Tier 12 Models Preview - Warrior
The Warrior armor set was also included in the files of yesterday's PTR build! If you missed the official preview a few days ago you might want to check it out if you're a Paladin, Mage, Rogue, Hunter, DK, or Priest.

A few things worth mentioning:

  • Other classes aren't in the game files yet
  • The helm of the warrior set is bugged on female models.
  • Multiple recolors have ALWAYS been here, and doesn't mean that Blizzard is going to use one color for each spec or anything like that. It's been like this for years. The official previews don't have multiple colors so just assume there's only one.

Official Previews





Death Knight

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  1. mezmir's Avatar
    Belt looks like deathwings face to me.
  1. sqwarlock's Avatar
    I'm not a raider, never have been, but I'm tempted to get my warrior to 85 and raid ready just for this set.
  1. Mimic's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Linitund View Post
    Or you know, there might just be so little going on with it that it actually is boring. The belt is the only thing it has going for it.
    The belt is the worst part helmets nice better then the DK one at least lol I can roll with it
  1. Matchu's Avatar
    If there's only one colour, please not the middle.
  1. Linitund's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mimic View Post
    The belt is the worst part helmets nice better then the DK one at least lol I can roll with it
    I actually really love the DK helm . Just shows that opinions really do differ .
  1. Sprinky's Avatar
    I think this is awesome. Very jealous of it as a mage (Hate the mage set )
  1. Becvar's Avatar
    This is probably the best looking warrior tier I've seen. Love it.
  1. Baracuda's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by palpableimmunity View Post
    Love the Helmet.

    Hate the Warrior's obsession with sticking faces on their armor.

    Looking at the shoulders makes it like like you beheaded the thing and mounted his head onto you as armor. Horrible.
    That's the point fool, if you're going to be such a whimp pacifist about it maybe you should go hug the giants instead of killing them!
  1. Zedek's Avatar
    God i love this set! It looks really cool.
  1. Gaudaloht's Avatar
    Great gotta love it a good piece of plate without stupid stuff
  1. Alphamage's Avatar
    Amazing looks... makes me wanna level my forgotten 80lvl Warrior!
  1. Williamgood's Avatar
    warrior... crap as always D=-
  1. ButterToast's Avatar
    Best looking armor set i've seen since wrath of the fail king armor sets.
    Was worried when i saw how terrible other class set's look like (look at rogues lol)
  1. XeroDivide's Avatar
    WOW! Hats off to Blizzard on this amazing Tier Set-- I'm SO loving the helm (actually everything). I must say the Tier 10, 11, and 12 for Warrior's have been (in my opinion) amazing and better exemplify the class. I was shocked with how the PVP Set was for them, but hopefully they get a dramatic revamp in the upcoming patches.
  1. Ikkarus's Avatar
    I Like it...
  1. ardipithecus11's Avatar
    Best t12 set, wish the DK's looked more like this.
  1. Xuany's Avatar
    I love it. Always been a fan of Warrior tier. I'd also love to see those who think it's ugly to create a tier that looks much better, seriously don't complain if you don't have the creativity or the skill to do better.
  1. Novaice's Avatar
    disappointing.. shoulders remind me of tier 8. and the rest is just plain... sigh.
  1. Bethiana's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by babyback View Post
    I love how people just rant that its ugly and the most boring thing the've ever seen. Yet they can't come up with some cunstructive critque.
    Sure, how about the faces are so out of place on that set that it distracts from overall feel of the armor?

    While the cracked stone with a lava undercurrent look is nice, they did little to accentuate it and seems like an afterthought on what could have just been bland grey steel plating.

    When Blizzard said they were making a plate class tier resemble stone giants, I was expecting something along the lines of Lord Anthrycist (http://media.mmo-champion.com/images...ds_raid_04.jpg), not the same Fire Giants we saw years ago in Molten Core. The fact that a giant's face on our armor is so laughably tiny also lessens the feel of the armor. If they insisted on staying with the face of the giant on our armor, they could have easily stretched it out so that half the face is our left shoulderpad (easily done if symmetrical without needing to craft to a left/right with differences to make each unique) and half is the right, or that the face itself was the entire shoulderpad.

    This armor just feels lackluster, as if there's no real thought put into it, or that it was pulled from the back pages of someone's sketchbook after they rushed something together in a matter of minutes.
  1. Bigdunka's Avatar
    Any warrior that is complaining that their set is ugly: As a pally, I'll trade you ANY day of the week.

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