Wings of Chaos and Divine Wings on the Blizzard Store
It seems that the next in-game item from the Blizzard Store went online today for a short moment before it was taken down by Blizzard. It will most likely be available on live servers very soon and we had time to gather most of the information on them.

  • Each set of wings costs $19,99 and can be bought separately.
  • You can buy both sets for $29,99.
  • Just like any Flying mount, the wings require Expert Riding and their speed will scale up to 310% depending on your riding skill.

Divine Wings
Wings of Chaos

These items are much more important than the ones previously sold on the Blizzard store and will have their own Feats of Strength.

Category Description Pts
Feats of StrengthDivine Wings
Owner of the Divine Wings from the official Blizzard Store.
Feats of StrengthWings of Chaos
Owner of the Wings of Chaos from the official Blizzard Store.
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  1. Daerth's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tantheus View Post
    those look pretty awesome.. sigh if only it wasent a april fools >.<
    It better be Aprils fool....
  1. menulo's Avatar
    those evil wings would be the best warlock "mount" ever

  1. darkbshadow's Avatar
    Too bad these are just a joke. Cause it is really cool. It's like that full body pillow from D3 last years April Fools day joke. I really wanted it.
  1. Arcilux's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fierae View Post
    I don't get it. April Fools is meant to stop at 12 noon anyway? Not carry on!
    Its not 12 PST yet, and Blizz does everything in PST
  1. Loveless62's Avatar
    They should sell a mount like this, only instead have it be a special Superman cape. You would then fly around with your fist stuck out in front of you like the Man of Steel.

    Maybe I would have put it together as an April 1st joke myself if I wasn't so lazy.
  1. gadeschaos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Flickyz View Post
    yeah bra! costumization options are real bad!

    /sarcasm off
    Yeah, childish customization "OMG DEVIL WINGZZZZ" is real good for the game,go play aion
  1. I stand in fire's Avatar
    Too bad it's an April fool's joke. Having a set of Wings of Chaos would look boss on my Death Knight.
  1. Chaoyll's Avatar
    It's funny that people say they wish these were real. But we all know that if they were real, people would be RAGING ABOUT IT.
  1. Idtrapthat-Maiev's Avatar
    Now that's a good April Fool's joke.
  1. Idontlikeyou's Avatar
    Its real. Why? How? Because I believe so!
  1. Myah's Avatar
    I was giggling for like 10sec on *wantwantwant* and then I remembered what day is today >.>
  1. Blackeyecycle's Avatar

    I actually laughed at this.
    That one dude looks mad constipated.
  1. Frozenbeef's Avatar
    That would actually be a really good idea :P Would look nice on a warlock, priest/paladin
  1. Whore's Avatar
  1. elitistniceguy's Avatar
    It's like they know how greedy they are!
  1. Dunee's Avatar
    jebus christ they just throw around all these jokes don't they xD
  1. Eorayn's Avatar
    Never believe in ANYTHING coming out on April's Fool.
  1. Amadox's Avatar
    if it is a joke, its a joke by mmochamp, not by blizz.
    if its no joke - i'd so gonna buy it...

    but i think its a joke, as if it was like he wrote (shown on store, taken down again), he wouldn't have the achievement infos.
  1. ciggy's Avatar
    I really want those.
  1. sawier's Avatar
    i guess its april joke, but its kinda awesome idea

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