Wings of Chaos and Divine Wings on the Blizzard Store
It seems that the next in-game item from the Blizzard Store went online today for a short moment before it was taken down by Blizzard. It will most likely be available on live servers very soon and we had time to gather most of the information on them.

  • Each set of wings costs $19,99 and can be bought separately.
  • You can buy both sets for $29,99.
  • Just like any Flying mount, the wings require Expert Riding and their speed will scale up to 310% depending on your riding skill.

Divine Wings
Wings of Chaos

These items are much more important than the ones previously sold on the Blizzard store and will have their own Feats of Strength.

Category Description Pts
Feats of StrengthDivine Wings
Owner of the Divine Wings from the official Blizzard Store.
Feats of StrengthWings of Chaos
Owner of the Wings of Chaos from the official Blizzard Store.
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  1. lenwedruid's Avatar
    nice april 1st, remember Ragnarok Online :3
  1. Cryless's Avatar
    must resist urge to buy them if real!
  1. RaZz0r's Avatar
    Curse you April Fools i would so buy this if i got the option a flying troll with demon wings singing Trolololololololololol = Win
  1. Seiichiro's Avatar
    Didn't a developer say at a convention around this time or later last year that there were no plans to add wings in the near future in an interview?
    I hate to say this, but I might fork over $30 because these are account bound...
  1. KevyB's Avatar
    Dude, enough is enough...
  1. Apollet's Avatar
    Not gonna lie I was fooled until I looked at the day. It just seemed too good when the Cretaceous paper clip started talking to me...
  1. Sickone's Avatar
    Gieff!!! Maybe they were just checking the market... now that every1 is sad that it's only april fools stuff, they gonna make it real... and manage to get even more of our lunch-money
  1. obscurede's Avatar
    i really wish this wldnt be a joke.......wings of chaos on a dk...:S
  1. Ventashar's Avatar
    I'd so buy those if it wasn't a joke.
  1. Rilch's Avatar
    It better be April joke... Think it would be the first thing I would buy from lolstore... And then I would have to hate myself for buyin anything from there...
  1. Fudruker's Avatar
    here is a crazy thought the april fools is that they are all true very last one of them now that would be one epic april fools :P
  1. capslocked's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Orachi View Post
    Notice the price is 29,99 not 29.99
    Europeans. Europeans.
  1. azrielen's Avatar
    I would so buy one of these. XD
  1. FredMaHead's Avatar
    Omg This if fucking awesome !!
  1. Flickyz's Avatar
    i want this tbh :'(
  1. Bexy's Avatar
    i think the april fools joke have just gone abit "OTT" if i may say so :P lol
  1. Xeraluin's Avatar
    i wish it wasn't april 1 right now :'(
  1. Chronoless's Avatar
    April fools, we get it stop with these dumb April fools, I want real updates.
  1. Critterbot's Avatar
    Ok, I think they should stop now.
  1. noteworthynerd's Avatar
    I wish these were real =(

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