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Introducing Crabby: The Dungeon Helper
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
The next content update for World of Warcraft introduces a brand-new feature designed to make your experience in Azeroth a whole lot user-friendlier. Meet Crabby: The Dungeon Helper! This adorable and knowledgeable crustacean companion will guide you through the game with useful hints, tips, and tricks for every situation. Read more about this upcoming feature on our new Crabby information page.

Dungeon Preview: Tomb of Immortal Darkness
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Deep below the damp graveyards of Duskwood, an ancient evil stirs in the darkness....

Featuring new gameplay mechanics, revolutionary Deep Dark® technology, three challenging bosses, and a host of incredible rewards, the Tomb of Immortal Darkness will be the third dungeon to see the light – well, maybe just a dim spark in an ocean of utter blackness – in the next World of Warcraft content update. Click here for a preview of the epic adventures that await!

Experience StarCraft Like Never Before
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
We’re proud to present the next step in the evolution of the StarCraft series... and Blizzard Entertainment's long-awaited return to the console scene. Check out our new game information page for all the details, and get ready to fight for control of the Koprulu Sector like never before!

Hold the Power of the Horadrim in Your Hands
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
After years of fevered development and tireless research into the mysteries of the Horadrim, we’ve finally succeeded in capturing the power of one of Sanctuary's most enigmatic artifacts in a portable, downloadable form…. Behold, the Horadric Cube app for your smartphone or supported mobile device! But beware: great power often comes at a terrible price. Visit our Diablo III Horadric Cube app page to learn more, if you dare.
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  1. ciggy's Avatar
    damn, crabby is funny "It looks like you're reading the blog; would you like me to look up some words for you?"
  1. dokilar's Avatar
    anyone else find it funny that its a level 84 wielding a zin'rokh going into BWD? lol
  1. Weidmo's Avatar
    Too obvious
  1. Yojiro's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DysprosiumDy View Post
    Though I agree Amnesia: The Dark Descent is totally worth the 15 dollar and people should play it, I can't see how it's a reference to that. Nothing I see in the pictures references Amnesia, apart from the fact that it's... well... dark. Might as well say it's a reference to Harry Potter because it features magic. Or am I missing something?
    It seemed cool and I wasn't thinking of Amnesia untill I saw the trailer video on blizzard's preview page, so much funny stuff on there.
    laughed hard at the Kobold Candle loot and pickaxe.
  1. Dragery's Avatar
    Lol so many idiots posting things like "IT'S FAKE!" or "THIS IS TOO OBVIOUS!! HNNNGGG NERD RAGE". Some of you need to take a joke, and add some humor to your life. Lighten up.
  1. Palmster's Avatar
    Even though it's an obvious April Fools joke; The Tomb of Immortal Darkness is such a good idea.
  1. Kalx's Avatar
    I actually found out that if you talk enough to crabby in his page, he will say something along the lines of going with you right now and you're prompted to say "ok!", if you click there, it will redirect to the login page, and you'll get a crabby mini-pet ingame. funny stuff
  1. Sanctioned's Avatar
    I thought April Fools jokes were supposed to be believable for awhile then later on they'd have to come out and say nope sorry guys April Fools. These are just jokes that are blatant with no plausability.
  1. Snookeys's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cailem View Post
    LMFAO, one of those Crab's sayings gives you a link to Rebecca - Friday XD
    oh, no, crabby!

    oh, yes crabby!

    i figured it was gonna be rick roll. got me good with friday
  1. erwil's Avatar
    Best online April Fools i've seen yet, well done Blizzard. That was great. XD
  1. xicoia's Avatar
    omg the guy on the photos of "crabby" is level 84! Wat a cheater!!!!
  1. Petos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SpriggsTheWarrior View Post
    Obviously fake.
    no raider uses the default UI.
    I do and I dont have any problems.
  1. Harazi's Avatar
    Usually, at least one of the April 1st posts by Blizz turns out to be real. Hmmmm.
  1. shufflepunk's Avatar
    dunno crusader aura def the best aura for raiding last time i checked
  1. Chaoyll's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Petos View Post
    I do and I dont have any problems.
    So does my boyfriend and he's an amazing healer.

    OT: Obviously a joke, way too obvious, but still pretty funny either way. I'd love to see someone actually fall for it. And that dungeon... actually sounds good.
  1. corola10's Avatar
    any 1 found any secrets with the cube ?
  1. Yelbegen's Avatar
    - It appears your healer is asleep at the wheel. Would you like me to poke him?


  1. Medivh's Avatar
    another april fool
  1. Karnige's Avatar
    that was a better AF joke haha
  1. Rendandtear's Avatar
    I love how everyone says they'd love to have that dungeon in game when we all know they'd just qq until blizz turned on the lights since it's too hard in the dark... = /

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