Patch 4.2 Models - Bosses and Mounts!
Patch 4.2 added a fair amount of models to the game files, see the newest ones below!

PvP Mounts
Both Horde and Alliance got brand new PvP mounts, they seem to be a reward from the existing rated battlegrounds achievements. It's not very clear which achievement is required, Blizzard is probably still playing around with those:

Tarecgosa and Tarecgosa Whelp
Tarecgosa, the blue drake from the legendary staff questline got her own model. There's also a model named "TarecgosaWhelp" and I really want to believe that it is the Dragonwrath Whelpling rewarded by Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest - Guild Edition. There is no indication in the game files yet that it is indeed the reward, I will try to confirm that as soon as possible.

Malorne is also in the game files and got a pretty nice model. For more information check Malorne on Wowpedia

Fandral Staghelm + Fire Scorpion
Fandral's model and his Fire Scorpion forms have been added.

Lord Anthrycist - Lava Form
It looks like Lord Anthrycist's fight will have two phases, he's much more fiery in one of those.

Lava Spiders
Two sets of Lava Spiders models have been added in this patch and they look awesome.

Winged Lion Pet
Yes. Seriously. So much cuteness.

Fire Elemental - Kar
A new Fire Elemental "Kar" model appeared in this patch, not sure if it's just an updated trash mob model or a boss.

Ragnaros Revamped
Ragnaros has been slightly revamped and looks a lot less stupid than in the Patch 4.1 game files.

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  1. Anderzon's Avatar
    Rag still looks like a wuss, but at least not as much now
  1. Kaelwryn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MisterSheep View Post
    OMG WHY HORSES???? AGAIN??? T_T look at how amazing those wolves look.... and.... HORSES AGAIN?
    o.O For the same reason it is wolves again for the horde. Stormwind and Orgrimmar are considered the "head" of each respective faction.
  1. abbot's Avatar
    i will do whatever it takes to get those pvp mounts.....
  1. Arridor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaelwryn View Post
    o.O For the same reason it is wolves again for the horde. Stormwind and Orgrimmar are considered the "head" of each respective faction.
    This doesn't mean they can't do something a little more imaginative. Another scorpion for Horde (there's only one scorpion ever now) and a stag for Alliance?
  1. Ayperos's Avatar
    Wow @ those PVP mounts, Blizzard stepping up in the model design, well the races needs those, and they know it.

    Question. I haven't logged in a couple months, rated is guild only? A solo PVPer can't get these? ;/ Tell me thats not true.
  1. Winterstrife's Avatar
    So much win in those PvP mounts, made me wished I PvP'd more.
  1. Jademist7's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Inject View Post
    PvP Mounts look awesome
    I agree!! Wooooo! New mount models! hahah

    This is so exciting.
  1. ReeL's Avatar
    I MUST have that yellow lava spider for my hunter. Jesus christ that's amazing
  1. rayrn's Avatar
    omg those horde mounts are AMAZING
  1. Argroth's Avatar
    Change the horns around a little bit and Malorne looks just like the goat God in Zelda: Twilight Princess.

    If/when I resign up for WoW i'm gonna try my darnedest to get those wolf mounts. The horse mounts are cruddy in comparison. FOR THE HORDE!
  1. Flowermuffin's Avatar
    that wolf looks awesome! ragnaros is much more impressive and not silly Malorne looks amazing! want!
  1. roboscorcher's Avatar
    LOL the wolf looks like a Worgen!
  1. Diablo69's Avatar
    Mounts look awesome and Ragnaros looks much better. Nothing but win here.
  1. grenvallion's Avatar
    lava spiders should be mounts too. would be awsome they look like mounts aswell.
  1. Poppasan's Avatar
    Damn it! I want to be alliance now... Those cool horse mounts ;(
  1. buggerlugs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Last DJ View Post
    Right. Given that they're carrying the standards of their respective faction, which would roughly equate to the standard bearer that was a part of many an army dating back to Hellenistic times. They're also reminiscent of sashimono, the small standards that would affix to the back of a samurai's armor. (The Blademaster class, which was heavily influenced by the samurai, was one of the first classes/characters to display one of those standards.) It has nothing to do with "American flag-waving", but some historical referencing in a fantasy game.

    1/10 a'cause you got me to respond.
    you totally failed to see my point
  1. Lumineus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by earthwarden View Post
    You mean the "ears" that he's always had?

    Didn't stop him from being one of the bossiest bosses since this game went live though.
    I always thought it was his hair, and that it was goofy on purpose as an homage to Heat Miser from The Year Without a Santa Claus.

    Also Lord Anthricyst Rhyolith is totally the Yellow Demon from the classic Megaman games.
  1. Freddis's Avatar
    I already <3 winged lion

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