Cross-Realm Dungeon Feature Coming Soon
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With the continued popularity of the Dungeon Finder, many players have been asking for a way to group up with real-life friends who play on other realms to take on instances together. Today, we wanted to give you a heads up about a new feature currently in development that will allow players to invite Real ID friends of the same faction to a party regardless of the realm they play on, and then queue up for a 5-player regular or Heroic dungeon.

As this is a fairly complex service to develop, we don’t have a release date to share quite yet. It’s important to note that as with some of the other convenience- and connectivity-oriented features we offer, certain elements of the cross-realm Real ID party system will be premium-based, though only the player sending the invitations will need to have access to the premium service. We'll have more details to share with you as development progresses -- in the meantime, you may begin to see elements of the feature appear on the World of Warcraft PTR.
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  1. AetherMcLoud's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Singularity View Post
    Because this is something other MMO's have for years now? Oh wait, they don't. While I don't like this premium shit, I believe that it's fairly complex to do, especially if you take the massive of code that is World of Warcaft into account.
    As a software developer, I don't buy that as an explaination why it will cost extra. It can't be that complex and they sure as hell have both the menpower and the time (which won't be soooo long) to develop this feature for "free". Free as in "you're already paying 13$/15€ per month for this game already anyway".

    Those guys already made the crossserver dungeon finder, AFAIK every server in the US is now in a single battleground pool, and they made you able to chat with other players on other realms and even in other blizzard games via RealID. Dungeon finder with a few fixed members from your realID list probably isn't far away from that code.

    And Blizzard has a history of consistently putting out great games, with very few bugs (in comparision), great balance (again, in comparision) and with a very openended design that allowed countless of mods to thrive. The engine wow runs on has gotta be really well designed, seeing as how much they put into it over time with it still being amazingly stable. Very few features (especially once that use already established for free modules, such as realid and the cross-realm dungeon finder) are gonna be so hard to code into that without charging ADDITIONAL monthly fees for it to be worth it.

    Guil Chat and Remote auction house with extra monthly fee? Well... it should really be free of charge already, but it does add a genuine new functionality and isn't needed ingame so I can kinda see why they charge for it (though again, should be free). But playing with friends on other servers WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY? Should be goddamn free without a doubt.

    Good thing I haven't played in over half a year now
  1. Katana Angel's Avatar
    -Maybe- if it allowed for cross-realm raids?? -Maybe- I'd pay for it. -Mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe-. Because then it'd be something of relative substance...
    But just for heroics? Eehh. I don't play enough anymore to really pay for that. I wonder what else is included in this "premium" account now, though? Or are they referring to the premium addition for guild chat on your phone and auction house use?

    It seems a bit silly to make this a pay item, but. *shrug* Personally I don't know enough folks on other servers anymore to do this myself.
  1. Szilia's Avatar
    The service is fine - a pretty neat idea actually and one I'd look forward to. If it is to be free.
    I don't mind Blizz having a premium account for their mobile department as that is truly something outside the game, that you can easily do at your computer for free. But making premium accounts have any kind of benefit ingame is just plain wrong.
  1. shoju's Avatar
    Premium Service? Really? No thanks. I will stick to playing with guildies, and not using Real ID at all.
  1. Mascotte's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ashaela View Post
    So basically, you didn't read a word I just said? I said that some people are unable to reroll or transfer due to already having friends and/or a guild on the server they are currently playing on. The only reason that people are playing on a different realm is because having all the players on one single realm would be impossible, surely you must understand this. Even if they play on a different realm, it's still playing with friends. You can bend and twist it as much as you want, but you can't write "playing with friends that are in another world" without using the words "playing with friends".

    This is a good feature and should in no way be needed to pay for.
    But it has been impossible for 6 years.
    Why is a change in that system that allows you to do some parts of wow with people on other realms suddenly something that should be free?
    You haven't been able to do that in the previous 6 years and people somehow managed with re-rolling, transferring or just not doing it.

    And think of it from a marketing or even business PoV:
    They saw a drop in numbers, they need to make up that loss by either getting more subs or filling the gap with some premium stuff, correct?
    Why spend development time on something free that will only be used for a specific group of your players base while a major chunk of them dont care at all?
    This not costing money would have likely ended up in this not being created, since its not worth the time invested.

    Content for premium accounts=bad, services for premium accounts isnt that bad?
  1. jimlow's Avatar
    Meh, like all premium content I could take it or leave it. Most of it really is completely un-necessary unless you are addicted.

    - Pet's (totaly useless, I hardly even notice them and rarely even see anyone with them out save the avid collector)
    - Celestial Steed Mount (cool looking and nice if you have a bunch of alts but totally un-necessary)
    - paid name change (put more thought into your name before you make it)
    - race change (un-necessary unless your really give a damn about racials or your friends up and decide to switch factions)
    - class change (not yet implemented give it time )
    - realm transfer (only service that is actually useful but very much over priced)
    - auction house on your phone/computer? (seriously does your phone need to be more a distraction then it already is)
    - paid mobile guild chat (again only for the severely hardcore that cant be separate from the game for a minute and only)

    - which brings us to this paid LFG changes via Real ID friends. For the most part I would assume that if you play this game you play it with your friends. I would also assume that if you play with your friends you would all roll on the same realm hence no need for this service. Honestly I don't know who they are gearing this service to? Who would play this game with friends but not just roll characters on that persons realm? if your guild disbanded and people jumped realm why not just pay the one time transfer fee for your main?
  1. dotSeed's Avatar
    I usually try to play devil's advocate but this is just goddamn stupid. What's next? Paying for shorter LFG queue times?
  1. Ulfric Trumpcloak's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by fangless View Post
    lol, a feature no other game in the industry has, and they offer it as a paid service... and people complain.

    because of ppl like this is why they charge for everything, sry but you are blind.
  1. fox1012's Avatar
    Imo it's not something that needs to happen in the game.
    It's just one step closer to servers meaning nothing.

    For the reasons that it's so grossly optional, they can charge for it if they want. Not a big deal really.

    Now if it allowed you to do raids (perhaps it still will!) and you could have guilds across servers, now that'd be worth my interest.
  1. Ranor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dragonx View Post
    i wont be using this feature as i think PVE is lam anyways, but i think its unfair to charge for this as some people can only afford the monthly sub let alone paying for this and optional services.
    If you can barely afford paying $15 a month for the sub, you shouldn't even be beginning to worry about paid services.
  1. Ashaela's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mascotte View Post
    costing a small fee is just fine imo.
    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion of course, and I'm doing my best not to point fingers and stuff, but I can't say that I agree with you even the slightest. I can pay the monthly subscription to play the game, but I still consider the fact that playing with my friends is free since I'm not charged extra for it (until now).
    Perhaps it's naïve of me, but I believe that if you have to pay even the smallest fee to play with your friends and/or family is unacceptable.

    I like WoW and have defended it a lot and I've been playing for six years, watching Blizzard do one stupid move after another (with some good ones inbetween)... but this is just about enough of a reason for me to quit. I know it's optional and all that, but I have my beliefs and I'm going to hold on to them. It's all about principles.

    But it has been impossible for 6 years.
    Why is a change in that system that allows you to do some parts of wow with people on other realms suddenly something that should be free?
    With that logic I could say that raiding the Firelands should be something only premium accounts can do, seeing as it's been impossible up until now.
  1. Trispec's Avatar
    Up next: Realm merger
  1. Linry's Avatar
    i really don't care how they implement this, the people who want it WILL pay for it (bliz store). it is a little funny how they want us to play with our friends, yet charge for some thing like this, but we have seen in the past bliz can have a change of heart (real id on the forums).

    And to the people who are saying this will kill wow, come on are you being serious? no it wont and you know it.
  1. Volitar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Eerokhi View Post
    Wow Silver account
    Wow Gold account
    Wow Platinum account
    Double Platinum
    Triple Platinum

    God I hate stupid shit like this, they will not being receiving any money from me.
  1. Ðecimate's Avatar
    Its the first time I see "premium" stuff inside a game that is already paid.... I quit wow a long time ago because my friends all migrated to another realm and I didnt want to waste time or money to go with them, now this caught my attention until the "Premium ( WE SUCK YOUR WALLETZ )" part
  1. drukai's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Epsi View Post
    HAHAHAAHA.... that's what you get for being a loyal customer. Lets get this straight now:

    - you've to pay a monthly fee
    - you've to buy new expansions
    - you've to purchase "premium-services" to get access to things which should be free, because:

    - Blizzard also makes money with their Store, with BlizzCon, other in-game services.

    This will so fall back on them if they wont re-think it... gl in the future Blizz.
    Just a little comment on this. Blizzard loses money with Blizzcon. A substantial amount compared to how much they "make" from it.
  1. Oldhate's Avatar
    Every time activision/blizzard makes ones of these paid perks I always wonder who are all these people asking for this?
  1. garion55's Avatar
    would rather have a few new raids
  1. bluspacecow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nogard64 View Post
    why do they make it sound like its so complicated? If we can already que randoms cross realm, accessing and finding specific players cross realm would be that much harder?
    Actual it is more complicated.

    Last time I checked the cross realm dungeon finder only works with realms in your battlegroup. Battlegroups are limited to one data center so they don't have to worry too much about how the data gets from data center to data center and if they need to do any encryption or special handling of the data.

    This is extending it to all players not matter what battlegroup they are in. Spanning data centers. May seem like a minor point to you but even so this does add another layer of complexity.
  1. Oldhate's Avatar
    as an aside also waiting on the in addition to the monthly fee the pay to play raids and dungeon perk

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