Update - Since a ridiculous amount of people are asking: No, Ragnaros doesn't look stupid anymore.

Patch 4.2 Items - Build 14002 - Tier 12 and Firelands Loot!
The first build of Patch 4.2 is filled with tons of delicious items and will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect in this patch!

Quest Items

Level Type Spec Slot Name
0JunkSeething Cinder
85QuestHeart of Flame
0QuestBranch of Nordrassil
0QuestTimeless Eye

Mounts and Pets

Level Type Spec Slot Name
40MountAlliance War Steed
40MountHorde War Wolf
70MountCorrupted Egg of Millagazor
1PetFire Lasher
1PetHyjal Bear Cub
20PetFeline Familiar
70PetDragonwrath Whelpling

Professions Patterns

Level Type Spec Slot Name
85BlacksmithingPlans: Emberforged Elementium Boots
85BlacksmithingPlans: Eternal Elementium Handguards
85BlacksmithingPlans: Fists of Fury
85BlacksmithingPlans: Holy Flame Gauntlets
85BlacksmithingPlans: Mirrored Boots
85BlacksmithingPlans: Warboots of Mighty Lords
85LeatherworkingPattern: Clutches of Evil
85LeatherworkingPattern: Dragonfire Gloves
85LeatherworkingPattern: Earthen Scale Sabatons
85LeatherworkingPattern: Ethereal Footfalls
85LeatherworkingPattern: Footwraps of Quenched Fire
85LeatherworkingPattern: Gloves of Unforgiving Flame
85LeatherworkingPattern: Heavenly Gloves of the Moon
85LeatherworkingPattern: Treads of the Craft
85TailoringPattern: Boots of the Black Flame
85TailoringPattern: Don Tayo's Inferno Mittens
85TailoringPattern: Endless Dream Walkers
85TailoringPattern: Grips of Altered Reality

Tier 12 Item Sets

Level Type Spec Slot Name
378PlateMeleeShoulder Elementium Dragon Shoulderguards
378PlateTankChest Elementium Dragon Chestguard
378PlateTankHands Elementium Dragon Handguards
378PlateTankHead Elementium Dragon Faceguard
378PlateTankLegs Elementium Dragon Legguards
378PlateMeleeShoulder Immolation Shoulderguards
378PlateTankChest Immolation Chestguard
378PlateTankHands Immolation Handguards
378PlateTankHead Immolation Faceguard
378PlateTankLegs Immolation Legguards
384PlateTankShoulder Spaulders of Pure Flame
378PlateMeleeHead Nestheart Greathelm
378PlateMeleeShoulder Shoulderguards of the Molten Giant
378PlateTankChest Chestguard of the Molten Giant
378PlateTankChest Flamescarred Carapace
378PlateTankHands Flickering Handguards
378PlateTankHands Handguards of the Molten Giant
378PlateTankHead Faceguard of the Molten Giant
378PlateTankLegs Legguards of the Molten Giant
378PlateTankShoulder Spaulders of Recurring Flame
378MailPhysical DPSLegs Fireflight Leggings
378LeatherSpell SpiritHead x3 Raid - 4.2 - Firelands - Boss 1 Loot 2 - Leather Int Spirit Helm

Firelands Epic Loot

Level Type Spec Slot Name
363AxeMeleeOne-HandElementium-Edged Scalper
378AxeMeleeTwo-HandHeadreaper Greataxe
378CrossbowPhysical DPSRangedCrossbow of Erupting Fury
378DaggerMeleeOne-HandPhoenixfeather Shiv
363DaggerPhysical DPSOne-HandBrainsplinter
378DaggerPhysical DPSOne-HandSpike of the Dread Hunter
363DaggerSpell DPSMain HandMasterwork Elementium Spellblade
391MaceMeleeTwo-HandSulfuras, The Extinguished Hand
363MaceSpell SpiritMain HandLightforged Elementium Hammer
378Off-HandSpell SpiritOff-HandFlamewrought Abilene Shell
363PolearmPhysical DPSTwo-HandWitch-Hunter's Harvester
378StaffPhysical DPSTwo-HandTest Staff
378StaffSpell DPSTwo-Handx3 Raid - 4.2 - Firelands - Boss 1 Loot 2 - Int Versatile Staff
363SwordMeleeTwo-HandMasterwork Elementium Deathblade
363SwordPhysical DPSOne-HandPyrium Spellward
363SwordPhysical DPSOne-HandUnbreakable Guardian
378SwordSpell DPSMain HandVolcanospike
378SwordTankOne-HandMandible of Beth'tilac
378ShieldSpell SpiritOff Handx3 Raid - 4.2 - Firelands - Boss 1 Loot 2 - Int Spirit Shield
378ShieldTankOff HandBulwark of the Gatekeeper
378PlateMeleeFeetArachnaflame Treads
378PlateMeleeFeetWarboots of Mighty Lords
378PlateMeleeHandsFireskin Gauntlets
378PlateMeleeHandsFists of Fury
378PlateMeleeLegsFlightflame Legplates
378PlateMeleeWaistUncrushable Belt of Fury
378PlateMeleeWristEarthcrack Bracers
378PlateSpell SpiritChestClutch of the Firemother
378PlateSpell SpiritFeetEmberforged Elementium Boots
378PlateSpell SpiritHandsGrips of the Raging Giant
378PlateSpell SpiritHandsHoly Flame Gauntlets
378PlateSpell SpiritLegsLegplates of Absolute Control
378PlateSpell SpiritWristBracers of the Dread Hunter
378PlateTankFeetGiantflame Stompers
378PlateTankFeetMirrored Boots
378PlateTankHandsEternal Elementium Handguards
378PlateTankHeadHelm of the Demon King
378PlateTankLegsShannox's Rusted Legplates
378PlateTankWaistGirdle of the Indomitable Flame
378PlateTankWristBracers of Regal Force
378PlateTankWristBracers of the Fiery Path
378MailPhysical DPSChestFlaming Core Chestguard
378MailPhysical DPSFeetEarthen Scale Sabatons
378MailPhysical DPSHandsDragonfire Gloves
378MailPhysical DPSHeadScalp of the Bandit Prince
378MailPhysical DPSShoulderSeared Chitin Shoulders
378MailSpell SpiritFeetFootwraps of Quenched Fire
378MailSpell SpiritFeetTreads of Implicit Obedience
378MailSpell SpiritHandsEgg-Clutch Gauntlets
378MailSpell SpiritHandsGloves of Unforgiving Flame
378MailSpell SpiritShoulderCraterflame Spaulders
378MailSpell SpiritWristCauterizing Wristbands
378LeatherWristFlickering Wristbands
378LeatherMeleeHeadVision of the Flaming Skull
378LeatherPhysical DPSFeetTreads of the Craft
378LeatherPhysical DPSHandsClutches of Evil
378LeatherPhysical DPSHandsTrue-Arrow Grips
378LeatherPhysical DPSLegsSpiderheart Leggings
378LeatherSpell SpiritChestIncendic Robes
378LeatherSpell SpiritFeetEthereal Footfalls
378LeatherSpell SpiritFeetPhoenix-Down Treads
378LeatherSpell SpiritHandsHeavenly Gloves of the Moon
378LeatherSpell SpiritShoulderFlickering Shoulderpads
378ClothSpell DPSChestx3 Raid - 4.2 - Firelands - Boss 1 Loot 2 - Cloth Int Versatile Robe
378ClothSpell DPSFeetBoots of the Black Flame
378ClothSpell DPSFeetEmberskip Sandals
378ClothSpell DPSHandsDon Tayo's Inferno Mittens
378ClothSpell DPSLegsLeggings of Airy Flame
378ClothSpell SpiritFeetEndless Dream Walkers
378ClothSpell SpiritHandsGrips of Altered Reality
378ClothSpell SpiritHeadVision of the Flickering Flame
378FingerMeleeFingerAlysrazor's Band
378FingerPhysical DPSFingerSignet of the Eightfold Eye
378FingerSpell DPSFingerHeartspear Ring
378FingerTankFingerFirestone Band
391FingerTankFingerAdamantine Signet of the Avengers
378NeckMeleeNeckFirebound Gorget
378NeckMeleeNeckNecklace of Fetishes
378NeckSpell SpiritNeckHeartstone of Ryolith
378NeckTankNeckStoneheart Necklace
365TrinketTrinketMoonwell Phial
365TrinketMeleeTrinketDwyer's Caber
365TrinketPhysical DPSTrinketRicket's Magnetic Fireball
365TrinketSpell DPSTrinketMoonwell Chalice
378BackPhysical DPSBackDreadfire Drape
378BackSpell DPSBackLightwing Cloak
378BackTankBackDurable Flamewrath Cloak
378RelicTankRelicDeathclutch Figurine
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  1. rewn's Avatar
    Epic Craftables! Woot

    Also loving the re-done Sulfuras. Hope it keeps the same model. I wonder where some of those pets come from though? O_o
  1. Gurbz's Avatar
    Holy Loot Lists, batman!!

    I did not expect to see this much so soon.

    *grabs soda and chips and starts reading*
  1. BeerWolf's Avatar

    All I can say
  1. rewn's Avatar
    Anyone else notice that Sulfuras is a 391ilvl while the rest remains mainly 378 O_O Are they pulling another Kel'thuzad on us?
  1. Freedom's Avatar
    What the hell is up with all these different item levels??? Make up your mind - I see 363, 365, 378, 384 and 391 on there. Please don't tell me they brought back 10-25 item disparity, if they did so, hellooo rating inflation. Maybe there will be a 5 man after all?
  1. Sinestbro's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gurbz View Post
    Holy Loot Lists, batman!!

    I did not expect to see this much so soon.

    *grabs soda and chips and starts reading*
    They did say they were doing it alongside 4.1, looks like they weren't lying

    I can't wait for it
  1. Nymrohd's Avatar
    Hmm you have a point there, 391 should be the ilvl of heroic drops. I could understand him dropping half a tier stronger items (+7 ilvl like LK or Sinestra) but a full +13 ilvl?
  1. niker99's Avatar
    anyone know where the firebirds in red /purple green will be from :<<>?
  1. Eschatonin's Avatar
    Cloth gear... well itemised? :O
  1. SuperomegaOP's Avatar
    so the PTR is up?
  1. Dannz's Avatar
    did anyone notice this sword here, http://db.mmo-champion.com/i/70164/m...um-deathblade/

    ilvl 363, and Heroic tagged... 5 man heroic loot ? or perhapse those vendors they said they'd open up with the daily quest progression?
  1. Vynistra's Avatar
    So much hit on the cloth stuff so far... wtb some mastery, haha.
  1. belgicanofl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by niker99 View Post
    anyone know where the firebirds in red /purple green will be from :<<>?
    Probably a very low drop on end boss or something similar like icc and ulduar moutns ^^'
  1. Toffie's Avatar
    Only thing that keeps me happy and my sub open is these kind of patches, CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!
  1. ohshift's Avatar
    The new Sulfuras is probably a Heroic Ragnaros drop
  1. Dannz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ohshift View Post
    The new Sulfuras is probably a Heroic Ragnaros drop
    kinda sucks if it's heroic only, was looking forward to some nostalgia hammering :3
  1. Nymrohd's Avatar
    By the way for those wondering, the vendors in the new Hyjal zones were supposed to drop the 365 gear. Now the 363 and the 384, I don't know. 384 would be a reasonable ilvl for Ragnaros drops (+6/+7 from the rest of the bosses), but Sulfuras is at 391 which makes things peculiar.
  1. Affiniti's Avatar
    Spirit haste gear woo!
  1. Rocketbear's Avatar
    Kind of a shame that this has a higher Ilvl than the heroic T11 stuf. You might ask why? Well, itmight partially defeat the purpose of a new tier, but it would support people to raid the older instance hard modes alongside the Firelands normal modes, because to be fairly honest, I will bet that the firelands normal modes will be easier than the current hard modes. (For example, Valiona and Theralion, barely any guilds killed that).
  1. rewn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ohshift View Post
    The new Sulfuras is probably a Heroic Ragnaros drop
    Likely this. And there 363 stuff could possibly be the epic items available from a vendor after doing all the firelands dailies that they announced. Also seems the 363 items are "Elementium..." so possibly the new crafted items too.

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