World of Warcraft 5.0 - Panda Mania!
In the latest Patch 4.1 PTR Build, two new halloween masks textures have been added to the game files:

  • Helm_MaskHalloween_PaF.blp
  • Helm_MaskHalloween_PaM.blp

They seem to be early-alpha texture but according to what happened with the datamining/leak of the Cataclysm races 2 years ago, it looks like Pandarens will be the race of the next expansion! The name of texture for any piece of headset always ends with the first 2 character of the name of the race (Pa) and the gender (M/F), according to how the textures look it's really easy to conclude what the new race is.

More datamining reveals that the expansion is apparently named Panda Mania! and also uncovered a possible trailer ....

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  1. wimbo125's Avatar
    Yay, pandaren will never get in WoW!
  1. Zagnaphein's Avatar
    Nice one Boub! hahahahah
  1. Yossarian's Avatar
    the joke is that this is not a joke
  1. DangerousKilla's Avatar
    gotta love april fools lmao
  1. Howard Moon's Avatar
    Peeps have high expectations these days, apparently!
  1. mike's Avatar
    fail april fools tbh.You could have at least given it a better name,not panda mania
  1. GooglyMoogly's Avatar
    April fool..
  1. Tittattotem's Avatar
    April fail
  1. critterkiller's Avatar
    Loved the video!!!!!!!!!!

    But yea prob april fools XD
  1. Lillyanne's Avatar
    So much whining over an April Fools.

    People really need to get over themselves...
  1. Chaoyll's Avatar
    Yeah that was pretty bad. Plus I'm sure we've all seen that Kung Fu Pandaren video before. :/
  1. Geibi's Avatar
    Only this for April Fools?
  1. WingsofLiberty's Avatar
    lol @ april fool's
  1. hankitg's Avatar
    Terribad. Pandarens can fuck off into a blender and die.
  1. Arakkar's Avatar
    I LOL'd so hard at the seagull
  1. Mietsch's Avatar
    LOL got up at 6:30 this morning when my girlfriend went to work... Logged in and got into a fast dungeon before I had to get to work myself... When I was in the que I saw the Pandaren Masks :P I thought wtf.... Then went to work... Now I came back to check what the hell was going on with these Pandaren... and then it hit me.... crap April fool :P..... had a laugh, but I will never visit your site again at 6:30... my brain just can't work untill I have my first coffee
  1. Obsiddias's Avatar
    gotta love the haters haha... very nice blizzard quite enjoyed that trailer tbf
  1. Sylann's Avatar
    awww no evil patch notes version 2
  1. Mystile's Avatar
    3/10. Two for the effort. One for the Kong Fu Panda reference.
  1. 6eyki's Avatar
    You all miss the thing that truly matters today!!!

    Moar dots! Moar dots! Trow more dots!

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