Patch 4.2 Models - Overfiend
Let's continue poking at Patch 4.2 models with what seems to be a new trash mob, the overfiend! It comes in multiple recolors but the only one you will see for the moment is probably the fire version.

Raegwyn - 1 Death Knight vs. 2 Cataclysm Heroic Bosses
Raegwyn was looking for a new way to spend time and decided it would be fun to try to solo an heroic boss, it probably wasn't hard enough because he eventually decided to solo two of them at the same time.

The MMO Report
Let's face it, the first news of the week would be sad without the MMO Report.

Comics - Roles
Nerfnow has an interesting point of view on tanks and healers ...

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  1. Rocheku's Avatar
    Looking at the stance of the overfiend in those pics im putting my money on it using the same skeleton/model as the doomguard. Doubt it's using the tauren model.

    Still gotta love the comments about "reskins". A hundred comments about what a "reskin" means and people still dont get it. It's even the newest trend to complain about reusing models now. People need maor fresh air.

    Why should Blizzard have to make new models/skeletons each time they come up with new mobs? I've never seen this much complaints about this in the last 6 years until now. Djeez.
  1. VanishO2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Exera View Post
    All it shows is that that particular DK is incredibly good, you wont see every single DK going in and doing that now, there is not that many that can do what he is doing, so no heroics are not to easy and DK's are not hilariously OP(no I dont play a DK).
    Not to mention the lack of "Blood" on it... since a Frost or Unholy DK wouldn't do 99% of what a Blood DK can when we talk about soloing stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhey View Post
    I said many times that Death Strike needs to be removed as Victory Rush for warriors, healers have to heals no one else. Actually these classes abuse of those healing abilities. As priests I have no heal that can replenish 100k hps instantly (nor overtime).
    They get away the healers fun when they lose 30% hp healing themselves, but still Blizzard fixes are clueless, they are buffing Death Strike instead!
    They also can't replenish 100k instantly without a large CD. DS can't do that in a single hit and a DK also need to actually HIT the mob to use it, so they lost some of the mitigation/avoidance to put hit on their gear, while other tanks skip it.

    Nice huh?

    The same way we see cloth users tanking a boss when that should be a tank job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemons View Post
    Every time I see a Raegwyn vid it just reminds me that Blood Death Knights need a huge nerf.
    LOL, and someone finally said the spec, not the class.

    Wich is also taken care of on 4.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhey View Post
    I don't care about PVP. I'm a PVE healer and I'm really disappointed to see tanks healing themselves whenever they lose 50% hp.
    Cataclysm is boring and frustrating for the healers, I can no longer demonstrate how good I am when tanks get low hp, my role is diminished, you can't understand how bad these healing abilities are turning our gameplay.

    ...and beside tanking is about keep threat, damage mitigation, armor value. Your way to be a good tank should not include self-healing, well, indeed a tank who don't need healers is a better tank.
    Actually tanks are better than before, they would be very upset people if their tank could no longer be imba (I trust you, I would see the healers and dps steal your tank role and then ask you to don't complain), as they don't need healers.
    We idiots who rolled an healer shouldn't complain for our lost entertainment.
    So we need to go crazy when a healer heal someone else other than tanks? "It's sad when we see a healer healing others in raid instead of just one target".

    That's why a healer take care of 4 others in a 5man, and more ppl in raids. Would be really boring if all you had to do was to heal a single guy the entire game, right? Or no? Bragging rights saying "I'm the best damn heal spammer in the world!". LOL

    I see healers showing so much skill in raids, things way better than spamming a guy that can avoid/mitigate most of the damage that is not supposed to one-shot him every 0.5sec the entire raid night...

    The game has evolved from "/focus 'tank' /spamheal"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gohzerlock View Post
    gj now nerf the class
    Fixing: "gj now nerf the SPEC".

    And, 4.1 is right around the corner... stop QQ.
  1. Kezotar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hunterpower View Post
    Raegs trying to catch with mione, but i still think soloing yogg is more impressive. so unless he's done that too, sorry raeg, you're losing your touch.
    Also, lol at the comic
    If it would be possible for me to slap you across the face right now I would've done it, twice..
    He almost soloed LK, got him really close. I think soloing LK is a bit harder than doing yogg which plenty dks have done.. But so far, none has soloed LK
  1. Sindy's Avatar
    In the comic for today, you will find an editing mistake. "These guys look like know what they're doing". Nice Engrish.
  1. Tyrasibion's Avatar
    I can understand DKs are more squishy than Paladins, because they don't have shields, but Blood DK selfhealing is already pretty damn OP. When I run heroics with my guild's main DK tank, he rarely needs healing on heroic bosses. On our Pally tank, I'd still have to throw in a heal every once in a while, even when he's using all his HP on Word of Glory.

    Nerfing Word of Glory and buffing DK selfhealing even more is just absolutely ridiculous, and I have no idea what Blizzard is thinking. Logic is far off, though.
  1. MoonZapdos's Avatar
    Would a 'Death Knights are fine, L2P' joke be appropriate now?
  1. PocketFox's Avatar
    So much for Cataclysm heroics being hard. We didn't even make it 4 months in.
  1. Patife17's Avatar
    Not so impressive. Both bosses are a joke. Ozruk can even be tanked by a dpser as long as he avoids the ground slam and shatter (which most of pugs fail there).

    And using that glyph is a 15% healing gasranteed, which will be nerfed.

    But, it still requires some skill to avoid both bosses abilities.

    I would like to see all those people who say "lol more dk buffs" "lol nerf dks" " dks are op" "dks are easy" to make a video soloing stuff.
  1. Alucard666's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hunterpower View Post
    Raegs trying to catch with mione, but i still think soloing yogg is more impressive. so unless he's done that too, sorry raeg, you're losing your touch.
    Also, lol at the comic
    Rofl at this guy!!Who the fuck is mione??...hmm let's see,some dude that recently entered the picture cause he managed to solo 2 bosses : yogg and twins!

    Not sure if you know son,but Raeg was soloing bosses that others could only dream of since the early wotlk : Sartharion and almost every boss in outland,worth mentioning here: Ilidan Stormrage and Kael'thas and in cata some other icc and ulduar bosses.
    Heck,even Jider(the rogue who soloed Patchwerek in wotlk) did more impressive soloings than this dude!Don't get me wrong,I recognize and admire each others merits,but when it comes to soloings Raeg is their daddy!!!
  1. Darthne's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by PocketFox View Post
    So much for Cataclysm heroics being hard. We didn't even make it 4 months in.
    exactly what I thought.
  1. Donald Hellscream's Avatar
    oh noes its a reskinned doomguard blizz is lazy!!! oh wait now that i examine closer instead of complaining about everything i can see its a entirely new model with the wireframe/skeleton of a doomguard.. humanity is diminishing.

    on another note i find the solo vid impressive but that could very well be because i cba to even try to do something like that myself.
  1. Shredy's Avatar
    I want him as tank when i heal random HC's.
  1. Navitas's Avatar
    Who thought 'soloers' could have fan boys lol
  1. Brosemon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Flaks View Post
    Either way they need to start coming out with damn unique skeletons when they make end game raid bosses. Illidan with Dreadlord animations was retarded. Thank god they got it through their skulls for Lich King but its too bad they'll be using the same skeleton for Deathwing they've been using for dragons for the past 7 years.

    To people whining about the mobs, please, sthu. It's not exactly easy to just come out with a completely new skeleton for every single trash mob in the game. If how the mob attacks you and looks when standing there when you're beating it up is a problem, then seriously, I don't even know.
  1. Saverem's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerpoker View Post
    I wish every DK would play like that.. Heroics would be alot less painfull.. Z.z
    Heh, he's in UH stance which means he wouldn't be too good on holding the aggro.

    Anyway, he should probably try and put out as many kills as possible before 4.1 comes out and essentially kills his method of soloing. Blood DKs will no longer get a blood shield when using DS out of blood presence in 4.1 making that glyph pretty useless.
  1. Deployed's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by xotrem View Post
    skin = the crap over the skelton. It looks more like a Tauren skeleton to me. Even has the hooves.
    Sorry, wrong. Plain and simple.

    There are three key features to a 3D entity in the game.

    Skeleton (animation, posture)
    Model (shape, structure)
    Texture (skin, effects)

    This model has the same posture, that posture can appear on any model that it is applied to.
    The BASE model is the same base model as the Doomguard. More than likely that the Doomguard model is the default template assigned to that skeleton.
    They take the base model and adjust it to be something new. Notice that the head is not the same shape. Apply the doomguard texture to this model and it will be destorted to a horrendous degree.
    Additionally, the lost of wings may seem insignificant to you, but it means alterations to the texture geometry.

    This was not a 5 minute job. Nor was it the several month project that was Kil'jaeden. This is appropriate.

    Like I and many others have pointed out, it's time consuming to make new mobs. You want a dozen new mobs (from scratch every time) every patch, then you can wait 18+ months for each patch then, be my guest. I'm not a petulant child that throws a tantrum over how long the content patch cycle takes, and I'm sure your post history wont show any similar complaints from you.

    Boub, to discourage this constant BS, is it possible to show these models without their planned skeletons assigned to them. Could you use a rigid posture that they more than likely used during the design process instead?
  1. Gogglz's Avatar
    Wow Raeg,... Grats! Love the Comic
  1. Xeviant's Avatar
    I find it amusing how everyone bitches about how unbalanced dk's are...have you seen how dks just crumble on fights like heroic maloriak or nef? In terms of raid tanking (the environment where most of their dev time is spent) they really don't come out ahead of the other tanking classes (cept bears). If they didn't self heal so much, they'd be paper weights against a raid boss, their lack of a shield really hurts them, so they self heal to make up for the reduced dmg mitigation. When you significantly out-gear content, self healing>dmg mitigation...but blizz doesn't really balance a class around whether or not they can solo content that they significantly out gear. Ever tried healing a dk that's just starting heroic dungeons? It's a bitch. Having cleared most of the heroic modes with my guild, i've noticed that our dk tanks don't out perform our warrior/palidan. Most often, we have our palidan main tank.
  1. Archaos's Avatar
    Hmm...the overfiend looks like a reskinned Lord Kazzak model. Bet it will move like him...
    I'm a bit disappointed. Then again, I don't know how long the process takes to animate a model and how many animators Blizzard have to cover the resources.
    Kazzak = edited "re-modeled" Tauren with some new skeleton tweaks/animations.

    Overfiend = edited "re-modled" Doomguard.

    Then again, I don't know how long the process takes to animate a model and how many animators Blizzard have to cover the resources
    It's a lot of time and effort. Both of which are limited.
  1. Tobley's Avatar
    I remember thinking the exact same thing when I started. "Tanking and healing seems like it should be left to someone really focused and good at multi-tasking." I ended up playing a rogue or dps for quite awhile.

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