Wings of Chaos and Divine Wings on the Blizzard Store
It seems that the next in-game item from the Blizzard Store went online today for a short moment before it was taken down by Blizzard. It will most likely be available on live servers very soon and we had time to gather most of the information on them.

  • Each set of wings costs $19,99 and can be bought separately.
  • You can buy both sets for $29,99.
  • Just like any Flying mount, the wings require Expert Riding and their speed will scale up to 310% depending on your riding skill.

Divine Wings
Wings of Chaos

These items are much more important than the ones previously sold on the Blizzard store and will have their own Feats of Strength.

Category Description Pts
Feats of StrengthDivine Wings
Owner of the Divine Wings from the official Blizzard Store.
Feats of StrengthWings of Chaos
Owner of the Wings of Chaos from the official Blizzard Store.
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  1. Warcrafter's Avatar
    i actually believed it and was preparing to buy when he was released >.>
  1. Uhaneole's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Wizards Hat View Post
    You know what? I want this.
    Damn you Blizzard, I want most of your April Fools jokes! The Decard Kain GPS last year was the best.
    You know i totally agree, some of this stuff is genius... Even tho wings are blatant knock-off from Aion, i'd rock TRW (those retarded wings)
  1. Stockli's Avatar
    Lol, i wish that was real.

    I realy want that!!!!!!!

  1. taylor20k's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by thunterman View Post
    the most annoying thing about blizzards aprils fools jokes are that they are genuinly cool things that I for one would buy, like the "pimp my mount" last year, would of been amazing, blizzard would make a killing if they acually sold stuff like that, but instead they joke, dont make that money they could of, just for the satisfaction of lolling and noobs. i mean, that is fun, but i want wings!
    bouibille made this one, not blizzard. Blizzard's april fools are on their website.
  1. Medivh's Avatar
    another april fool
  1. Lily Crowley's Avatar
    Boo! Why does this have to be an april fools joke? They are actually really cool!
  1. Nobleshield's Avatar
    Wish this was true; that's awesome.
  1. Schmittay's Avatar
    God I want these, hope they aren't April Fools!

    Perfect setup though...obvious fake in morning followed by this far less obvious one. It's 100% believable except the doubt of it being April 1st.
  1. greyghost's Avatar
    lol, April Fool's joke at the expense of Aion's crappy winged angel gimmick.

    A++ Blizz.
  1. xindykawai's Avatar
    blizz.... MAKE THIS REAL! im sooooo surre they will sell so much of those wing then the lion... zomg... they have to do this!
  1. Acidburnz's Avatar
    u had me going there for a second nice job on this one
  1. Tauroon's Avatar
    Another aprils fool day joke? Really?
  1. Skaba's Avatar
    Cool idea, to bad about 1st april
  1. Wingwraith's Avatar
    Oh I wish.
  1. Buckwald's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by taylor20k View Post
    bouibille made this one, not blizzard. Blizzard's april fools are on their website.
    Trust me when I say, he did not make this. >:}
  1. Defiant's Avatar
    lol Happy April Fools guys and gals!
    They actually look alright to be fair though!
  1. Kitomi's Avatar
    my heart just jumped a beat, then i died... i hate this day
  1. Harjkun's Avatar
    i no this is a joke but im sad and they look bad ass
  1. moesouls's Avatar
    yeah pretty sure this is blizz giving the finger to aeon or how ever that crap tastic game is spelled cause u get wings in that game at like lvl 10 or so its amazing
  1. Chaynes's Avatar
    ::sigh:: I wish this was real ::/

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