You may receive this reward %d |4more time:more times; this week:";

Guild Challenges
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_COMPLETE_GOLD = "%s complete! Guild has earned %d gold.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_COMPLETE_XP = "%s complete! Guild has earned %d xp.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_COMPLETE_XP_GOLD = "%s complete! Guild has earned %d xp and %d gold.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_LABEL = "Guild Challenge";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_LABEL1 = "Guild Dungeon Challenge";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_LABEL2 = "Guild Raid Challenge";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_LABEL3 = "Guild Rated Battleground Challenge";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_REWARD_GOLD = "Each guild challenge completed will reward gold deposited directly into your guild bank.\n\n|cffffd200Reward:|r\n%s";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_REWARD_XP = "Each guild challenge completed will reward guild experience beyond the daily cap. If your guild is not capped, this experience will extend your current daily cap.\n\n|cffffd200Reward:|r\n%d guild experience";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP1 = "Complete any Cataclysm regular or heroic dungeon while in a guild group.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP2 = "Kill any Cataclysm raid boss while in a guild group.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP3 = "Win a Rated Battleground while in a guild group.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP_DONE = "This guild challenge has been completed for this week.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP_PROGRESS = "This challenge can be completed up to %d more |4time:times; this week.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TYPE1 = "Dungeon";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TYPE3 = "Rated Battleground";

Guild Finder
  • GUILDFINDER_POPUP_TEXT = "Requesting Guild Membership";
  • GUILD_FINDER_DAYS_LEFT = "%d |4day:days; left";
  • GUILD_FINDER_LAST_DAY_LEFT = "Less than 1 day left";
  • LFGUILD_DECLINED = "(Declined)";
  • SLASH_GUILDFINDER1 = "/guildfinder";

"Report Player" function
  • HELPFRAME_REPORT_ABUSE_HELP = "The safety and well-being of our players is extremely important to us. Should you find that a player is behaving in a manner that is personally offensive to you or others, or may have a character name that is in violation of our Terms of Use, you have a quick venue to express those concerns. You can quickly and efficiently report players by right-clicking their name in chat and selecting Report Player.";
  • HELPFRAME_TICKET_CLICK_HELP = "Click here to open your ticket.";
  • HELPFRAME_TICKET_TUTORIAL_HELP = "You have submitted a GM ticket. You may edit or abandon your ticket here.";

IPv6 Support
  • MAINMENUBAR_PROTOCOLS_LABEL = "Internet Protocols:\nHome: %s\nWorld: %s";
  • NEWBIE_TOOLTIP_PROTOCOLS = "The protocol versions the game has chosen to connect to the servers. IPv6 is the latest technology available, but might cause issues as it isn't widely supported yet.";

  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_129 = "Your pet must be attacking a target.";
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_130 = "Requires Gnomish Engineering";
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_131 = "Requires Goblin Engineering";
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_132 = "You have no target.";
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_133 = "Your Pet is out of range of the target.";
  • SPELL_FAILED_NOT_IN_LFG_DUNGEON = "You can't do that in an LFG Dungeon.";
  • TIMER_MINUTES_DISPLAY = "%d:%02d";

The Daily Blink - We Finished the Guild Finder
The Daily Blink has a very nice suggestion for Blizzard's guild finder tool in Patch 4.1 ...

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  1. Siph's Avatar
    Great timing on the guild challenges when the first guilds start to hit level 25. I guess it's still some nice help for the guilds who are not capping on a daily basis though.

    The daily blink picture should include 'Latin guildnames' <- do not want
  1. miguelcrespo85's Avatar
    really thought Guild Challenges was gonna be something fun.. something diffrent.... wat a waste
  1. Baygon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowdream View Post
    Meh, was looking forward to this feature, it works really well in Rift but Blizzard have, once again, put in zero innovation and we're left with... kill some bosses.
    well blizzard isn't exactly well known for their Innovation after Cataclysm, everything seems pretty half finished, and nothing is more useful then the minimum requirements for it to it shouldn't shock you
  1. F-Minus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drarion View Post
    am i the only one that haven't found a single "the daily blink" poster funny yet?
    are you by chance over 16 years old, since I don't find any of those even remotely funny either (basically the humor is on a level I used in primary school).
  1. mmoc878ebd00c0's Avatar
    300k guild xp? that per challenge? that cant be right.
  1. subanark's Avatar
    The guild challanges rewarding gold will be a little extra incentive to encourage smaller guilds, as they will get more benefit per player than larger guilds.
  1. The Last DJ's Avatar
    To be honest, I'd give out +DKP for anyone who can do a pitch perfect Terry Jones woman voice. Same goes for the guy who plays the Concorde to the raid leader's Sir Lancelot.

    Idiom, sir?
  1. F-Minus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by subanark View Post
    The guild challanges rewarding gold will be a little extra incentive to encourage smaller guilds, as they will get more benefit per player than larger guilds.
    Gold is no incentive, we have 15 active accounts in guild and have around 400k gold in the bank. Why would we need more gold? Bleah.
  1. mmoc443165a3eb's Avatar
    To summarize, guild challenges is just free guild exp for any guild that has 10+ active members. Not to mention that it will probably be implemented just after about 16 guilds on my server will have hit guild level 25, including mine.
    Another feature that I can safely ignore till the next expansion.
  1. mmoc58a2a4b64e's Avatar
    i kinda hate this guild chalenges althought it's nice for guilds that aren't level 25 but when guilds hit lv 25 these "chalenges" .... will serve for nothing :S

    Atleast this will be great for guilds that have only levels 60 / 70 / 80 and that wont level up any more than that, will be easier for them to level up the guild presuming there is no level 85
  1. Bluesman's Avatar
    Kinda looks like they stole that from Rift
  1. deftones's Avatar
    I lol'd hard at guild name "it burns when I pvp" - because I see that stupid name SO MANY TIMES when in bg's.
    That or "knights who say nee"... those are so 2006.
  1. psdew1813's Avatar
    @ the daily blink tis not just funny MAKE IT SO!
  1. Psii's Avatar
    Lol, what a joke of "guild challenges"
    They should just rightly name it "comon guys, please keep playing our game, we'll ... um ... give you AQ20/40 as 5 mans in 4.3 ... PLEASE"
  1. YankeePhan1234's Avatar
    Anyone else kinda disappointed about these "challenges"? Yeah the extra XP is nice for leveling, but this looks like something Blizzard threw together in 45 min, I was expecting actual challenges, not things that we do anyways and get extra XP for doing them.
  1. Doktor Faustus's Avatar
    'He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy'
  1. Rigrot's Avatar
    I'm kinda sad about the guild challenges. I though it would be like Kill X boss in Y time, or Kill X boss without letting him activate/use/etc Y.

    Sort of like the achievements only a little they award gold and exp instead of achievement points.
  1. tusker's Avatar
    Guild challenges just giving extra xp and gold for something guilds were already doing... which isn't bad, I guess, but new content would have been better.
  1. Venteus's Avatar
    Monty Python is crap

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