Cross-Realm Dungeon Feature Coming Soon
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With the continued popularity of the Dungeon Finder, many players have been asking for a way to group up with real-life friends who play on other realms to take on instances together. Today, we wanted to give you a heads up about a new feature currently in development that will allow players to invite Real ID friends of the same faction to a party regardless of the realm they play on, and then queue up for a 5-player regular or Heroic dungeon.

As this is a fairly complex service to develop, we don’t have a release date to share quite yet. It’s important to note that as with some of the other convenience- and connectivity-oriented features we offer, certain elements of the cross-realm Real ID party system will be premium-based, though only the player sending the invitations will need to have access to the premium service. We'll have more details to share with you as development progresses -- in the meantime, you may begin to see elements of the feature appear on the World of Warcraft PTR.
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  1. Azrile's Avatar
    This is probably one of those things where there wasn´t enough demand to justify the development cost, so they had to pitch it to the accountants another way. I think it´s pretty blah myself. Would people who are in that situation mostly just do a server transfer?
  1. Chiasmus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gunner_recall View Post
    Oh cool.

    I'm so glad they still have a hard on for Real ID.

    And charging for things.
    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  1. Mordin Solus's Avatar
    now make it so that we can send mails cross realm. my alts need stuff from my main... oh and also make it so that we can raid together!!!
  1. splorch's Avatar
    Good idea, but not to charge for it. I think they are starting to get a bit greedy with the paid for services, i like my in game friends but not enough to pay to do five mans. Pay to raid with? sure 5 mans .... never
  1. Epsi's Avatar
    HAHAHAAHA.... that's what you get for being a loyal customer. Lets get this straight now:

    - you've to pay a monthly fee
    - you've to buy new expansions
    - you've to purchase "premium-services" to get access to things which should be free, because:

    - Blizzard also makes money with their Store, with BlizzCon, other in-game services.

    This will so fall back on them if they wont re-think it... gl in the future Blizz.
  1. Singularity's Avatar
    Because this is something other MMO's have for years now? Oh wait, they don't. While I don't like this premium shit, I believe that it's fairly complex to do, especially if you take the massive of code that is World of Warcaft into account.
  1. ostjaevel's Avatar
    I was like "YAY" then i saw the word "premium" and went T_T.
  1. Stanton Biston's Avatar
    Premium service! YUS!

    Hopefully this will bring about some premium content too. Maybe even some more premium access mounts, though I'd hope the price will be a bit higher to keep things like TRH a bit more exclusive. Like, it would be cooler if TRH would have been like $200+.

    I'd totally be willing to get in on some premium exclusive raid content, especially if it meant paying $150+/month for it. I think I could definitely get more of my friends to play if it was the case.
  1. Xeraxis's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Strokr View Post
    So, since they're able to program that ... they should be able to initiate cross realm BOAs :/
    They will, just keep in mind they will be charging you to send those items to other realms.
  1. obscurede's Avatar
    blizzard destroyed the AWESOMENESS of this feature by making it premium
  1. Stupidified's Avatar
    "Paragon now selling Amani Warbear, 50$"

    After payment you will be added to real-id and you can zone into the instance where we will then run your through ZA"
  1. Spl4sh3r's Avatar
    Got excited at first (though don't have many friends playing) then I got to "premium" and went [insert FU image] ^^
  1. Bblubbs's Avatar
    Queueing in RDF as dps is a Premium service.
    --we feel this will lower queue times for DPS.
  1. BaconBitz04's Avatar
    Well, think about it this way. One person can pay for the premium service, or everyone can take it the hard way and pay out the nose for a realm x-fer. It's really a choice of how much you're willing to put in to play with friends if you're on different realms. Most people don't want to have to have mains on every server their friends play on.
  1. Yemiena's Avatar
    Trying to cash in as much money as they can before the game is dead. wehoo.
  1. Chazle's Avatar
    Loved it until I got to the premium part. If i'm paying extra for this, paying extra for guild chat/ah use, paying extra for mounts...what am I paying $15 for? Ya, I know I don't need to pay for all of these things, but come on now...what is our $15 getting us? Having to pay for every little development they make is a pain in the ass. Will I have to start paying for new tiers of raiding?
  1. Netherinfern0's Avatar
    Would have been awsome, but its pretty pathetic that there charging for the service.. ¬_¬, Oh well, Friends! get the monopoly out! its cheaper!
  1. Avuun's Avatar
    Cross-Realm Dungeon Feature Coming Soon =

    Real ID party system will be premium-based = > : (

    Way to go blizzard. Something that should have been included in the dungeon finder from the start and now you want us to pay for it. Thanks a lot..
  1. Stupidified's Avatar
    "Paragon now selling Amani Warbear"

    After you send the 100$, we will add you on real-ID, then we will run you through ZA.
  1. Supertao The Pro's Avatar
    Read until I got to the payment bit...really blizz? having to pay to play with my friends? If thats the case, we better be able to fully raid together.

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