Patch 4.2 - Firelands Daily Quests / Mark of the World Tree Rewards
In my previous post I listed the updated Valor Points Rewards, today we'll take a look at what we can get from the daily quests area of the Firelands. The vendors can be accessed after completing the very long questlines in the Molten Front, see the Mark of the World Tree article on Wowpedia (the new daily quests currency, just like the Champion's Seals of the Argent Tournament.

Basically, after unlocking all phases of the Firelands Dailies you will eventually gain access to 3 NPCs. You will need 125 more Marks of the World Tree to unlock each NPC and finally gain access to his/her inventory!

  • Filling the Moonwell - Secure sacred water for the moonwell from Matoclaw at the Sanctuary of Malorne in Mount Hyjal. (Obtain 125 Marks of the World Tree.)
  • Calling the Ancients - Secure the aid of the Ancients from Elderlimb at the Sanctuary of Malorne in Mount Hyjal. (Obtain 125 Marks of the World Tree.)
  • Additional Armaments - Seek out Matoclaw at the Sanctuary of Malorne in Mount Hyjal. (Obtain 125 Marks of the World Tree.)

The good news is that after you've unlocked the quests, you won't need marks anymore and items sold from the merchants are paid with gold. (Thanks to ChaosStorm for his forum post)

Damek Bloombeard - Additional Armaments

Level Type Spec Slot Name
365PlateMeleeWaistRickety Belt
365PlateSpell DPSWaistBelt of Living Obsidium
365PlateSpell SpiritHandsGauntlets of Living Obsidium
365PlateTankWristRicket's Gun Show
365MailSpell DPSFeetFiery Treads
365LeatherSpell DPSWaistFireplume Girdle
365ClothSpell DPSHandsWidow's Clutches
365FingerMeleeFingerMeteorite Ring
365TrinketPhysical DPSTrinketRicket's Magnetic Fireball
85BlacksmithingPhysical DPSOne-HandPlans: Brainsplinter
85BlacksmithingMelee DPSOne-HandPlans: Elementium-Edged Scalper
85BlacksmithingSpell SpiritMain HandPlans: Lightforged Elementium Hammer
85BlacksmithingMelee DPSTwo-HandPlans: Masterwork Elementium Deathblade
85BlacksmithingSpell DPSMain HandPlans: Masterwork Elementium Spellblade
85BlacksmithingMelee DPSOne-HandPlans: Pyrium Spellward
85BlacksmithingTankOne-HandPlans: Unbreakable Guardian
85BlacksmithingPhysical DPSTwo-HandPlans: Witch-Hunter's Harvester
85EngineeringPhysical DPSRangedSchematic: Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher
85EngineeringPhysical DPSScopeSchematic: Flintlocke's Woodchucker

Ayla Shadowstorm - Filling the Moonwell

Level Type Spec Slot Name
365Off-HandSpell DPSOff-HandGlobe of Moonlight
365FingerPhysical DPSFingerBand of Glittering Lights
365FingerMeleeFingerMoon Blessed Band
365TrinketSpell DPSTrinketMoonwell Chalice
365TrinketTankTrinketMoonwell Phial
365RelicMeleeRelicRelic of Elune's Shadow
365RelicSpell DPSRelicRelic of Elune's Light
85TailoringJewelcraftingBagPattern: Luxurious Silk Gem Bag
85LeatherworkingInscriptionBagPattern: Royal Scribe's Satchel
85LeatherworkingMiningBagPattern: Triple-Reinforced Mining Bag
1PetPetPetCrimson Lasher
1Misc.Misc.Misc.Mushroom Chair

Varlan Highbough - Calling the Ancients

Level Type Spec Slot Name
365MailPhysical DPSFeetLancer's Greaves
365LeatherPhysical DPSHandsAviana's Grips
365FingerSpell DPSFingerSpirit Fragment Band
365FingerTankFingerNemesis Shell Band
365FingerTankFingerLylagar Horn Ring
365TrinketMeleeTrinketDwyer's Caber
365RelicMeleeRelicRelic of Lo'Gosh
365RelicTankRelicRelic of Tortolla
1PetPetPetHyjal Bear Cub
85Misc.Misc.Misc.Mylune's Call

BlizzCon Benefit Dinner Tickets Sold Out
Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker)
Tickets to the BlizzCon Benefit Dinner are now sold out.

If you weren't able to get tickets to the show this year, keep in mind that coverage of BlizzCon will also be available through the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, which is offered as a multi-channel Internet stream and also via DIRECTV in the United States. Keep an eye on the BlizzCon website for updates on panels, exhibits, events, Virtual Ticket info, and more. We look forward to meeting some of you at the show!

The MMO Report
It's already time for Casey! I mean, time for the MMO Report (and Casey).

Dark Legacy Comics #289 and Teh Gladiators #240 + #241 are out! (Technically, Dark Legacy has been out for a week but I forgot to post about it, let's pretend we didn't notice)

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  1. Whoopsa's Avatar
    Pets? Awesome
  1. Frozenbeef's Avatar
    lacks healing priest gear, well except the moonwell thing
  1. phyrix's Avatar
    Am I correct when I say I see only one real healing item, the plate one?

    Surely this must be incomplete.
  1. Velthy's Avatar
    2 new pets, nomnom and i like the tanking trinket.
  1. Upptagen's Avatar
    Abit curious about what the Mylune's Call do.

    Also, 765 stamina on the tanking trinket? Can't be right :P
  1. Daswolfen's Avatar
    LOL Flintlocke's Woodchucker And I want to see the Mushroom chair. Nice to see some more fluff items not requiring investing in the card game.
  1. mmoc4974597837's Avatar
    I am going to get myself a set of those 2h weps for my fury warrior asap. It will be wonderful. The only bad thing is that they are not axes.
  1. mmocc2b371ec35's Avatar
    That tanking trinket can't be right
  1. mmoc1e9e1a2368's Avatar
    One healing item that only paladins can use? Can't be complete, if it is I'm not ok with it! :<
  1. mmoc0d8e6c2903's Avatar
    Where can you get the gun recipe? Anyone knows? If it is a raid drop its kinda disappointing considering engi doesn't really have much to begin with.

    NEVERMIND I AM DUMB, hyial faction ^^
  1. mmoc67ac8067f4's Avatar
    Wtb tier previews. :/
  1. mmoc0635589ad4's Avatar
    The stamina on the tanking trinket does seem a wee bit steep.
  1. thunderdragon2's Avatar
    strange that theyd add a relic to the vendor when u can get better after doing 6 heroics
  1. mmocd5b1a87d04's Avatar
    moonwell chalice has passive intellect and intellect on use? Won´t be final I guess.
  1. Geomatician's Avatar
    By very long he means roughly 400 dailies![COLOR="red"]

    ---------- Post added 2011-05-29 at 10:19 PM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Fennor Angrithon Virastar View Post
    moonwell chalice has passive intellect and intellect on use? Won´t be final I guess.

    On PTR it currently gives 1700mastery not Intellect
  1. Zurei's Avatar
    Flintlocke's Woodchucker, love it!
  1. methus's Avatar
    On ptr trinkets do have mentioned states/procs etc. Just fyi for people who think stats are not right.
  1. Geomatician's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by methus View Post
    On ptr trinkets do have mentioned states/procs etc. Just fyi for people who think stats are not right.
    Checked moonwell earlier today and it still had 1700 mastery not intellect. Will have to check again
  1. Callypso's Avatar
    I really hope that list in incomplete, because it seems full of caster dps items but I see pretty much nothing in there for my healing (cloth) set.....

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