Wings of Chaos and Divine Wings on the Blizzard Store
It seems that the next in-game item from the Blizzard Store went online today for a short moment before it was taken down by Blizzard. It will most likely be available on live servers very soon and we had time to gather most of the information on them.

  • Each set of wings costs $19,99 and can be bought separately.
  • You can buy both sets for $29,99.
  • Just like any Flying mount, the wings require Expert Riding and their speed will scale up to 310% depending on your riding skill.

Divine Wings
Wings of Chaos

These items are much more important than the ones previously sold on the Blizzard store and will have their own Feats of Strength.

Category Description Pts
Feats of StrengthDivine Wings
Owner of the Divine Wings from the official Blizzard Store.
Feats of StrengthWings of Chaos
Owner of the Wings of Chaos from the official Blizzard Store.
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  1. Seregon's Avatar
    I don't think trollface.jpg has ever been more appropriate.
  1. wyldeice's Avatar
    I would buy those in a heartbeat.
  1. Vakarian's Avatar
    Man, if only Blizzard spent as much time on April Fool's pranks on their raids, we'd see less orange, dragon, and fire raids..
  1. Telila's Avatar
    Was the other crap earlier not enough then?
  1. Irielle's Avatar
    God its not even 10am and the April fools joke spam is already old.
  1. Sam473's Avatar
    It's only funny to make April Fools jokes that are ridiculous or silly. Making stuff like this is just... jerky.
  1. Thetallest's Avatar
    Damnit, it took me a minute to realize it was april fools. That's unfortunate. I would have reactivated to buy these. Blizzard's jokes are better than their actual content.
  1. Reluctant's Avatar
    these april fools are better thenn the real stuff this beats the lion easy
  1. Saluna's Avatar
    Aahahha! I love that April's Fool
  1. Uselessrouge's Avatar
    iloled !

    I bet they would make more money with those wings then aion did with the wole game LOL
  1. Orachi's Avatar
    Notice the price is 29,99 not 29.99
  1. destia's Avatar
    Oh come on. Why is it april fools today?! >; (
  1. CombatJack's Avatar
    Even if it's not a joke it's still dumb
  1. CancerCityBoyLOL's Avatar
    Sad jokes this year...
  1. Lezarin's Avatar
    I WANT I WANT I WANT ....dammit boub you crushed my hopes and dreams hope you happy ....i need a scrunchie.
  1. Galdur's Avatar
    Thats amazing actually...
    theres something similar in Aion they sell like mad....
    hope its real...
  1. Nest's Avatar
    Link to Blizz store so I can buy these before they are fotm! :>
  1. Blackeyecycle's Avatar
    They are real. I must have them..

    Fail in this section:

    Each set of wings costs $19,99 and can be bought separately.
    You can buy both wings for $29,99.

    A set of Wings is 2. No? Or does it refer to purchasing BOTH sets of Wings?

    I know it really doesn't matter... as these Wings are real.
  1. courtjester311's Avatar
    If not April fools prank, do want!
  1. Masterpd85's Avatar
    Hahaha I added this to my suggestion to a warlock/paladin flying mount about 3-4 weeks ago on the blizz general forums and its cool to see either A) someone actually saw my post or B) was thinking the same thing as me.

    Nice april fools but it would have been better to make it out the way I did and offer them as class mounts :P

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