Wings of Chaos and Divine Wings on the Blizzard Store
It seems that the next in-game item from the Blizzard Store went online today for a short moment before it was taken down by Blizzard. It will most likely be available on live servers very soon and we had time to gather most of the information on them.

  • Each set of wings costs $19,99 and can be bought separately.
  • You can buy both sets for $29,99.
  • Just like any Flying mount, the wings require Expert Riding and their speed will scale up to 310% depending on your riding skill.

Divine Wings
Wings of Chaos

These items are much more important than the ones previously sold on the Blizzard store and will have their own Feats of Strength.

Category Description Pts
Feats of StrengthDivine Wings
Owner of the Divine Wings from the official Blizzard Store.
Feats of StrengthWings of Chaos
Owner of the Wings of Chaos from the official Blizzard Store.
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  1. Cinth358's Avatar
    After last years' <Paranition> joke, I'm saddened people forget what a calendar is and what it's purpose is. Many hearts will be shattered tomorrow.
  1. Sanguinelol's Avatar
    All those saying this is Blizzard...

    It's not. It's Boub.
  1. Smeeh's Avatar
    so wait... when its a lion with wings everyone goes batshit crazy but when its OMGWTFTOTALLYAWESOMEDEMONWINGS! everyone is mad they're not in the store?
  1. Tripz's Avatar
    this is a bad idea imo, it's been done in Perfect World, and you need to Earn your wings, not pay cash for em. Good thing it's that time of year
  1. Bairyhalls's Avatar
    God dammit i want that! I mean, the squidface looks... well, ugly as usually, but the blood elf (human? cant rly tell...)!! OMFG! DO WANT! Too bad its April 1st, instant knew it was a joke...
  1. Hiratha's Avatar
    OH. MY. GOD. I want these so much!! I wish it wasn't April Fools. D: I waaaaaaaaaaant.
  1. Systeri's Avatar
    If this is an April fools joke, i would actually be upset Didn't like either of the mounts but these wings are awesome
  1. yuthirin's Avatar
    I wish this was reaaaallll
  1. Hezron's Avatar
    Fuck, I want wings. xD
  1. morpheeus's Avatar
    Im 99% sure this is another april fools from blizzard ...... But id love the wings of chaos to become a warlocks flying mount.......or even better give us a Metamorphisis spell that makes us fly!!

    Ill keep dreaming
  1. Phibi's Avatar
    to all the guys crying cause they are not real...i got a great idea : if u got too much money, why don't you donate it to people in japan ;D
    yeah, it gives no fancy achievementpoints...but hey...wouldn't hurt anybody either. huehue
  1. sgtprinny's Avatar
    Screw the wings, I want goblin jetpacks!
  1. Holymorph's Avatar
    Look at the price. It's written with the , (used in europe) instead of the . (used in north america).

    Maybe it means this is real...
  1. mmathes339's Avatar
    My guess is its a total joke, seeing as how many ppl (including myself) refer to Aion as "WoW with angels". These wings would make WoW kinnda have angels...horribile goat hooved squid faced angels. lol If true it would be kind of cool, but I strongly doubt it is true.
  1. Acolon's Avatar
    Ouch, now people will demand it from Blizzard to include them in their shops.

    And get mucho money if they actually do. O:
  1. thunterman's Avatar
    the most annoying thing about blizzards aprils fools jokes are that they are genuinly cool things that I for one would buy, like the "pimp my mount" last year, would of been amazing, blizzard would make a killing if they acually sold stuff like that, but instead they joke, dont make that money they could of, just for the satisfaction of lolling and noobs. i mean, that is fun, but i want wings!
  1. willjones410's Avatar
    Glad this is an April Fools. Getting wings on your toon is awesome and all but you think I'm going to pay $20 for it? Think again.
  1. Keleri's Avatar
    Aww Boubou, you are so pro with the jokes.
  1. Vehemence's Avatar
    5$ that this isn't a april's fools
  1. Nielah's Avatar
    I already started raging, they sure caught me off guard. Was just thinking of the Winged Lion mount and then I drop onto MMOC and that's there.
    Well done.

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