Tier 12 Models Preview - Warrior
The Warrior armor set was also included in the files of yesterday's PTR build! If you missed the official preview a few days ago you might want to check it out if you're a Paladin, Mage, Rogue, Hunter, DK, or Priest.

A few things worth mentioning:

  • Other classes aren't in the game files yet
  • The helm of the warrior set is bugged on female models.
  • Multiple recolors have ALWAYS been here, and doesn't mean that Blizzard is going to use one color for each spec or anything like that. It's been like this for years. The official previews don't have multiple colors so just assume there's only one.

Official Previews





Death Knight

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  1. SofreshnsoClean's Avatar
    Death Knights wearing T12: It's not pink! It's SALMON. And look at my purple gems, EPIC! You're just jealous. Reminds me of Paladin BC armor.
  1. Tennou's Avatar
    Can you say why , just god WHY Blizz hate Rogues wearing helmet ??!?! I just cant understand that.
    It would be nice of them to make just one good looking hood and that's it.
    NO the would put a freaking bird on our heads.
  1. Ser Arthur Dayne's Avatar
    Looks good...if u turn off helm that is.. how uninspiring generic plain helm...

    Quote Originally Posted by AltraSeckz View Post
    Belts are growing just like the shoulders have been. Pretty soon you'll only have to wear a belt and shoulders to be completely covered.
    LOL! So true!!
  1. BatteredRose's Avatar
    Well then, Warrior has also joined my short list of awesome-looking t12.
  1. Repellerar's Avatar
    Paladin set looks alright actually. Reminds me of t2.
  1. Moeller's Avatar
    I think the fact that warriors stick faces to their armor gives it more of a barbaric look, like some barbariens used to carry a bunch of skulls at their belt etc. It is supposed to have an intimidating effect.
  1. Razkazz's Avatar
    Warrior.....Looks like they have the face of woldemorth on their shoulder
  1. Idaho Immortal's Avatar
    I like it more than t11, I'm still partial to t10 though.
  1. Jinw's Avatar
    WTH is going on with Blizzard, putting faces in most warriors tier sets.... :S
  1. tgrhwke's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Matchu View Post
    If there's only one colour, please not the middle.
    The colors will be just like they were for the last few sets of tier, a different color for each i level within the tier. One color for the entry iLvl, one the middle iLvl, and one for the heroic iLvl.

    ---------- Post added 2011-05-06 at 08:18 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by AltraSeckz View Post
    Belts are growing just like the shoulders have been. Pretty soon you'll only have to wear a belt and shoulders to be completely covered.
    I just wish the bellts looked like they fit better instead of sagging in the front like they currently do. Even on the draenei and the tauren, the largest player model bodies, the belts look like they are falling off.
  1. 7empest's Avatar
    Not to be trolling, but I hope the people that think the sets looks wtfawesome aren't turned off by the following comparison ^^

  1. Andaja's Avatar
    Looks quite nice imho. Helm especially
    I also noticed face on shoulder only after reading comment ^^'
  1. Chrno's Avatar
    imma reroll -.-''
  1. Celast's Avatar
    I like the looks of it especially the shoulders and helm
  1. Clempson's Avatar
    Oh man, cant wait to sport ALL that sexy gear on my Draenei.

  1. GooglyMoogly's Avatar
    Why does this make me want to say "I'M THE JUGGERNAUT, BITCH!"
  1. Rivermark's Avatar
    Warrior set the best, as always.
  1. IKT's Avatar
    a++ warrior set
  1. FrantACs's Avatar
    What's up with you guys? I kinda prefer T12 over T11 tbh... The ones I liked the best was T10. Warrior is kinda epic if you ask me. I have seen worse...
  1. Redbounty's Avatar
    Warrior Looks SICK <3

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