April Fools Wrap-Up
It seems that most of the news posts posted yesterday were fake! What a surprise! See you in a year for more stupid stuff!

Winged Guardian Video Preview
It's time for the video of the Winged Guardian promised earlier this week! The mount will be available from the Blizzard store at some point after the release of Patch 4.1 and includes a very nice light effect on the wings, check out the video!

The Daily Blink - Warriors: Now With Healing Spec
TheDailyBlink finally found an use for all these warriors we have laying around ...

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  1. Sammonoske's Avatar
    I wasn't sure about this mount at first, but seeing it in action helped me decide. I am going to get it. Sure my server is going to be infested with the mount, but in months time there will be very few. Much like the celestial steed. I hardly ever see that mount anymore. Just sucks I will be juggling with this new mount and my soon to be Dark Phnx mount once I hit exalted. /random mount macro go!
  1. Onzay's Avatar
    A simply stunning modle...Too bad it is being used for money-grubbing and not avalible thru skill or time consumption...
  1. ShortTermCrook's Avatar
    Based on gryphon mount with a bit of glitter and head from alliance ground mount. Feel like playing with LEGO?
  1. Seditian's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by buggerlugs View Post
    dont buy it, then you have no reason to continue your whine
    I'm not even considering buying it, nor will I buy anything. I'm just saying that his reply was not making any sense, at all.
  1. Queen of Hamsters's Avatar
    It runs like a cat mount just so you people know, so it's unique as hell. There are no other flying cat mounts in-game.

    QQ moah, I'll sit on this mount feeding upon tears of hypocrites and n00bs that cannot earn money IRL.
  1. Rioo's Avatar
    It's gonna be TRH all over again and peoples memory seems to be short. I like the looks of both store mounts, but after seeing every "scrub", or people who can't get a nice mount through in-game means, I can't help but let the image of the mounts get tainted.

    Before we found out that the sparkled pony was a store mount most people found it awesome, just like now. Heck, a lot of people who bought it on day 1 felt the same for a week, and then never used the mount again.
  1. un_known's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by wakabala View Post
    well would you look at that, blizz copied all the animations from the gryphon mount. What a rip.

    I'm surprised some people are so excited for it. Its a re-skinned/slightly re-modeled gryphon mount.
    i lol'd! gryphon re-modeled? runs more like a tiger mount to me :P and what's that? unique tiger flying? *gasp!*

    i will be buying this since it looks awesome!
  1. Lord Kristivas's Avatar
    Am I the only one who thought the wings would be abso-fucking-lutely amazing? I might have even re-subbed for that.
  1. mmoc52d48f0c21's Avatar
    True when original TRH was datamined I was like "omg this would need something like all current raiding meta achievments, what do I miss?"

    Then the other day I saw a lvl 40something random blood elf with it strolling at dala...

    Way to go using nicely looking mounts for store and throwing at dedicated raiders stuff like the dark phoenix or a slightly recolored wind drake....
  1. mmoca20fa69a21's Avatar
    Hahahahha, gotta love the Daily Blink.
  1. mmoc52d48f0c21's Avatar
    Idd when TRH was datamined I was like "omg must have, this beauty should need like having all current raiding achievements or something, which do I miss?"

    Then the other day I saw a lvl 40something random blood elf with at stv....

    Way to go giving away good looking mounts at stuff like this and throwing to dedicated raiders stuff like the dark phoenix or a slightly recolored wind drake...
  1. Collected's Avatar
    The mount looks too much like an alliance mount for me.
  1. mmoc626163a888's Avatar
    The Winged Guardian looks very beautiful, Alliance paladins will look very impressive on it! Daily Blink made me chuckle.
  1. mmoc748ebe364c's Avatar
    Needs shadowform.
  1. mmoc5dfc81ca68's Avatar
    Blizzard realy are mastering the art of losing subscribers right now. These store mounts just kill me inside
  1. kappesante's Avatar
    i'm sure they will give money to japan childrens
  1. Deyadissa's Avatar
    So instead of dedicating art like that to armor, they'll make mounts and charge money for it.

    Seriously, they had weeks to make the PvP gear and it's literally recolors with attachments.
  1. Sundreamer's Avatar
    the winged guardian's so...ugly : /
  1. Donald Hellscream's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tejlol View Post
    Blizzard realy are mastering the art of losing subscribers right now. These store mounts just kill me inside
    are you wearing a tinfoil hat? you seriously think a store mount will cause a significant sub drop? on another note i want that mount!1!1! it may be a common since everyone and their grandmother can have it but i know that i am in fact more awesome than the scrub next to me so i will cope with it.. besides i dont have anything but common flying mounts so no reason to whine about it being common(well i lied a little aparently the pink love rocket is rare and i got it the 2nd day of love is in the air)
  1. Pantelija's Avatar
    Daily blink was pure win

    On topic about mount , Celestial Steed = Invincible (they just changed skin and applied different color)

    Winged Guardian = Gryphon with Lions head (same as above , they just changed skin and applied different color) there is nothing unique here i dont know why people see it that way

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