World of Warcraft 5.0 - Panda Mania!
In the latest Patch 4.1 PTR Build, two new halloween masks textures have been added to the game files:

  • Helm_MaskHalloween_PaF.blp
  • Helm_MaskHalloween_PaM.blp

They seem to be early-alpha texture but according to what happened with the datamining/leak of the Cataclysm races 2 years ago, it looks like Pandarens will be the race of the next expansion! The name of texture for any piece of headset always ends with the first 2 character of the name of the race (Pa) and the gender (M/F), according to how the textures look it's really easy to conclude what the new race is.

More datamining reveals that the expansion is apparently named Panda Mania! and also uncovered a possible trailer ....

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  1. Jekdin's Avatar
    Terrible April Fools.

    Video is mad old too.
  1. Kokiron's Avatar
    I understand not doing something that looks believable to avoid a shitstorm on these forums and the official ones but I still think you could have at least done something that hasn't been done before pandaren are a dead horse that keeps getting beaten.
  1. mistuhbull's Avatar
    Appreciate the effort, masks could have been better, but i suppose with 4.1 on PTR the april fool's joke gets lower priority
  1. Safetyoff's Avatar
    this made me sad panda :_(

    shame on you mmo-champ, shame on you
  1. Xuvial's Avatar
    I had genuinely forgotten today was april fools, but I instantly remembered when I read the first few sentences.....terrible attempt Blizzard.
  1. Yrret's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Narshe View Post
    You complain more than they do.
    Right...and a troll is a troll.

    Have you honestly read the content of a vast majority of posts, not only here, but on other fansites and the official WoW forums? Those blessedly vocal folks think that, because they pay their monthly subscription fee to play, that they are then entitled to dictate/demand anything and everything they want...It's ridiculous.

    And, if you can read, my post started with gratitude, backed with evidence on what parts of the post I liked the most....So, Narshe, I respectfully agree to disagree....The VAST majority of my posts on this forum can be found in the Earthquake in Japan thread, where I didn't complain, but offered sympathy and well wishes. Read some before you start trolling.

    Fail troll is still fail, even if you do it for free.

    Edit to add : Advertising your services in your sig shows some real class pal...good on ya.
  1. Hermanni's Avatar
    This news post was sponsored by Mensa International, who would like invite anyone who was not fooled to mistake the contents of the post genuine, to apply for membership by taking an IQ test in your local Mensa group. Their pre-determined statistics indicate that individuals who did not overlook the subtle humorous hints in the context of the news post or the mischievous date in their calendars and were able to distinguish the entire post as a spoof in a matter of minutes have a 72% chance of belonging to the most intelligent 2% of the planet's population, thus being entitled to join Mensa.

    Mensa would like to congratulate everyone who pass their tests to join the society for the super-intelligent and apologizes to all their new members who feel like this attempt to have fun was mocking their intelligence.
  1. stahlhammer89's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Xuvial View Post
    ...terrible attempt Blizzard.
    This attempt wasn't by blizzard, sorry to break it to you.
  1. Epsilon's Avatar
    So obvious...but the video was awesome. it made me lol IRL.
  1. Ryme's Avatar
    Didn't care for this one, sorry Boub
  1. Immamoonkin's Avatar
    The video was amazing.
  1. Haezeus's Avatar
    Hilarious. ಠ_ಠ
  1. xap's Avatar
    The mask part was good, but the video was awful.
  1. Aktavite's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Safetyoff View Post
    this made me sad panda :_(

    shame on you mmo-champ, shame on you
    Perhaps you should look at the Male mask.

    Sad Panda is Sad....
  1. Xuvial's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by stahlhammer89 View Post
    This attempt wasn't by blizzard, sorry to break it to you.
    Wait MMO champ made all this?
    That's even worse :S
  1. celinamuna's Avatar
    Happy april's fool
  1. WyriHaximus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DavidGX View Post
    Fake, stupid, horrible, etc. I hate april fools day so damn much...
    Nah tbh it's fun, just don't belive everything you see today and have a laugh about it .
  1. Kwickslash's Avatar
    Yes. I find this joke both shallow and pedantic..

    mmm.. yes. Shallow and pedantic indeed

    Seriously though, most of you are a bag of dicks. Lighten up. Not only do you cry when Blizzard doesn't buff your class, but you cry when an April Fools joke doesn't amuse you.

    After reading most of the comments to this I imagine everyone looking like this when they read MMO-Champion

  1. Phenomina's Avatar
    It's just so hard to pull the wool over peoples eyes on April 1st these days. Perhaps Blizz will just do nothing for it, why do something humorous when it tends to only attract negativity
  1. Värgen's Avatar
    Haha, oh lawd how I loathe Blizzard.

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