Patch 4.1 PTR Notes - April 8th Update
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  • Honor is now purchasable from the Justice Commodities Vendor at 250 Honor per 375 Justice.
  • Justice is now purchasable from the Honor Commodities Vendor at 250 Justice per 375 Honor.
  • Conquest is now purchasable from the Valor vendor at 250 Conquest per 250 Valor.

Raids & Dungeons
  • The Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms will now identify which class role is currently the least represented in the queue, and offer them additional rewards for entering the Dungeon Finder queue and completing a random level-85 Heroic dungeon.
    • The least represented class icon will show within the Dungeon Finder to indicate the role that is eligible to earn the bonus reward.
    • Players must queue solo with the currently indicated least represented class (by the system) and complete the dungeon up to and including the final boss in order to be eligible for the bonus reward.
    • The bonus reward will be displayed to eligible (system identified as least represented) classes within the UI.
    • Once the dungeon is completed the eligible player will receive a goodie bag with various potential rewards including: gold, rare gems, non-combat pets, and (very rare) mounts.

Halls of Origination
  • Temple Gardian Anhuur should now properly go into his Shield Phase at 33% even if he was channeling his 66% shield phase.

Lost City of Tol'vir
  • Soul Fragments that spawn during the High Prophet Barim encounter should now perform an emote when they merge with the Harbinger of Darkness.

Wailing Caverns
  • The maze section has been removed to make the overall dungeon more accessible and quicker to complete. Nearby creatures and bosses have been adjusted to compensate.

Guild Challenges
  • Gold rewards are deposited into the guild bank once the guild reaches level 5. The text for the Cash Flow guild perk has been updated appropriately.

Quests & Creatures
  • New Cooking and Fishing Dailies have been added to Darnassus, Ironforge, Thunder Bluff, and Undercity.

Classes: General
  • Several persistent ground effects now display different visuals for hostile and friendly players. The following spells have the same visual effects for friendly players, but new alternate visuals for hostile players: Ring of Frost, Consecration, Desecration, Wild Mushroom, Flare, Ice Trap, Power Word: Barrier, Smoke Bomb, and Hand of Gul'dan. As a general rule, the alternate effects have a red tint or hue indicating they are created by an enemy player. There are currently some issues with this new change which are affecting several of these abilities and is not working as intended at this time.

Druid (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Enrage no longer increases physical damage taken.
  • Stampeding Roar's duration has been increased to 8 seconds, up from 6. The movement speed effect has been increased to 60%, up from 40% and is no longer cancelled by cancelling shapeshift form.

Hunter (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
Hunter Bug Fixes
  • Deterrence: The area damage of the paladin ability Hammer of the Righteous will no longer hit Hunters with Deterrence active.

Mage (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Frost Armor has been reworked:
    • It now reduces physical damage taken by 15%, instead of providing 20% additional armor.
    • The Chilled proc from Frost Armor can no longer proc Fingers of Frost.
    • The attack speed slow from the Chilled proc is now 20%, down from 25%, but it also affects ranged attack speed.

Paladin (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Selfless Healer: The damage bonus from this talent now has a 30 sec duration instead of 10 sec.

Paladin Bug Fixes
  • Avenger's Shield can no longer be blocked.
  • Judgements of the Just debuff can no longer trigger talents and other effects.
  • Seal of Truth: Fixed a tooltip error that stated swings at targets with Censure fully stacked dealt 9% weapon damage. They actually dealt 15% damage and the tooltip has been updated accordingly.

Warlock (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Dark Intent: The friendly target of this ability now receives 1% (stacking 3 times to 3%) periodic spell damage and healing bonus instead of 3% (stacking 3 times to 9%). The casting Warlock still receives 3% (stacking 3 times to 9%).

  • Unstable Affliction damage done when it is dispelled has been doubled, but this damage can no longer be critical.

User Interface
  • Targets and focus targets now display on the mini-map.
  • Moved Video and Sound to a new �Options� screen.
  • Added a network category to the new Options screen and included the two network checkboxes.
    • The Network category contains the options "Optimize network for speed" and "Enable IPv6 when available".

  • Visual Settings Updates
    • Removed the red bar preventing the overall graphics slider from going to ultra based on computer specs.
    • When the user moves the overall slider to a setting that would have previously been prevented, any option that can't go as high as that setting will get the warning icon with a tooltip explaining why it can't go higher. For example: The user sets the overall slider to Ultra and the water setting can only go to Fair. The water setting would automatically switch to Fair.
    • Support for DirectX 11 can now be found in the Advanced tab of the Options screen.

  • At the login screen:
    • Moved the "Reset User Options" button from the popup window that appears when you click Options to the actual Options window.
    • Clicking Options now goes directly to the Video tab of the Options screen.
    • Removed the now-unneeded popup.

  • The New Features (!) Option Screen has been updated:
    • Cast action keybinds on key down (Combat)
    • Pick Up Action Key (ActionBars)
    • Nameplate Motion Type (Names)
    • Graphics API (Advanced)
    • Network category

Patch 4.1 - PTR Build 13850
A new PTR build is being deployed on test realms.

Wailing Caverns Changes
The "maze" of the Wailing Caverns has been removed, that's basically half of the instance.

Spell Changes
Reminder: If it's not in the official patch notes above, it's probably just a tooltip fix or something like that. If it's a real change, Blizzard will eventually update the real notes.
Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
New Items

Guild Perks
  • Cash Flow - In addition, completing guild challenges will reward gold directly to your guild bank.




Druid (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Enrage no longer increases physical damage taken by 10%.
  • Faerie Fire (Feral) apparently now deals 679 damage instead of only dealing damage based on Attack Power.

  • Sunfire base damage has been increased by 50%, from 372 to 558.

Mage (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Frost Armor now reduces physical damage taken by 15% instead of increasing armor from items by 20% and Frost resistance by 44. Now increases time between enemy attacks by 20%, down from 25%.
  • Fingers of Frost now procs from offensive Chill effects.

Paladin (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Seal of Truth now deals 15% weapon damage once stacked to 5 times, up from 9% weapon damage.
  • Selfless Healer now lasts 30 sec, up from 10 sec.

Priest (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Blessed Resilience now procs when you're critically hit by any non-periodic attack.
  • Body and Soul now increases the target's movement speed by 30/60%, up from 12/30%.


Warlock (Forums / Cataclysm Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
  • Dark Intent now increases periodic damage and healing by 1% on the other.
  • Haunt now scales from 69.71% of Spell Power, up from 53.63%.
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  1. Beheemoth's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Patch 4.1 PTR Notes - April 8th Update
    • Honor is now purchasable from the Justice Commodities Vendor at 250 Honor per 375 Justice.
    • Justice is now purchasable from the Honor Commodities Vendor at 250 Justice per 375 Honor.
    • Conquest is now purchasable from the Valor vendor at 250 Conquest per 250 Valor.
    Why not make TB tokens convert to conquest as well?
  1. ZerOne's Avatar
    Dear god, I have a stockpile of 20 000+ uncommon gems, guess it's time to start cutting and vendoring. At least it's about 15% profit, but I was hoping I could keep em for possible future uses that would have turned em into 100%+ profit.
  1. Chaynes's Avatar
    New Wailing Caverns Map... um... O.o
    yeahhhhh, not seeing how Blizz thought that was a good design ::S
  1. bingolotta's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kwickslash View Post
    Oh, but they always claim PvP takes more skill than PvE so they should have no problem defeating these players PvP gear or not, right?

    I welcome this change so I can get my PvP gear quicker!
  1. soradakey's Avatar
    Why the change where frost armor slows ranged attackers? How does that make any sense?
  1. mmoc518416fde2's Avatar
    Oh god, wow becomes noob friendly. Valor in pvp > Noons in BG's and Arena's > noone except noobs in HC's > noobs in epics > pug raids suck. In other words ''PVE and PVP sucks unless you have a good guild.
  1. mmoc9aedacf3cf's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gharld View Post
    Am I the only person sad to see them change WC for retards too stupid to understand a map?
    Your not... I mean why can't they just make it optional to skip it, It's a classic place and it's a good thing you can get lost there it should have a meaning and be a freaking ''Challenge'' not just something like this - player 1: ''Ok, aggro on me we kill everything as fast as possible'' player 2: ''Wow this place is amazing... Never been here before i feel so excited, Exploring it is gonna be fun, hey there any story to this place?'' player 1 - ''Kicking him...''

    I'm just disapointed
  1. Kavoo's Avatar
    R.I.P. Wailing Caverns
  1. johno's Avatar
    Stop QQing about the honor, justice and conquest conversion already

    if you havent notice already, most of pve players already started to do arena to cap their conquest weekly, which means they already have epic pvp gears and it just a matter of time they will be having the same gear as you pvp players . what blizz did to protect pvp players is that pve players that suck in pvp cannot have access to gears that need min arena/bg rating requirement. you all are QQing coz u afraid pve players with full epic pvp gears like you will ruin your 2k + arena rating? (well if they do means they are versatile players and you just merely inferior compare to them, ntg to QQ about it). dont pvpers always say pvp is about skill not about gears?

    you should be happy that blizz makes this changes so that you wont get into bg with ppl bringing pve/green gears, and most pvp players already have no where to spend honor points, well unless you want to spend it on things like shards, dust, herbs etc which worth so little in AH compare to the time you spent in bgs, and you can trade honor to enjoy pve contents or herilooms to lvl up your alt toons.

    what i am trying to say is this whole convertion thingy will mostly benifits new lvl 85 ppl so that they wont have to ONLY grind bg or making low lvl pvp gears to help them getting a better pvp gears (trust me you will never want to see those kind of ppl in bg anyways). dedicated pve players will not beat you seasoned pvp players with just gears bought from valor or jp. if you grind jp for honor you will just get the rare piece, not epic. if you want to spend 3-4 hours, three times a week in raid for few weeks to get enough valor to buy epic pvp gears, go ahead, it just doesnt worth the effort.

    This changes will benifit many players and i dont think blizz will cancel it, and if you still QQing by all means apply for converting conquest to valor and i doubt those pvp guilds will raid anyway afterall why join a pvp guild if you want to raid?
  1. Blacklisted's Avatar
    so they are completely killing farming professions! wonderful! who needs to farm any more when u can just buy ore, gems, etc!

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