Guild Challenges on PTR 4.1
Guild challenges are now available on test realms, so far it only looks like weekly quests pushing your guild experience cap further. However it looks like the game also supports gold rewards for challenges, maybe after you reach the cap (See the Build 13793 Strings below). we will probably know more about it when Blizzard posts the official preview.

PTR 4.1 - Build 13793 Strings
Client strings are the lines used to describe elements of the interface and a lot of the things you see written in-game. Last build updated and added a lot of them and we can definitely gather some extra bits of information from them.
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Daily Quests Weekly Cap
  • CURRENCY_RECEIVED_THIS_WEEK = "%s you have received so far this week:";
  • CURRENCY_THIS_WEEK = "%s This Week";
  • CURRENCY_THIS_WEEK_WITH_AMOUNT = "%s This Week: %d/%d";
  • FROM_ALL_SOURCES = "From all sources:";
  • FROM_A_DUNGEON = "From %s:";
  • FROM_DUNGEON_FINDER_SOURCES = "From all Dungeon Finder sources:";
  • INCLUDED_DUNGEONS_EMPTY = "The levels of people in your group are not close enough to be eligible for any Random Dungeons.";
  • LFD_CURRENCY_CAP_ALL = "You may only receive a certain number of %s from all Dungeon Finder sources combined each week. You have currently received:";
  • LFD_CURRENCY_CAP_SPECIFIC = "You may only receive a certain number of %s from queueing for %s each week. You have currently received:";
  • LFD_REWARD_DESCRIPTION_DAILY = "You may receive this reward %d |4more time:more times; today:";
  • LFD_REWARD_DESCRIPTION_WEEKLY = "You may receive this reward %d |4more time:more times; this week:";

Guild Challenges
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_COMPLETE_GOLD = "%s complete! Guild has earned %d gold.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_COMPLETE_XP = "%s complete! Guild has earned %d xp.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_COMPLETE_XP_GOLD = "%s complete! Guild has earned %d xp and %d gold.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_LABEL = "Guild Challenge";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_LABEL1 = "Guild Dungeon Challenge";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_LABEL2 = "Guild Raid Challenge";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_LABEL3 = "Guild Rated Battleground Challenge";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_REWARD_GOLD = "Each guild challenge completed will reward gold deposited directly into your guild bank.\n\n|cffffd200Reward:|r\n%s";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_REWARD_XP = "Each guild challenge completed will reward guild experience beyond the daily cap. If your guild is not capped, this experience will extend your current daily cap.\n\n|cffffd200Reward:|r\n%d guild experience";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP1 = "Complete any Cataclysm regular or heroic dungeon while in a guild group.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP2 = "Kill any Cataclysm raid boss while in a guild group.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP3 = "Win a Rated Battleground while in a guild group.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP_DONE = "This guild challenge has been completed for this week.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TOOLTIP_PROGRESS = "This challenge can be completed up to %d more |4time:times; this week.";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TYPE1 = "Dungeon";
  • GUILD_CHALLENGE_TYPE3 = "Rated Battleground";

Guild Finder
  • GUILDFINDER_POPUP_TEXT = "Requesting Guild Membership";
  • GUILD_FINDER_DAYS_LEFT = "%d |4day:days; left";
  • GUILD_FINDER_LAST_DAY_LEFT = "Less than 1 day left";
  • LFGUILD_DECLINED = "(Declined)";
  • SLASH_GUILDFINDER1 = "/guildfinder";

"Report Player" function
  • HELPFRAME_REPORT_ABUSE_HELP = "The safety and well-being of our players is extremely important to us. Should you find that a player is behaving in a manner that is personally offensive to you or others, or may have a character name that is in violation of our Terms of Use, you have a quick venue to express those concerns. You can quickly and efficiently report players by right-clicking their name in chat and selecting Report Player.";
  • HELPFRAME_TICKET_CLICK_HELP = "Click here to open your ticket.";
  • HELPFRAME_TICKET_TUTORIAL_HELP = "You have submitted a GM ticket. You may edit or abandon your ticket here.";

IPv6 Support
  • MAINMENUBAR_PROTOCOLS_LABEL = "Internet Protocols:\nHome: %s\nWorld: %s";
  • NEWBIE_TOOLTIP_PROTOCOLS = "The protocol versions the game has chosen to connect to the servers. IPv6 is the latest technology available, but might cause issues as it isn't widely supported yet.";

  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_129 = "Your pet must be attacking a target.";
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_130 = "Requires Gnomish Engineering";
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_131 = "Requires Goblin Engineering";
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_132 = "You have no target.";
  • SPELL_FAILED_CUSTOM_ERROR_133 = "Your Pet is out of range of the target.";
  • SPELL_FAILED_NOT_IN_LFG_DUNGEON = "You can't do that in an LFG Dungeon.";
  • TIMER_MINUTES_DISPLAY = "%d:%02d";

The Daily Blink - We Finished the Guild Finder
The Daily Blink has a very nice suggestion for Blizzard's guild finder tool in Patch 4.1 ...

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  1. mmoc21b9eae572's Avatar
    i like he daily blink pic :P
  1. det's Avatar
    Daily Blink does it again. Good one.
  1. mmoc10f925b569's Avatar
    "Special" RP ahahha
  1. Luminee's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drarion View Post
    am i the only one that haven't found a single "the daily blink" poster funny yet?
    True that.
  1. Critterbot's Avatar
    "Special RP" lol >

    And Tolerance for Monty Python Jokes on Vent wth? xD
  1. Tackhisis's Avatar
    IPv6 support? They won't die this easily!
  1. Azelric's Avatar
    I'd much prefer some "Guild Challenge" content I can do outside of raids/instances that give perks I can directly benefit from. Oh well.
  1. mmoc7116eda3f9's Avatar
    special RP?... sounds interesting, lets just hope that it's the type of RP that is special, not the ppl doing it
  1. mmoc1b1b7e46e1's Avatar
    Haha <3 TDB
  1. Duster505's Avatar
    I think the guild challenge system goes to show how stagnant WOW has grown. Blizzard just implemented a system cause other games were doing it.. but they kinda forgot that they got very few ways of actually supporting that system.

    WOW is stagnant cause Blizzard isn't really taking the content forward and supporting the new systems they have ingame. Be that LFD tool that should be supported with diffrent setups - random mobs and more variety... Raids and PVP that is pretty much exactly the tech that was used in TBC - or GUild system that is killing alot of guilds -rather than helping them progress through the raiding content.
  1. mmoc8eb592856e's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drarion View Post
    am i the only one that haven't found a single "the daily blink" poster funny yet?
    No, i find them quite boring too. Ther "humor" is just "ok" might bring just little smile on ur face every now an' then, but certanly noting mor.
  1. mmocbeb9a9065c's Avatar
    HAHAHA I love the Monty Python
  1. Monsoon's Avatar
    Lol they call these "challenges" ?

    Guild Challenge: Send a mail to another guild member
    Guild Challenge: Turn in a quest

    Its like Achievement: Opened your mail

    How much more can you dumb things down? These are not Challenges, they are Guild Quests.
  1. deeveeus's Avatar
    oh shit i thought this was real until like 3/4 of the way down. i was like lol blizz has a sense of humor april fools comin! you got me
  1. Azrile's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Culexus View Post
    Who knows. Perhaps there are some guild challenges including crafting or gathering stuff and so on. This would more than certainly help smaller guilds (im in a small guild too). As i said ... we'll see.
    You mean something like fish 100,000 fish from pools... or disenchant 10,000 items. Yeah.. they should definitely add these types of challenges to the game.

    Now that I think about it, that is probably what they are planning on doing. Take every achievement and break it down into week-sized bites, and then reset it every week. So it will be like fishing 1,000 fish from pools or do 300 daily quests.

    It is very lame.. I thought it would be something more cool and different... but it looks like it will be just more useless rewards for doing things we are already doing, or else they will just have boring grinds that reset every week.
  1. Dakho's Avatar
    Interesting. I hadn't thought of making guild challenges that boring ("hey guys, let's just give guilds MORE experience for doing things they already do for experience! Brilliant!").
  1. Taleas's Avatar
    Guild challenges are meant to help out smaller and new guilds. Obviously.
  1. mmocba6424df76's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drarion View Post
    am i the only one that haven't found a single "the daily blink" poster funny yet?
    Yes, yes you are.
  1. Khrashdin's Avatar
    When I initially read about "Guild Challenges" there were no details thus a lot of conjecture could be used in trying to determine what they might mean.

    I assumed, wrongly of course, that they would be 'actual' challenges like killing a certain boss in under "XX" minutes or perhaps clearing trash in "XX" times and engaging "YY" boss. Something along them lines. I didn't even think about just killing "XX" and calling that good.

    How lame. How unimaginative. How uneventful.
    Blizzard: "Lets just put in a challenge that is not a challenge. In fact.. lets just give the challenge as something they do every week regardless."
    How droll.
  1. khh's Avatar
    so rift copy season already started? took them a while to copy stuff from warhammer

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