Today is a special "hey look, models!" news post I guess.

"Fire Raven God" Mount
The latest build of PTR 4.2 introduced a new version of the Raven God mount, this one is much more fiery and looks quite nice.

Tier 12 Preview - Paladin Armor Set
It's time for another Tier 12 Preview! Today I decided to make the millions of paladins on our forums happy with a nice and shiny video of their new armor set.

  • Yes, there's a "Pants" version, but it doesn't mean it will be used. So far the only official set is the brown/orange version with the robe.
  • The loop in the back of the Paladin is tied to the helm, not the shoulders.
  • As usual, recolors are usually here for NPCs or non-set items. It doesn't mean that it will be impossible to get them in-game, but it doesn't mean you'll get them either.

Tier 12 Paladin - Robe

> High-Definition <

> High-Definition <

Tier 12 Paladin - Pants

> High-Definition <

> High-Definition <

NPC Model - Nozdormu
Nozdormu finally got his own model in this patch.

PTR Raid Testing Schedule 5/20
Originally Posted by Daelo (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Friday, May 20
EU 10:30 AM PDT – Shannox (10 Player)
US 4:30 PM PDT – Beth’tilac (25 Player)

Shannox Testing Note:
The creatures spawned in the middle of the volcanic plains will be active for the test. To spawn Shannox, you must defeat a few of them. The number of creatures needed to spawn Shannox has been modified for PTR.

As always, the schedule can change at a moment’s notice due to issues with the build, server, encounter, or the mercurial nature of designers. The encounters are all a work in progress; there will be bugs and tuning is not final.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Does the Dungeon Journal kills the discovery and inventiveness of raiding?
We have not in fact made the statement that "Discovery and inventiveness in raiding is bad” with the introduction of the Dungeon Journal. We have simply said, "Here are the tools to be successful. Go forth and conquer." We have in no way said "how" to do it nor is that our intention for this feature. The ability to play your character within a team of other people is all up to you and your skills. We're just trying to make it more possible to be successful within the game with information that lends itself to aiding success.

We want the discovery and challenge to come into play as a result of actually facing the mechanics versus simply being beaten by the mechanics of the game to begin with to even start working on a strategy to defeat the encounter (which is what many top raiding guilds end up doing.) It's very difficult for anyone to claim that discovery is a large portion of the game when we live in a world of datamining, PTR videos, boss kill addons, and extensive documentation of everything by a very savvy and experienced gaming community.

We want to provide a common language to communicate with as well. What exists now is something that has evolved over time in an organic way, but not everyone is speaking the same "language". This way, you can call the "big blue thing" by its name rather than resorting to trying to describe it or make up a new name for it.

We know that players already go out to outside sources to look for information. On some occasions, this information may even have misinterpretations of the boss abilities and cause some frustration for those who are attempting to kill the mob based on that information. We're simply making what you're facing a bit clearer where it needs to be made clear. This isn’t the fault of those documenting these things. From our end, not all abilities that bosses use are as clear as we could have made them or should make them be.

It's expected that the top-end guilds that like to go for the first kill/s will still be able to accomplish this with or without the Dungeon Journal existing. We have no fear that they will suddenly be overrun and lose their place simply because everyone is starting with the same information.

That said, we have been listening to feedback as well and have trimmed back a little of the information. We also may consider (for the future) not documenting specific abilities for very difficult bosses like Sinestra, or heroic modes on final bosses like Ragnaros, or even what exactly causes Onyxia to deep breathe. Getting solid constructive feedback that we can consider to set into motion for change is always welcome and useful to us.

If all else, if you still want to take on encounters without the use of the Dungeon Journal, you can. Just don't open it. What you don’t know, will probably kill/wipe you. ;) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
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  1. msbxghost's Avatar
    love the mount!!! awesome
  1. Resentful's Avatar
    Give me that mount
  1. tyden49's Avatar
    WOW the mount is kinda cool.

    But the Blue paladin tier model is amazing
  1. flutterbyes's Avatar
    Where is this mount from?! looks awesome!
  1. Shamslam's Avatar
    Really liking the Noz model
  1. AmerikanRejekt's Avatar
    Nooooo, the mount was way more awesome before. :C

    The only way they can make up for this is if they give the Raven Lord model some flight animations.
  1. Tryana's Avatar
    Pala set looks awesome, the blue one that is

    Pretty mount too !
  1. dnova03's Avatar
    Nozdormu is a sexy beast.

    Pants version looks a lot better. What is that thing floating behind the character though? Wow just bad...
  1. Sargerus's Avatar
    oh look another reskined mount!
  1. Funky's Avatar
    Reskinned Raven lord mount...coooool...

    On another note Nozdormu has like the best model in the whole game. He is a fucking badass.
  1. Sinfonia's Avatar
    Nozdormu looks like he's from Prince of Persia...
  1. willjones410's Avatar
    Just what the frickin' hell is it about elves that all the aspects absolutely HAVE to take their form? Are they trying to appeal to our sense of pretty?

    Noz should have had a goblin form... or maybe troll. Just sayin. :P

    Oh. And, uh, I want that mount.
  1. Shonubi's Avatar
    Omfg :O Imba Nozdormu :O <3 LOVE HIM
  1. abohazzan's Avatar
    Nozdormu looks... sick
  1. Papalenin's Avatar
    Noz looks amazing. As does the Raven Fire God mount... Holy shit!
  1. Zyraxon's Avatar
    Give me that mount! nuff said!
  1. Dalanos's Avatar
    Ugh, it still moves like a raptor
  1. Zagnaphein's Avatar
    Meh for some reason i cant watch the nozdormu pic...T_T
  1. Arean's Avatar
    Nozdormu looks soooo Awesome!

    I want that beard!
  1. greyghost's Avatar
    Nozdormu is freakin' hot, man.

    Like, damn.

    I hope we don't ever have to kill him as a raid boss, ever.

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