Patch 4.2 - Justice and Valor Points Rewards
The latest PTR patch updated the Justice and Valor Points vendors and we finally know what to expect from them in the next patch. A couple of important things:

  • Old epic ilvl 359/"Valor" gear is now available from the Justice Points vendor at the same prices.
  • "Old" rare/Justice Points gear is still for sale at the same price.
  • When Patch 4.2 is released, your existing Valor Points will be converted to Justice Points.
  • Normal versions of Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, and Throne of the Four Winds will be nerfed and will only reward Justice Points.

Level Type Spec Slot Name Price
378ThrownMeleeThrownMorningstar Shard700 x
378ThrownMeleeThrownGiantslicer700 x
378ThrownTankThrownDeflecting Star700 x
378WandSpell DPSRangedTrail of Embers700 x
378WandSpell SpiritRangedScorchvine Wand700 x
378PlateMeleeWristGigantiform Bracers1,250 x
378PlateSpell SpiritWristBracers of Imperious Truths1,250 x
378PlateTankWristBracers of Regal Force1,250 x
378MailPhysical DPSWristBracers of Forked Lightning1,250 x
378MailSpell SpiritWristBracers of Misting Ash1,250 x
378LeatherMeleeWristFlamebinder Bracers1,250 x
378LeatherSpell SpiritWristSmolderskull Bindings1,250 x
378ClothSpell DPSWristEmberflame Bracers1,250 x
378ClothSpell SpiritWristFiresoul Wristguards1,250 x
378NeckMeleeNeckStoneheart Choker1,250 x
378NeckPhysical DPSNeckNecklace of Smoke Signals1,250 x
378NeckSpell DPSNeckAmulet of Burning Brilliance1,250 x
378NeckSpell SpiritNeckFiremind Pendant1,250 x
378NeckTankNeckStoneheart Necklace1,250 x
378FingerMeleeFingerSerrated Brimstone Signet1,250 x
378FingerPhysical DPSFingerSplintered Brimstone Seal1,250 x
378FingerSpell DPSFingerCrystalline Brimstone Ring1,250 x
378FingerSpell SpiritFingerSoothing Brimstone Circle1,250 x
378FingerTankFingerDeflecting Brimstone Band1,250 x
378RelicMeleeRelicRelic of the Elemental Lords1,250 x
378RelicPhysical DPSRelicCovenant of the Flame700 x
378RelicSpell DPSRelicSoulflame Vial700 x
378RelicSpell SpiritRelicSinged Plume of Aviana700 x
378RelicTankRelicDeathclutch Figurine700 x

Ragnaros Testing on Test Realms
Players had a chance to test the fight against Ragnaros last night and a couple of guilds released videos of the encounter. No kill videos yet, but a couple of 40-20% wipes. If you have no idea what's going on, you can always check out the details of the fight in our Encounter Journal Preview.

BlizzCon Benefit Dinner Tickets On Sale - Saturday, May 28 at 10 a.m. PT
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Before the BlizzCon festivities begin, we're inviting you to join us for an evening of good food and good conversation -- all for a good cause. Approximately 200 tickets to a special pre-BlizzCon dinner to benefit Children's Hospital of Orange County will be going on sale tomorrow, Saturday, May 28 at 10 a.m. PT. Keep your eye on the ticket sales page tomorrow for the chance to get yours. For more information on the BlizzCon Benefit Dinner, visit the official BlizzCon website at

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Need roll makes items soulbound in Patch 4.2
It's in 4.2 (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Anti Ninja Loot System
I think what you want is a system that keeps people from rolling on the gear you want because you don't believe they deserve it to the same degree you do. There are already restrictions in place that keep people from rolling on items they can't use. We don't want to begin restricting what people can roll on based on current spec, because that's not a black or white situation, which is how the system would need to be set up to work how you'd like.

There are some surefire ways to avoid or seriously cut down on situations like this, but it should be understood that if you enter into Dungeon Finder your rolls can go up against the rolls of someone else, regardless if you think you should get preference or not.

If you're looking for a certain item, I'd let the group know before the first pull and ask if anyone else is going to roll need on it. If nothing else it'll show everyone your intent, and put anyone on display who (at the consensus of the group) isn't playing by what you'd consider to be fair.

[...] To bring one more to the table (or reiterate one, I haven't read all 20 pages), and it's one that is a big reason why the system works as it does: if only tanks can roll on tank gear, then it becomes really hard for anyone else to build up the gear they need to be able to tank. We would end up with a bunch of undergeared tanks ("Sorry guys, but this is the only way I can get armor,") or worse, fewer tanks in the system overall because nobody can get gear. People would be forced to gear for healing or tanking through other means because they wouldn't be able to move fluidly from leveling as DPS to Dungeon Finder and begin acquiring the gear they need to fulfill their role. Or, the Light forbid, one day someone decides they want to try healing or tanking and needs to begin building a set.

At some point systems become so 'helpful' that they're a detriment. For that reason we have to reach a point where we're making sure we're stopping the majority of negatives, but not squeezing the egg of problems so hard that we create four messier ones. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Blizzard Art Gallery Update
The World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Art gallery has been updated with 4 new pieces of TBC Art.

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  1. chyllyphylly's Avatar
    What about JPs? Do we keep hold of the ones we've got ot do they disappear?
  1. Vettori's Avatar
    The lower part of his body looks so unbelievably lame.
  1. Maklor's Avatar
    Love the pic of Moroes
  1. Cernunnos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vatheria View Post
    t9 + t10 yes, however during naxx and ulduar you needed tier tokens to obtain the other pieces.
    And still do.

    Even though you can buy tier 7 and 8 pieces with JP now, only the 2 pieces you could originally buy with badges are still the only ones you can buy with badges (now points). You have to kill raid bosses to get full tier 7 and 8.

    Tier 9 was the first tier where you could buy all 5 pieces with badges.
  1. Gerti's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Truefacts View Post
    It's kind of stupid that they keep doing this. EVERYBODY gets a relic/ranged slot from valor points! Except hunters.
    that's because hunters main dps increase is from ranged weapon, while relic and and ranged wpns are just stat buffers for other classes
  1. highnaga's Avatar
    So all my Valor will be justice when patch comes?

    So if i have 2000 Valor, its 2000 justice?
  1. thunderdragon2's Avatar
    hmmm im not happy no bow but the tabl seems to be incompleate as theres no tokens there they said that 3 willl be buyableand thats only 3 slots for most ppl 4 if ur a wand or a throwen wep user

    unusual the wand/throwen weps are bow as well as the bracer any1 know if thats a mistake?
  1. Baikalsan's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gerti View Post
    that's because hunters main dps increase is from ranged weapon, while relic and and ranged wpns are just stat buffers for other classes
    So can we get a 2h? Just a stat stick......
  1. zearrow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Baikalsan View Post
    So can we get a 2h? Just a stat stick......
    as said earlier if they were to put in a staff it would have to be a hunter only staff because it would be up for grabs for feral druids, which would make it unfair for the rest of the classes
  1. Aemos's Avatar
    Amazing Moroes pic.
    BoE items? Let's fill the AH BROS!
  1. dragonx's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by racsow View Post
    What will be the cap of JP then? the same?
    how long is this gonna be on ptr its been on for atleast 1mont already
  1. Korru's Avatar
    I looked in the PTR and it looks like Tier 11 Head and Shoulders will still need tokens...

    Also I think the valor point loot isn't complete yet.
  1. orderschvank's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Korru View Post
    I looked in the PTR and it looks like Tier 11 Head and Shoulders will still need tokens...

    Also I think the valor point loot isn't complete yet.

    oh you go ahead and shut up now please

    they are already nerfing the crap out of normal raids which are already easy, for people like you.

    so just go in when 4.2 launches and lol barrel roll over nef and cho'gal to get your 4th set piece.
  1. Korru's Avatar
    Nah, someone asked a question, and I answered.

    Also if someone has to shut up, it would be have to be you with your rude assumptions.
  1. flashur's Avatar
    I've never been one to care about Blizzard art other than ingame and cinematics. But those ones of Karazhan are fantastic. I loved that instance and looking at that art gives me an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. Awesome.
  1. Aberration's Avatar
    Repeat of WotLK. hurray >.>
  1. Doobs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by highnaga View Post
    So all my Valor will be justice when patch comes?

    So if i have 2000 Valor, its 2000 justice?
    Your powers of deduction are overwhelming.
  1. Klonkq's Avatar
    Am I alone in thinking that Blizzard is being really cheap with this new relic slot system? In the past we had relic items that were interesting for some classes, and altered your abilities in fun ways. Now every patch we get to use 700 valor points to buy an upgrade for a totally uninteresting, boring and useless stat stick. We dont really even get a meaningful choice on the stats on it, its just practically 1 choice for everyone from valor points.

    I guess designing fun items isnt in style anymore.

    Blizzards line of thought here as I see it: "X class is whining that Y class gets interesting relic slot items when X only gets a wand / thrown weapon. Lets make everyones choice uninteresting to make it even."
  1. Kuja's Avatar
    I like the BOE valor loot. Gives you something to spend gold on finally!

    Quote Originally Posted by Doobs View Post
    Your powers of deduction are overwhelming.
    I think he was asking if one Valor point is worth more than one Justice point in exchange. I think it would be fair if a valor converts into 2x justices instead
  1. thunderdragon2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuja View Post
    I like the BOE valor loot. Gives you something to spend gold on finally!
    well dont get ur hopes up with selling the thrown/wands since they only cost 700 vp theyll proberly all buy them 1st but u never know sinc the vendor table isnt done yet

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