World of Warcraft 5.0 - Panda Mania!
In the latest Patch 4.1 PTR Build, two new halloween masks textures have been added to the game files:

  • Helm_MaskHalloween_PaF.blp
  • Helm_MaskHalloween_PaM.blp

They seem to be early-alpha texture but according to what happened with the datamining/leak of the Cataclysm races 2 years ago, it looks like Pandarens will be the race of the next expansion! The name of texture for any piece of headset always ends with the first 2 character of the name of the race (Pa) and the gender (M/F), according to how the textures look it's really easy to conclude what the new race is.

More datamining reveals that the expansion is apparently named Panda Mania! and also uncovered a possible trailer ....

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  1. Fraza's Avatar
    Ah, April Fools. Brings out the worst in people.
  1. Coldkil's Avatar
    why april's fools, whyyyyyyyyyy?
  1. TheScopelessOne's Avatar
    Aww why does it have to be an aprils fool :'(. I wan't to kick panda asses in wow (I assume they would be allys becouse the horde would get the all powerfull Murlocs).
  1. lol's Avatar
    They look like the fools.
  1. Zaydin's Avatar
    I imagine this is April Fools for 2011 from Blizzard.
  1. Caireann's Avatar
    I loved it, amazing vid btw
  1. Bliq's Avatar
    This has to be the worst april fools I've ever laid eyes on.
  1. Shrubninja's Avatar
    I thought the objective of April Fools was to trick people, not show them something so obviously fake that everyone just groans and moves on.
  1. Jokerpoker's Avatar
    Liked this... :B
  1. Twotonsteak's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Imhullu View Post

    It's too obvious, which makes it not even funny. :/
    Maybe it's supposed to be obvious? Maybe, just maybe, it's an obvious poke at all the morons who post (almost daily) about what the new Heroic Class/Race should be with the next expansion. You know, when we aren't even half way done with this expansion.
  1. Oneirophobia's Avatar
    Shoulda just posted a hot fix for the PTR of incorrect slated changes. Believeable yet minute ones like "Cool down on Deep Freeze reduced to 12 seconds" or something like that. Rages would have flown. Would have been lulzy watching people go to the official forms to whine and have blizz go looool you got april'd.
  1. Krudler's Avatar
    Would've been great if they tried to fool ppl with more frost mage buffs.. prolly would have worked too! :P
  1. Lacerta's Avatar
    Aww this year's April Fools have been too easy. =(
  1. Drarion's Avatar
    Not to be like that Boubille but didnt you say the same with the ogre masks? also April fools.
  1. Upptagen's Avatar
    lol, gotta love the trailer!
  1. Ovacor's Avatar
    You all act as if Blizzard HAS to provide an absolute gut busting joke for April 1st...they do it for fun. Get over yourselves holy crap...
  1. thilicen's Avatar
    I hate today's date
  1. Resentful's Avatar
    Not very creative
  1. Narshe's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Yrret View Post
    Right...and a troll is a troll.

    Have you honestly read the content of a vast majority of posts, not only here, but on other fansites and the official WoW forums? Those blessedly vocal folks think that, because they pay their monthly subscription fee to play, that they are then entitled to dictate/demand anything and everything they want...It's ridiculous.

    And, if you can read, my post started with gratitude, backed with evidence on what parts of the post I liked the most....So, Narshe, I respectfully agree to disagree....The VAST majority of my posts on this forum can be found in the Earthquake in Japan thread, where I didn't complain, but offered sympathy and well wishes. Read some before you start trolling.

    Fail troll is still fail, even if you do it for free.

    Edit to add : Advertising your services in your sig shows some real class pal...good on ya.
    1st, I have more posts than you. 2nd, thank for commenting on my sig, BUY SOMETHING DAMNIT! (ps, why do I give a shit that you posted in the Japan thread? Did you donate? Whats your point?
  1. Fraza's Avatar
    The false sense of entitlement in this thread is over 9000.

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