Tier 12 Armor Sets Preview - Shaman
It's time for the first real preview of Tier 12 armor sets! As I said in yesterday's news post a lot of Tier 12 sets got a lot of bad feedback from the community based on poor/rushed previews, I'm not saying that they all look awesome but the Tier 12 Shaman definitely got some bad press because people couldn't render his effect properly. See for yourself.

You can expect more previews tomorrow, and yes, I lied about the Warlock video being today, I had a slight issue with the female models and they just didn't look right. This is already fixed but I didn't want to delay the Shaman preview further.

In any case, I suggest that you wait for the "good" previews before you decide if a set is good or bad and complain about it everywhere, for the sake of my moderators.

PS: The armor set available to player is the fire one, the green one is most likely a recolor and will only be used for non-set or NPCs.

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest Hotfixed
Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest has been hotfixed on test realms and had its stats considerably increased. Additionally, the proc datamined a few days ago is now confirmed as well!

The critical strike rating has been changed to haste rating and all the stats have been increased, also, Blizzard took the opportunity to shatter people's hope with this hotfix and properly set the staff as "Bind on Pickup".

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  1. Fysi's Avatar
    The staff stats look a lot better.

    Also you should've posted Dwarf shaman god! :P
  1. Spammeister's Avatar
    Let's just see Blizzard make having a "premium" account necessary to able to acquire this weapon :P
    (won't happen, but continuing the rage!)
  1. Stagg's Avatar
    Why the change from crit to haste? =S
  1. Boubouille's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Fysi View Post
    The staff stats look a lot better.

    Also you should've posted Dwarf shaman god! :P
    I almost did it. But then I realized that some people will interpret it as the real set, etc ...

    That's why I didn't post rushed/shitty previews in the first place, I could rush them and "skip" some of the effects but in the end my news posts have too much impact on player feedback and I just can't do whatever I want just to call "OMG OMG OMG FIRSSSSSSSTZ!"
  1. Siton's Avatar
    I want my 0.1 dps back.
  1. Zorser's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Stagg View Post
    Why the change from crit to haste? =S
    Prob becouse most casters pref haste > crit
  1. Rebzz's Avatar
    that staff is f'n bad ass now
  1. fishb6nes's Avatar
    I think you added the wrong music boub, the music sounds quite epic...
    this armor set is still a joke lol
  1. Dad's Avatar
    Like haste much more than crit.. :P
  1. Varyk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Stagg View Post
    Why the change from crit to haste? =S
    I'm guessing because Haste is better than Crit for the majority of caster dps.
  1. homerunhomer's Avatar
    Duplicating the spell, wonder if it only procs on certain spells then? Would be amusing if it kept proccing on spells that were dealing 3k or something in that range.
  1. Squooshy's Avatar
    now THATS a caster weapon
  1. Stagg's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zorser View Post
    Prob becouse most casters pref haste > crit
    yeah but (i don't play a caster this exp) if sombody has a legendary staff i'd want to see them hitting harder then faster
  1. Christoffer1989's Avatar
    So baddass change as boomkin I want this staff even more now :P
  1. Volkhvy's Avatar
    Liking the shaman set
  1. Synaxis's Avatar
    mmmm haste....

    And I just now realized: shaman t12 headpiece is a halo made from rocks and fire? nice!
  1. Dendrek's Avatar
    At first I thought, "Woop, big deal on that staff. More Int: check. Crit replaced with Haste: check. More Spell Power: check. A new(ly fixed) proc: check. Kind of a let down, imo." But then I noticed the most important buff of all:

    Old weapon speed = 2.40. New weapon speed = 3.30!

    Now it truly has the right to be called a legendary weapon!
  1. KCguy's Avatar
    I like the shaman set. A little bland, but the flames are pretty neat.

    BTW crit changed to haste? Me likey.
  1. Badluckandtrouble's Avatar
    shaman set looks rapeable =D so cool
  1. Demonidze's Avatar
    god dammit, i want that staff !!!

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