Patch 4.1 Preview -- Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
In patch 4.1 we'll be introducing Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms, a new system intended to lower queue times. Call to Arms will automatically detect which class role is currently the least represented in the queue, and offer them additional rewards for entering the Dungeon Finder queue and completing a random level-85 Heroic dungeon.

Any time the Dungeon Finder queue is longer than a few minutes for level-85 Heroics, the Call to Arms system kicks in and determines which role is the least represented. In the case of tanking being the least represented role, the "Call to Arms: Tanks" icon will display in the Dungeon Finder UI menu where class roles are selected, and will also display on the UI when the queue pops and you are selected to enter a dungeon. Regardless of your role, you'll always be able to see which role currently has been Called to Arms, if any.

Call to Arms is meant to lower wait times by offering additional rewards for queuing as the currently least represented role. To be eligible for the additional rewards you must solo queue for a random level-85 Heroic in the role that is currently being Called to Arms, and complete the dungeon by killing the final boss. Every time you hit these requirements (there is no daily limit) you'll receive a goodie bag that will contain some gold, a chance at a rare gem, a chance at a flask/elixir (determined by spec), a good chance of receiving a non-combat pet (including cross faction pets), and a very rare chance at receiving a mount. The pets offered come from a wide variety of sources, and include companions like the Razzashi Hatchling, Cockatiel, and Tiny Sporebat, but the mounts are those specifically only available through dungeons (not raids), like the Reins of the Raven Lord from Sethekk Halls, Swift White Hawkstrider from Magister's Terrace, and Deathcharger's Reins from Stratholme.

This system is meant to address the unacceptable queue times currently being experienced by those that queue for the DPS role at max level. The long queue times are, of course, caused by a very simple lack of representation in the Dungeon Finder by tanks, and to some extent healers. We don't feel the tanking and healing roles have any inherent issues that are causing the representation disparity, except that fulfilling them carries more responsibility. Understandably, players prefer to take on that responsibility in more organized situations than what the Dungeon Finder offers, but perhaps we can bribe them a little. While this system gives tanks and healers something extra, the incentive is being provided so that we can help players in the DPS role get into more dungeons, get better gear, and continue progressing.

While the gold, gems, flasks, and elixirs are OK incentives, we knew we needed something more substantial. We had briefly considered Valor Points and epics, but decided that wouldn't be working toward the goal of helping DPS players progress, and ultimately wouldn't keep tanks and healers in the Dungeon Finder system for very long. We settled on pets and dungeon-found mounts as they’re cosmetic/achievement items that players tend to try to get on their own, so why not change that up and offer them a chance to get some of those elusive pets and mounts in a way that also helps other players? Even if they don't get a pet or mount, or get one they already have, the gold and other goodies still feel rewarding enough that it won't feel like a waste of effort.

We think it's a pretty solid incentive to get tanks and healers queuing, give max-level players another way to collect the pets and mounts they so desire, and above all, to improve wait times for DPS players sitting in queues. In the case of lower level dungeons, it's actually not uncommon for DPS to be the least represented role, and so if this new system works out and we're pleased with the results, we may consider applying this same mechanic to lower level dungeons as well.
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  1. Taraxacum's Avatar
    I find this truely appauling!

    I have issues with some people automaticly getting more rewards than everyone else for doing the same thing in game. This goes against so much of what Blizzard say they have tried to do and that's balance play for everyone.

    I'm sure they will argue that it's just 'vanity' items they are gettign as rewards so they wont make a difference in game, but that is just not true. The bag will contain, gold, elxir's & gems - all of this rewards in game gold. Then we come onto 'a good chance of receiving a non-combat pet', now if these are not BoP in the bags they will once again be able to sell these for even more gold. I could easily see a bag giving a average reward of 100g + if it's all sold. Now unless I am very much mistaken, gold in this game gives you a adavantage with gear & consumables and also the ability to buy other things you may want to 'achieve'.

    In my view a better option with the bag would be;

    The balanced view - Everyone in the party should get a bag. Everyone has done the same 'work' so the rewards should be the same. The bags are apparently not a big issue according to Blizzard so this cant be bad surely?

    The contraversial view - Give the goodie bags to the people that have waited longest in the ques! When DPS que for 30-40 mins they are limited in what they can be doing, so a small reward for being inconvienince makes up for the 'wasted' time.

    Alternate option : The bag is ONLY rewarded if every boss in the instance is killed. This means everyone has a fair chance at all drops, not just ones tank players want.

    The bag reward system did not really help in WotLK (Oculus), I cant really see it helping here long term.

    I evnisage seeing;
    A lot of new tanks learning the heroics. No real propbelm with this just they will take a lot longer to complete and have more wipes in them costing healers/DPS more in repairs but the tank wont mind as he's getting more gold then anyone else. This might also mean the time it takes for a DPS to complete a heroic is the samt iem as if he'd qued that bit longer.
    Even more Bosss skipping. If the boss does not drop anything the tank needs every boss than can be skipped will be. This already has issues gearing people up and it will become even worse. No one wants to spend 2-3 mins helping someone these days.

    Also just to add. Anyone who says DPS can just go farm for the mounts anyway is, I'm sorry, just lieing. A Tank can run this and get the goodie bag as many times a day as they want, a DPS trying to get a moutn from a heroic is limited to 1 run a day. Now in my view doing 1onething each day does not constitute real farming. Farming is doing the same thing over and over again until you get what you after a drop/gold/mats etc...
  1. Frozenbeef's Avatar
    Also...a flask and a rare gem? This will cripple prices in the AH poor alchemists, herbalists, jewelcrafters, miners
  1. Twilightsky's Avatar
    but.. as a pure dps class for a main i cannot do healing or tanking.. explain how this is fair for the likes of rogues, mages, warlocks, hunters.

    I have come to accept that as a dps i will have a longer queue time by about 10 minutes or so i have not come to accept that i should be left out that i should be somewhat punished because when i began to play WoW 3 years ago i thought "hm i'm gonna roll a hunter"
  1. Pietcio's Avatar
    Why do you always blame what Blizz does? Queues are too long, THIS is the problem (not mine, I'm a tank since Vanilla).
    Now you'll have a chance to shorten the wait time and the problem switchs to the class/role "called to arms" and involved rewards...
    This is... oh my... -.-"

    Do you want short queues or you prefer to not have a tank (or any other role called to arms) with more vanity pets/mounts than you?
    Do you really care about what others have and you not?
    What a shame... this is ridicolous.
  1. Eruptor's Avatar
    Haha Those mounts..... whhaha God this game is getting more terrible every patch
  1. Sharte's Avatar
    Surely this was posted last friday, and you only publish it now?
    Has the sound of a aprilsfool idea written all over it.
  1. Skippert's Avatar
    Well, just like DPS need to get over their 30mins queue, they'll need to get over this change. It's gonna happen anyway and in the end it's an advantage to both DPS (shorter queue times, even if it's just 30-40% or so) and more items for tanks. I still consider this a win win with the only remark that the rewards should be BOA and not BOP, so pure classes can log another character to tank/heal, while still getting the rewards on their main.
  1. Winter Blossom's Avatar
    Everything you can get from those goodies bags is available to EVERYONE from running other content.
  1. Nebulose's Avatar
    Cant wait to open my bag at the end of every heroic. The challenge will be opening the bag before all the dps leave so they can see my rewards for just doing the job I do anyway....

    Seriously tho I play three of the four tanking specs. And this should make gearing up my warrior a little bit better.
  1. lios's Avatar
    I like it. I will be speccing my paladin tank/healer instead of dps/healer. I will learn to tank. When I continuously fail in tanking, I will get abused, kicked, or people will leave and I will learn soon enough to either get good at tanking, or stop. This will go for all ex-DPS wannabe tanks. It will be rough at start, but they will learn soon enough that they're not going to get anything when they suck at tanking, have a wrong spec or no tank gear.

    I like running heroics and this does make me choose to tank instead of heal when the tank Call is up. I am not a unique snowflake, so amongst the millions of players, hundreds of thousands will think like me and the queues for dps will go down. Which will help me too, when I play my DK alt (who has 2 dps specs).

    DPS whined about long queues and now Blizzard tries to help out, and they whine more. There is no other way to get tanks (and healers to some extend) back into PUG heroics then to offer them rewards. They can't force people to play tank, they can't make it even easier to tank (real tanks would quit), they can't change people's horrible attitude towards tanks, they can only offer rewards and hope it's enough to get some more people to queue as tank.
  1. Skippert's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sharte View Post
    Surely this was posted last friday, and you only publish it now?
    Has the sound of a aprilsfool idea written all over it.
    Source: 2011/04/07

    I don't see this being an april fools joke, even though it has a little april fool's sprinkle on it, I must admit
    In the end though: the way to get the queue times shorter = simply more tanks/healers.
    Apart from making tanking gameplay more exiting (no idea how), this is one of the few ways to get more tanks/healers.
    People that can't stand that, I say: suck it.
  1. detectivekr's Avatar
    Sounds like a good change to me. It brings something good for everyone. Tanks (and occasionally healers) will get some extra money and a very rare chance to obtain some aesthetic rewards. Rewards that are available to everyone via alternate means. Everyone who isn't in the CtA role will benefit from decreased queue times, which is being vastly overlooked in this topic.

    If you are so worried about mounts, consider it this way. The time you just saved by having a faster queue gives you can use the farm the instance with the mount you want. If you think this is unfair, and that your decreased queue time is not a reward to you, you are always welcome to change roles. After all, the entire point of this CtA system is to ENCOURAGE people to switch roles to the most needed.

    Hopefully people begin to realize that time is more important than a blue undead horse, and that this CtA system is designed to give majority of players more time not waiting in queue.
  1. XeliosX's Avatar
    I'm conflicted on how I feel about this...
    Let's address the pro's and cons.

    Pro: Tanks and healers are more likely to queue, lowering dps queue times.
    Con: Undergeared / wrong-specced classes sign up to tank.

    Pro: Queues should lower with the addition of tanks.
    Con: Since the tank/healer has to solo queue as well, you can't run with your friends if you are said tank/healer

    Pro: No more having to grind old instances for vanity items.
    Con: Oh wait, what's that? "Cross-faction"? So I guess that means the only way to get them is through this feature.... sorry dps.

    Really, you could go on all day about the cons, the only 'pro' seems to be 'queue times are lower'

    But imagine this:

    When it's fresh and new, tanks will sign up for these special rewards.
    As soon as a tank has his particular heart's desire, he's done running heroics again.
    And then we're right back to people queueing as a tank for instant queue + rare mounts/pets.

    The only thing worse than waiting 40 minutes in queue for a tank is waiting 40 minutes in queue with a tank that is horrendously undergeared / otherwise incapable of tanking dps hybrid, wasting your time on run-backs until you either have to go, or you criticize him so much that his ego gets bruised so he vote-kicks you. Too fearful of their own 40 minute queue, everyone agrees with the tank, and you're back where you started.

    .....but on the plus side: at least queue times will be lower... for a while.

    Truthfully I offer no real suggestions of my own.
    This is probably the best they can do.
    Which is kind of sad.
    But hey, I couldn't do no better.

    I suppose if I had to offer some sort of solution myself... I would say...
    Once a party has been fully formed (with 4 people) the Queue must sit in place for a minimum of 10 minutes. Once 10 minutes has passed, if the 5th player hasn't queued, it procs the 'call to arms' -
    I think that EVERYONE involved should get a reward for sticking out the Queue time. Every time someone leaves the pre-designated queue, the timer resets.
    The time limit can be manipulated. If you think 20 minutes is more worth rewarding those who were patient enough to wait, that's one way to go.

    I just don't think it's right to give tanks, who already have big enough heads as it is, more of a reason to feel like the hero....
    But perhaps more importantly, the 4 people who formed the group know they're eligible for the extra reward, but the tank won't know until after he's entered the dungeon.
  1. h4rr0d's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rokmarr View Post
    It has less to do with responsibility and more to do with gear in my opinion.
    I don't think so. Getting offspec tanking gear in heroics (especially as healer, but even as dps) is quite simple. I had pretty much full feral gear banked on my balance/resto druid by the end of december without farming heroics too much. Same goes for my Warrior. I dinged 85 quite fast (did only like 2 zones), and was queuing for heroics as DPS while finishing up rest of the Cata zones. I managed to pick up almost full tanking set while doing this, so no, gear is not the issue.
    I never really specced feral because I had NO CLUE whatsoever how to play one. I could imagine lots of other hybrids that could tank aren't for the very same reason. Eventually I rolled a feral druid alt, so I could experience the learning curve in a more comfortable pace, and only after getting the alt to 60ish level I specced my main feral and started tanking to cut the line a bit.
  1. DarkXale's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by XeliosX View Post
    ICon: Oh wait, what's that? "Cross-faction"? So I guess that means the only way to get them is through this feature.... sorry dps.
    Idiot. You do know there are vendor purchased mounts that are only availible from one faction? These can still be put on the neutral auction house however. We've already been doing this for years - and you still have not discovered this fact?
  1. Alianthos's Avatar
    Funny how so many people see the Devil in this xD

    The way I see it :

    - more gold, drops, pets, mounts
    - faster queue time

    That's all I need. People who say "omg so many noob healers /tanks are gonna queue now", or "omg why not for dps ??" are idiots.
  1. FrozenFlames's Avatar
    Ah so.

    Retarded tanks who are the least likely to get kicked now also get extra rewards for doing NOTHING extra?

    So the dps and healer (especially the dps) have it easier soloing such content that the tanks should get a chance on these for them unobtainable mounts? I think not.
  1. Exiti's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by illindarious View Post
    But it's tanks and healers that get the quick que's already. So they are also going to get more rewards as well? While the dps that wait 30-45 minutes or longer get nothing new?
    The reward is there so that more tanks will queue. More tanks in queue = lower queue times for dps.
    In the end, it all comes down to a win/win situation
  1. Many's Avatar
    As a Tank, this will change anything for me. I will do 0 random HC per day. Becouse are boring, and I dont want do this things over, over and over again. Only few % of tanks will do more dungeon then 1 per day (except alt tanks).

    And IMO this change will make queqe shorter by 5 minutes in max. And next thing will this change make: more fail dungeons, more disbanded groups, more waiting time(becouse another queqe), everything.
    Maybe I am wrong.

    ---------- Post added 2011-04-07 at 08:56 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Alianthos View Post
    Funny how so many people see the Devil in this xD

    The way I see it :

    - more gold, drops, pets, mounts
    - faster queue time

    That's all I need. People who say "omg so many noob healers /tanks are gonna queue now", or "omg why not for dps ??" are idiots.
    Fine example player I hate. "MORE MORE MORE MORE FASTER FASTER FASTER FASTER" no offence
  1. Skippert's Avatar
    Maybe I am wrong.
    Maybe, do you have another solution to shorter queue times?
    The only solution is: get more ppl to tank/heal. How do you wanna do that, other than rewarding tanks/healers?
    Tell me.

    People complaining about 40mins queue imo should either reroll tank/healer or keep mouth shut, because before the LFG system, often you could not even MAKE a group because you had to spam chat channels for tanks, only from your own server. It's already tons better, the problem is not Blizzard's fault. You need a tank+healer for a group, they are more rare, so DPS needs to wait longer. Again: only way to fix; more tanks/healers. How, more rewards for them. Got another solution? Complaining is easy, give an alternative.

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