World of Warcraft 5.0 - Panda Mania!
In the latest Patch 4.1 PTR Build, two new halloween masks textures have been added to the game files:

  • Helm_MaskHalloween_PaF.blp
  • Helm_MaskHalloween_PaM.blp

They seem to be early-alpha texture but according to what happened with the datamining/leak of the Cataclysm races 2 years ago, it looks like Pandarens will be the race of the next expansion! The name of texture for any piece of headset always ends with the first 2 character of the name of the race (Pa) and the gender (M/F), according to how the textures look it's really easy to conclude what the new race is.

More datamining reveals that the expansion is apparently named Panda Mania! and also uncovered a possible trailer ....

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  1. saeco's Avatar
    Hooray April Fools
  1. keltharmoonrage's Avatar
    Way to April Fails...
  1. Imhullu's Avatar

    It's too obvious, which makes it not even funny. :/
  1. Karot's Avatar
    Obvious April Fool's joke is obvious...
  1. Somebodyelse's Avatar
    Still a good one
  1. tyden49's Avatar
    way to obvious
  1. KassieDS's Avatar
    Thi is bad :< Needs more effort on the masks, they're just recolored versions of the leaked worgen masks :/
  1. Dakkomakko's Avatar
    Seen too many bad april fools today... Need more creative people making stuff up! ...well... the day's still young
  1. Dotslawl's Avatar
    horrible..horrible...HORRIBLE...april fools joke. Seriously. This has been outplayed.
  1. Ace192's Avatar
    Lol this doesn't even try to hide the fact that is a joke
  1. I stand in fire's Avatar
    lol, nice April fools joke bibi. ;P
  1. ZaneBusby's Avatar
    lol @ moar dots!!! Bahahaha!!!
  1. Jorgie's Avatar
    When I seen the mask I actually kinda believed it. But the video killed it.
  1. The One Percent's Avatar
    At the rate that Blizzard craps all over the lore, this very well may be a preview of the next expansion.
  1. FireBorne's Avatar
    kung fu panda much?
  1. skunkymunk's Avatar
    I lol'd. BUT SRSLY. srsly. Pandarens are terrible.
  1. DavidGX's Avatar
    Fake, stupid, horrible, etc. I hate april fools day so damn much...
  1. Xerif's Avatar
    wtb pandaren paladin plz
  1. Boubouille's Avatar
    April Fool? ... ok, I guess.
  1. Impatigo's Avatar
    Come up with something new.....Bad bad april fools

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