Remote Guild Chat Preview
Blizzard posted a small preview of the remote guild chat on the World of Warcraft Remote Services page.
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Real time guild chat on your phone. Keep in touch with your guildmates and always be in on your guild's discussions with the new mobile Guild Chat feature. With a subscription to World of Warcraft Remote, you can view and participate in your guild's chat in real time, engage in one-on-one conversations with other guild members, and more!

Subscription Features

  • Stay in touch with your entire guild wherever you are
  • See which guildmates are online
  • Initiate one-on-one conversations with guild members
  • Keep the guild up-to-date with your Arena team and Rated Battlegrounds plans
  • Filter by guild chat, officer chat, and whispers

Savage Defense and Blood Shield "Issues"
Originally Posted by Daxxarri (Blue Tracker)
There are two issues here.

One is that the combat log is saying “refresh” in a confusing way when it’s really just applying damage to the shield (i.e. a new shield has not been created). We’re looking at some ways that might be fixed.

The second issue has to do with our combat log (or third party logs) apparently disagreeing about what happened. Remember, our combat calculations are done on the realm side and then reported to the client, but the client only gets those reports periodically. The message has to travel a potentially long distance between your client and our realms. It’s important that the calculations are done realm-side though, to maintain gameplay integrity.

Because of the latency inherent in client – realm communication, it can appear that a hit lands before the shield procs, yet still applies to the shield, leading to the mistaken impression that the proc isn’t occurring properly. In reality, the server is (probably) performing the steps correctly, but the client sometimes lags behind. For example, there's a case where what actually happened is this sequence: 1) shield proc, 2) hit, 3) absorb, but the client is slightly behind and instead (incorrectly) shows 1) hit, 2) shield proc, 3) absorb in the combat log. Or it could appear that you lost shield points without actually taking less damage, when in reality either the shield or your health pool weren’t affected. Or it could appear that if you take multiple hits nearly simultaneously that the shield did nothing to the later hits, but in reality the shield was gone on the first hit and your client just hasn’t been notified of that fact yet. We will investigate this issue just to make sure, but we’re pretty confident that Savage Defense and Blood Shield are working correctly and are just sometimes getting misreported. With Savage Defense lasting longer in 4.1, you may see this kind of thing more often.

The takeaway is that latency can in some cases cause combat log display issues like the one we’re seeing here. We understand that a lot of you use the combat log as a reporting tool to analyze a fight after the fight has concluded. The combat log as currently implemented is supposed to give you a data feed in real time. We’d like to redesign the combat log to fill that post-combat analysis role better (as Ghostcrawler alluded to in a recent Q&A) but that is a Very Big Task. Just delaying the current combat log so that it was in 100% parity with the server could cause serious issues with third party mods among other things, so we have to be careful not to turn a single screw and end up dismantling the whole machine, so to speak. Despite its limitations, it remains an accurate and useful tool in the vast majority of circumstances.

Blizzard Art Gallery Update
The World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Art gallery has been updated with six pieces representing the Warcraft universe.

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  1. Agallochh's Avatar

    I lol'd. Since when can rogues heal?
  1. Noetic Concordance's Avatar
    wow is farmivllebookpage now?
  1. stahlhammer89's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Insomnium View Post
    This is going to be my replacement for the actual sub!

    If only they could make the same for .
    You need an active subscription to even use the AH/Chat services.
  1. ProphetFlume's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Agallochh View Post

    I lol'd. Since when can rogues heal?
    The rogue is the one asking, you can see at the bottom the player is Draenei.
  1. gusnd's Avatar
    oh well

    I want my messenger, just like steam has
  1. Roia's Avatar
    AO had a windows client made by the fanbase (AORC), and you could actually join ANY channel, not just guild, and it was also free to use. Way back when I started with WOW, I kinda hoped maybe something similar would eventually popup, but it looks like Blizzard would rather close off their API and milk the iPhone market ><
  1. Novaro's Avatar
    I hope it will be free.

    Mainly I don't see a reason why Blizzard need to charge for it really, the get millions of dollars a month on subscriptions alone.

    Also here is a question that makes you think and I believe total biscuit brought it up once or twice why are Blizzard making WoW have a pay to play model with a cash shop and paid services (race change, server change)? I would understand if it was free to play for a cash shop and paid services like server change. The funny thing is in the case of server change it is a automated service so no people are personally transferring the data.

    I know it is capitalism at work and because people keep buying these services (especially those the cash shop items that don't have a charitable donation attached to it). I personally have played wow for several years and personally have never used any of there paid services, but does no one else find it interesting?
  1. squee666's Avatar
    Does anyone notice Aing is a lvl 85 asking Poppy who is a lvl 80 if she wants to join a HC dungeon. You can tell cause she joins a HC group and mentions she was hoping for grim batol.

    alsl the fact mocha jstu got invited and is already an officer
  1. Vladinator's Avatar
    Those pictures look so fake, at least on EU no one ever spells that well and types the apostrophes or uses full names like "chestpiece" -first time I've ever seen someone say that, usually you just say "chest"
    (I mean fake as in not how reality is, I know the app is real.)
  1. toychristopher's Avatar
    Hmmm I no longer have a guild to chat with, so it's a little late for that feature.
  1. rhorle's Avatar
    To bad it costs money. Since I'd only see myself using it occasionally (same with the remote AH stuff) that can't justify spending a monthly fee on even if its small. I could even see some people buying a game liscense just to set up a message account that the guild can access to send alerts through guild chat.
  1. Masqerader's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by squee666 View Post
    Does anyone notice Aing is a lvl 85 asking Poppy who is a lvl 80 if she wants to join a HC dungeon. You can tell cause she joins a HC group and mentions she was hoping for grim batol.

    alsl the fact mocha jstu got invited and is already an officer

    i think you need to

    A. stop reading too much into this.

    B. see A
  1. bregtann's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by insomniac190 View Post
    That's not the point really. If they weren't paying these people to work on phone apps, they'd have more money to hire people to work on content.
    No, they'd have LESS money to hire ppl to work on content. The app will generate money (and others in this topic are whinign about that instead), more money than they spent letting (almost certainly) an external firm to develop the app. if they didn't expect to make a net profit on the app, they would never have developed it. It's a business you know, not a charity foundation.
  1. Agallochh's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by frunken View Post
    The rogue is the one asking, you can see at the bottom the player is Draenei.
    It should say [W][From][Mocha]. "Poppy" whispered the rogue asking to heal.
  1. Relent's Avatar
    Who would ever hope to get Grim Batol?!
  1. boneschaman's Avatar
    there are only lvl 80 chars on the screenshots...
  1. Explosion_Rex's Avatar
    Someone should tell Blizz it's not April 1st anymore.
  1. Nobleshield's Avatar
    Yay, Android!

    Let's hope it actually IS for android...
  1. Keristrasza's Avatar
    Oh boy, this is the last thing they need. People are addicted enough with this damned game, no one will ever get work done if they can constantly keep in touch with the guild live time. -.o Especially super chatty type who think that their guild is the only thing in existance worth keeping in touch with.
  1. AppleDapples's Avatar
    Awesome. As if I didn't hate people in my guild enough for using guild chat as their personal WoW-Twitter.

    The dawn of Gwitter is a dark morning.

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