Dungeon Finder Call to Arms - Clarification
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We’ve been following discussions and reading feedback on the Dungeon Finder Call to Arms feature, and appreciate everyone’s opinions on the topic. We wanted to share a few items though that supplement the recent announcement:

The additional reward for completing the Dungeon Finder Call to Arms (called the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries) will be Bind on Account; able to be freely sent to other characters on your account once you receive it.

An error existed in the announcement regarding flasks and potions being picked based on your spec. This is not the case. If someone earns a Satchel of Exotic Mysteries, and if it rolls the random chance to provide a potion or flask, it will be a randomly selected. This helps ensure a broad array of available flasks and potions for all characters.

We also wanted to clarify, mounts that have a possibility to be found in a Satchel of Exotic Mysteries are found with the same rarity as if you had slain the dungeon boss that normally drops them.
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  1. Second's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rethys View Post
    In other news, druids and paladins now represent 90% of the dungeon finding population.
    Based on what exactly ? Your poor logical thinking ?

    You have to perform that role, not just be able to perform the role. Those are two different things.
  1. EverdayMJ's Avatar
    time to make my warrior a tank
  1. milkcartons's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ProphetNoata View Post
    This still screws people over who only have pure dps classes.
    Then make another toon, and quit whining about only having a strait dps class. You have the option to roll other characters choosing to do so is your choice so quit being a <expletive> and do something about it, or don't either way im gunna get mine.
  1. pwntzar's Avatar
    All it does is add to the huge pool of Bad tanks and cry baby healers. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for an attempt to fix q times but this won't help, all it's gonna do is add an hour for me to get my points before I have to leave for work. And to those people who feel that if you don't have a Tank alt or Healer shouldn't be rewarded for something take a chill pill. Yes we're all tired of the Cry Babies don't let them effect you. I could care less about Tanking but to not offer a reward just because you choose not to tank is kinda jacked up and I feel like they're passively forcing people to move to a class that they just don't care for so they can play a dungeon faster that's the part which is not right.
  1. Nagans's Avatar
    Why are there no reward for Dps ????
  1. Irishmish's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Nagans View Post
    Why are there no reward for Dps ????
    There is. Your reward is a shorter queue time. Enjoy!
  1. unholyskipper's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ProphetNoata View Post
    This still screws people over who only have pure dps classes.

    ---------- Post added 2011-04-26 at 02:14 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by FruityFrodo View Post
    Not everyone enjoys playing death knights. Why should we be forced to play a class we don't like to get additional loot?
    I still see this change as a lazy ass bandage on a wound that doesn't exist.
    you dont need the loot it doesnt help your dps in anyway (except the flasks which you can easily get anyway)
    If you want a mount why dont you go farm that dungeon as a dps thats a higher level than the dungeon you still can do it....
    The only thing this is doing is giving those few tanks and heals that did farm old dungeons a choice to help dps get their daily valor for the same chance of getting the mount as they would for going into an old instance solo
  1. solsunforge's Avatar
    I personally think that dps will be kicking tanks from pugs so they dont get the bag. I mean not always but I see the general wow populace as spiteful. Before this just wasnt probable to do because it took so long to find a tank but now you can kick a tank before end boss to get a new tank very fast. It would only be done in spite and it would give dps more reason to blame the tank to justify it and not say concetrating fire on X mob when skull is untouched or for the gogogo folks out there. I love tanking and I like helping out pugs but seriously I see this as more of a possible headache for a bag hopeing a mount drops that you may not see ever during the duration of cata drop from this bag. Let me know your thoughts on the matter I just shared.
  1. Hultén's Avatar
    I bet the call to arms never will pop up for us dps
  1. Rhannon's Avatar
    People are not seeing both sides of this argument here. All you DPS are complaining that there are never enough tanks or healers and youre que times are this high, and you cant get gear without them. Here is the fix to that.

    Then some of us are saying that druids and pallys will make up 90% of the que, you need to look at this both ways. IF THERE FOR SOME ODD REASON ARE 1000 TANKS QUED AND NO DPS, it will be Call to Arms DPS! THEN YOU WILL GET THE MOUNT AND TANKS WONT!!! OMG!!!!

    For everyone complainig about being a pure dps class, this is to help you. If you dont like it, no one cares. Tanks and healers carry you, always have, and always will. QQ more please.
  1. Dubzil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Geox View Post
    I bet the call to arms never will pop up for us dps
    I guarantee it won't, there's no way there will ever be more healers or tanks than DPS and that's good, the point is to have 3 dps per 1 tank and 1 healer, right now there's probably 100+ dps per 1 tank and 1 healer, which is why the point of this is to get DPS to switch to tank or healer classes dropping that more closer to 3:1:1 ratio.
  1. solsunforge's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dubzil View Post
    I guarantee it won't, there's no way there will ever be more healers or tanks than DPS and that's good, the point is to have 3 dps per 1 tank and 1 healer, right now there's probably 100+ dps per 1 tank and 1 healer, which is why the point of this is to get DPS to switch to tank or healer classes dropping that more closer to 3:1:1 ratio.
    Im sorry I can't agree with your numbers at all. Theres just no way that theres that huge of a disparity amongst tanks and heals vs dps My best guess as I do some ratios in my head is its about 69:5:1. Reason I say this is becase as a healer que is usually about 4-5 minutes tank is insta and dps is about 23 on avg when i play my fire mage but thats not during peek thats about 2-3 a.m peek hours my que as dps is anywhere from 12-19 mins. As long as they have the pugged group limited to just the battlegroup I am convinced that things will even out slightly for awhile but go parabolic asap. In other words the amount of tanks will increase so much to cover the dps spread and then some to where there wont be enough dps. That situation has a better chance of correcting itself since more dps hit 85 heroics per day then tanks do thats a assumed given. On the same token this could cause even more dps to que thinking faster que which will cause a bigger flood of dps looking for the run and what would make it worse is if all the good tanks just stop pugging and only do runs with the guild do to the achievs and all the new guild friendly things added to the game. Either way to make a long story short the chance for sucess implementing this is a lot slimmer then chance for a failure.
  1. lightscreen's Avatar
    this is so bias it isnt even funny. i feel sorry for those mages, rogues, hunters and warlocks out there that can never benefit from these perks. i realize it adds extra incentive to play a tank/healing class but for those that dont this is a major slap in the face
  1. Ademptio's Avatar
    Somehow this scares me of ppl just putting themselfs up for tank/healers and having no healing/tanking spec at all... Not even mentioning gear/enchants/gems for the NEW "harder" heroics. This sounds like total BS. Ppl alrdy queue as tank for instant queue and once they are in the group they ask me ( on my DK, or me on my warrior to tank since they suck and have no gear). At start I was ok... but after 5+ times it pisses me off so badly I just randomly kick them and have to go throu the agony of queue finding a new tank if i am lucky within 30 mins... which mostly results in party disband.

    Ok Probaly somebody else mentioned it. Just stating it here once again for ppl to see the flaws in the mechanic.
  1. moxpearl's Avatar
    Amazing thread to read .......

    Shows the stereotype of "Faceroll DPS" is fully justified..

    Its kinda like a bunch of kids crying because another kid got some new toys...

    Let me explain how this works little kids.

    - Tanks/Healers have a reason to now join dungeons (Anyone who says the DPS has the same ammount of work/responsibility as these 2 is just deluded)
    - They get a tiny little reward for doing this (which nobody else is preventing you from getting, infact maybe you will decide to roll a tank/healer .. once you do then you will realise that "oh stuff that, its not worth the effort.. they can have their little pet.. facerolling is much easier!")
    - You get the reward of shorter que times.. which is what everyone was bitching about int he first place.

    Its so fucking simple.. yet you people still have a cry.. grow up
  1. Enkaoss's Avatar
    Totally agree with moxpearl....be a MAN and roll a tank! I was druid healing for 2 years. then when cata started tried tanking. its not all that hard.....defiently harder than dps thats for sure! tanks have to control the mobs while dps is free to roam and kill! my rogue is way easier than my tank, i dont have to think!

    I just tanked my first call to arms heroic and got my satchel, won the [reins of the raven lord], but I already have it. the item says its soulbound? thought it was going to be BOA? or is it only BOA before you open the satchell?
  1. miracles's Avatar
    I didn't read all here , i just want to say what i mean about these bags. I have played for 3 years now so i have tryed healer classes (cant heal , simply cant ), i tryed melee classes and i hate them, this way i today have filled all the chars i can have with dps classes. MY main is a mage that i try to get all mounts and pets on, but since its Boa now no problem.
    Problem is I NEVER get a bag, and i cant see why the hell healers and tanks is the only one that can get them, i suggest all dps just boycut those randoms and lets see how tank and healers manage to do them....We are just as importent for a random to succes and we are 3 atleast in a group....This isn't fair for any dps. If it was up to me those bags should not even be there if not all have a chance to get them OR they shoundn't have stuff that all classes can use, put some healer/tank junk in them + gold, and i wont complain. Dont put stuff in that can be wantet by all, like pets and mounts and so....

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