Heirloom Tanking Items introduced in Patch 4.1
New heirlooms have been added in the latest build of PTR 4.1. A tanking set is now available from vendors and should make leveling instances much more enjoyable for everyone. Apparently, these new items are available from your regular heirlooms vendors.

Maelstrom Crystals for Honor/Justice in Patch 4.1
You might hate or love this change depending how much time you spend speculating at the AH, but Maelstrom Crystal will be available from Honor and Justice points vendors in Patch 4.1. Someone pointed out that I never posted the price for those, there, have a screenshot.

Jider (Rogue) Solos C'thun & Twin Emperors
You might remember Jider from his past videos of Grobulus and Patchwerk solo kill a few months ago, he's now back in a new video featuring a very ... interesting solo kill of the Twin Emperors and C'thun as a rogue!

From Jider
Phase 1 of C'Thun is quite simple, damage the Eye of C'Thun until 0% which then triggers Phase 2. This phase is significantly more difficult. To start, C'thun has a shield reducing all damage taken by 99% and various adds will spawn throughout the fight. Shortly after Phase 2 begins you will be eaten by a tentacle which is unavoidable and once you are inside his stomach you must kill two Flesh Tentacles to weaken and bring down his shield. The reason this fight was thought to be impossible to solo is after seven seconds of being in the tentacle room you instantly die if you are attempting the encounter alone. Normally, to get out of his stomach you must reach the platform in the center between the two tentacles inside but seven seconds is not enough time to do this.

So, after some theory-crafting I set out to apply clever use of game mechanics and soon enough had a working strategy. I would now pull Ouro to C'Thun's room. Like most bosses when you attempt to evade them they will port you directly to them so I used this ability to my advantage in Phase 2. Once eaten Ouro would perform the necessary task of porting me out and to increase DPS time on the tentacles inside I changed races to Goblin for the Rocket Jump ability. I also changed my spec to subtlety for shadowstep and finally leveled up Engineering for Tazik Shocker (glove enchant). Combined, these three abilities gave me enough time to do damage to the Flesh tentacles and eventually weaken C'Thun and brought the encounter down to a reasonable two hours.

Twin Emperors Explained : Both Emperors share the same health, When one loses health so does the other. Using good timing i pulled Vek'nilash alone while Vek'lor remained out of combat. There for they would not use teleport. And since they are split up they can not heal. Vek'nilash is immune to magic and can only be damaged by physical damage which is why i chose him. Vek'lor is immune to physical damage and can only be damaged by magic. When Vek'nilash dies so does his brother Vek'lor even though he is out of combat.

The MMO Report
It's time for another MMO Report!

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  1. mmocfd8d985519's Avatar
    don't you mean honor and justice points? D= They are J's in the screenie!
  1. Homies's Avatar
    <3 mmo report
  1. Boubouille's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by sarethen View Post
    don't you mean honor and justice points? D= They are J's in the screenie!
    I don't expect people to read the stuff I write before the screenshots.

  1. Baracuda's Avatar
    Very impressive kill!
  1. epicbeardman's Avatar
    nooo why don't the dps heirlooms look that cool ;<<
  1. Kendeura's Avatar
    BoA legs?
  1. Leare315's Avatar
    Wtb more heirloom pants!
  1. Zlicer's Avatar
    wee nice tankin looms! finnaly! been using the warrior gear for tankin when lvling untill now ;D
  1. snaek's Avatar
    About time we get tanking heirlooms! Sadly I've already leveled a warrior and paladin to 80, but oh well... Better late than never.
  1. Yokogil's Avatar
    3750 Honor points 0_o
  1. OnlineSamantha's Avatar
    Whaat? Where do you get the pants?
  1. Ylera's Avatar
    Still no shield? Draconian Deflector would be ideal!

    Nice job Jider, your solo vids are always interesting.

    And glad to see Maelstrom Crystals will be rather expensive, but I forsee the price still coming down a lot considering all the ZA/ZG loot that will be getting DE'd.
  1. mmoc12fd2e0285's Avatar
    Since when we have heirloom legs?
  1. Kokiron's Avatar
    wtb the plate DPS heirlooms looking that good.
  1. caboose1984's Avatar
    hmmm the heirlooms go to 85.. will the exp bonus work till then as well?
  1. Thundurr's Avatar
    Boub, any idea if you can get the new heirlooms with Champion's seals?

    Also, Jider is a beast!
  1. Weck's Avatar
    "Ok guys, let's implement good tanking gear! AND WAIT, HOW ABOUT STILL NO SHIELD?!"

  1. caboose1984's Avatar
    and Ylera to my knowledge ZA/ZG items cant be dusted
  1. mmocbbee2fee77's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by caboose1984 View Post
    hmmm the heirlooms go to 85.. will the exp bonus work till then as well?
    atleast they should
  1. mmoc63f52cb002's Avatar
    Wait... leg heirlooms? O_o

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