Tier 12 Shaman and Warlock Armor Sets Preview
Blizzard just released a preview of the T12 Shaman and Warlock Armor Sets. For unofficial previews of the 2 sets without any official previews yet, check the following:

Other Official Previews





Death Knight

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  1. inqontrol's Avatar
    love the shaman set
  1. Predict's Avatar
    Rogue set is ugly =[
  1. Nightwhisper11's Avatar
    When are we gonna go back to the good ol' days of class-based armor sets? These dungeon-based ones are cool, in a kind of ironic retro sorta way but, I'd just like to get a Rogue set that doesn't suck...
  1. eibbun's Avatar
    awww, death knights are gonna look like a mix between a lobster and ickis from ahh real monsters
  1. Yamigarasu's Avatar
    Remember when people where bigots to paladins for other reasons than they being clad in dresses? good times.
  1. FluffyDK's Avatar
    everything looks like nutsack except for dk, hunt, and mage. And maybe pally. And lock. But other than that they aren't very good.
  1. Kronax's Avatar
    The priest head look's like a toilet O.o
  1. Farnsworth's Avatar
    Shamans FTW
  1. Xiandra's Avatar
    Warrior = Swee
    tWarlock = fails again
    Shaman = OK
    DK = messed up as it should be
    Rogue = Looks like blizzard didn't pay atention to them again
    Paladin = Nice
    Hunter = First it was a murloc head now its Majordomo's head
    Mage = makes you hang yer self since your about to miss T11
    Druid = Set should have been for Warlock Tbh

  1. wellwo's Avatar
    Feel they are good, cool!!!!!
    But still, the inside of the warcraft orcs more cool some!!!!!!
    My warcraft gold!!

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