Tier 12 Shaman and Warlock Armor Sets Preview
Blizzard just released a preview of the T12 Shaman and Warlock Armor Sets. For unofficial previews of the 2 sets without any official previews yet, check the following:

Other Official Previews





Death Knight

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  1. Buzzinjoe's Avatar
    Ugly both of them
  1. Joyful's Avatar
    Shaman set is hawt
  1. Citrustree's Avatar
    Kind of sorta like the warlock set. The shaman set.... not so much....
  1. Soahar's Avatar
    Spiderlock Spiderlock, does what ever a Spiderlock does

    On topic: I like them
  1. Kalx's Avatar
    both are really nice, blizzard is doing a great job with tiers this expansion
  1. pateuvasiliu's Avatar

    ugly stuff
  1. droodino's Avatar
    Whoooa that shaman gear looks freaky with a bright green orc female!
  1. Heallygood's Avatar
    Ouch those are bland

    *Shaman not so much, warlock looks like an orange crayon, the spider isn't as noticeable as i thought it would be*
  1. Ulgrim's Avatar
    Now that I've seen all the sets, I can officially say "Ugh".
  1. kazih's Avatar
    Couldn't warlock set be more dark...
  1. lsjreadingpa's Avatar
    What's Blizzards deal with horrible looking helms these day?
  1. Clawtrocity's Avatar
    I lol'd at the shoulder size
  1. mmc's Avatar
    Ugly Shaman!
  1. Resentful's Avatar
    Not bad; I actually like it

    Well shaman could use a bit more work actually
  1. Fraza's Avatar
  1. Coldkil's Avatar
    I was expecting more legs in warlock tier. And more flames.
  1. Seiru's Avatar
    Great, I get to be Spiderman.
  1. Prez-'s Avatar
    Another ugly Warlock helm, and them shoulders looks like some blue shoulders
  1. Sartharias's Avatar
    Shaman set is meh, but I hate the warlock set
  1. lsjreadingpa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Clawtrocity View Post
    I lol'd at the shoulder size
    After you said this i looked again, shouldn't the shoulders be like 4 times bigger?

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