Patch 4.2 Mounts Preview
We now have a decent amount of information on Patch 4.2 and I can start building nice recap/previews, let's start with mounts!

PvP Mounts - Twilight Drake PvP Mounts
Gladiators get a brand new mount next season! As far as datamining goes the color of the new Vicious Gladiator's Twilight Drake seems to be that one.

Vicious Gladiator's Twilight Drake

Unknown Recolor

Unknown Recolor

PvP Mounts - Epic Wolf and Horse PvP Mounts
Two new awesome PvP mounts have been added, the Horde War Wolf and the Alliance War Steed are rewards of the Veteran of the Horde II and Veteran of the Alliance II achievements. There's also a couple of recolors but as far as I know only the first 2 pictures below are used.

PvE Mounts - Fire Hawks
3 different Fire Hawks are currently in the game files but only 2 seem to be implemented/have a known drop location.

PvE Mount - Fire "Raven God" / Flametalon of Alysrazor
The Fire "Raven God" model is the Flametalon mount from Flametalon of Alysrazor. The mount isn't listed as a loot from Alysrazor in the Encounter Journal for the moment but it's very likely that it will drop from this boss, let's just wait and see if there's an official confirmation in an upcoming PTR build.

PvE Mount - Flameward Hippogryph
The Flameward Hippogryph is a reward of the The Molten Front Offensive, you can get this achievement by completing all the questlines of the new Firelands daily quests area.

Dark Legacy Comics #290, with an extra comic from this week!

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  1. VitesseEOD's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahstrasza View Post
    really sick of the cool mounts being purely rare raid based mounts.. if you're not the raid leader / guild leader / or girlfriend of .. then the only hope is offering obscene amounts of money to be the first to get it. So dumb.
    Yeah, making the best things in the game reasonably hard to obtain is a poor move in an MMO...
  1. Pratypus's Avatar
    I love how the horde wolf has some skulls on it but the ally horse has freaking actual heads on it! (i will hate to see it have the same heads on both sides, but whatever)
  1. maxamuel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vasz View Post
    So the Flameward Hippogryph is a reward for just completing all the firelands quests? How hard is it to do that, ive not been on PTR.
    it takes a long time actually, to first open the the firelands, u need 5 days (4 tokens per day and need total of 20) then you have to help each faction which has ultimately 125 each? and there's 3 of them...but there are also more dailies so I'm not sure how much tokens you can get...since they are reframing this from the argent tournament, I say quite a while. It shouldn't be that easy
  1. r3gul8r's Avatar
    And they wonder why so many people are quitting.... same model, different skin. Terrible
  1. twilightsamus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by VitesseEOD View Post
    Yeah, making the best things in the game reasonably hard to obtain is a poor move in an MMO...
    I'm pretty sure he was implying that Gladiators are getting shafted this season in comparison, and you're implying that hitting Gladiator ratings isn't equally as difficult (or much more difficult) as what would be the tasks of obtaining a "raid mount" and/or you're misunderstanding his statement in a different fashion.
  1. Equilibrioception's Avatar
    I want the green one! Why won't there be the green one Firehawk, of course.
  1. Clockwork Pinkie's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Racetrack View Post
    How about new models instead of 30 reskins of the same mount over the last 5 years.
    I'd rather have them focus on raid encounters and actually making the game a challenge instead of silly vanity mounts. It's not like they're not suppose to be reskins anway...
  1. twilightsamus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Naidia View Post
    I'd rather have them focus on raid encounters and actually making the game a challenge instead of silly vanity mounts. It's not like they're not suppose to be reskins anway...
    >Can't make decent, non-rehashed mounts and reasonably fresh raid encounters at the same time

    Oh jeez, that's pretty shitty. It's pretty sad when you want Vanilla back simply because it was a totally different company back then.
  1. Phuongvi's Avatar
    those ground mounts are very very very very very very fucking ugly
  1. Ave07's Avatar
    Wow the Alliance mount has Horde heads, that is pretty sick.
  1. ando1510's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by twilightsamus View Post
    AJ has known about these reskins for a while now. (glad you're just now noticing) Thread here:

    Best post of the thread here, showing just how lazy Blizzard truly is being by giving blatant reskins to the top 0.5% of arena players, something that definitely deserves better than the treatment that's been given lately:

    There's a follow-up post on the next page. Gladiators will just have to suck it up, as usual.

    P.S. "10 minutes in photoshop"
    Dude, Top arena players always just got mounts allrdy in the game with or without armor on (Nethwing drakes with armor) (Frostbrood without) Nothing changed. An players liked it so far, so whats the big diffrence now?
  1. Chaoyll's Avatar
    Not impressed with any of these mounts, save for the wolves/horses because at least they're new models.

    IMO (In my opinion, so remember, my opinion, don't argue with it.):

    - Twilight Drakes look lazily made, they're just the original ones with some rubbish armour slapped on them.

    - I'll let the wolves/horses off because they have a nice, unique model but no doubt the wolves will still have that broken-leg run.

    - Fire Hawks... Well, I've never liked the Fire Hawks and I've never understood why everyone liked them either. Their wings look stiff when they fly, that proto-drake skeleton just does not work at all for them and... they just don't look like any kind of bird or phoenix. Not to mention they're far too bright for people with bad eyes like myself, I have to squint before looking at that orange one.

    - Flametalon of Alysrazor is a disgrace to my beautiful Anzu mount, it doesn't look detailed or even finished.

    - I will let the Flameward Hippogryph off because I like hippogryphs, even more so now they're making them land mounts as well. (At last.)

    Blizzard, when we said we were sick of drake mounts, we didn't mean we wanted other models and skeletons butchered to hell to make other 'special' new mounts!

    I can't wait for the next mount that comes out that has it's own model, skeleton and STAYS unique.

    Quote Originally Posted by Naidia View Post
    I'd rather have them focus on raid encounters and actually making the game a challenge instead of silly vanity mounts. It's not like they're not suppose to be reskins anway...
    You =/= Everyone else. For some people, the mounts are the game. And yes, they are reskins.
  1. WingsofLiberty's Avatar
    [/COLOR]ugliest pvp mounts i have ever seen...terrible...there's a huge difference between those and the frost wyrms...not even talking about the netherdrakes
  1. Chikko's Avatar
    I was actually expecting the pvp mounts to be stone drakes, than again they didnt get pvp protodrakes in wrath
  1. Masternewt's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DruKow View Post
    All these mounts look so awsome.. from PVE to PVP, Gimmie my Fire Hawk and my Hippogryph. I might even start PVPing again because of those awsome PVP mounts, Firelands is gunna be great.. lots and lots of stuff and content.
    Yeah, 4.2 is gonna be great cause they'll add new mounts, right? If having 150 mounts is what pushes you to log in this game everyday, then your concept of a fun game is very different from mine.
  1. Ionite's Avatar
    That twilight drake armor just looks out of place.
  1. buggerlugs's Avatar
    I think someones 5 year old kid is now suggesting colours for things in wow - awful day-glo colouring, why are they now making mounts flourescent lime green and neon purple?
    The fire ones are understandable to an extent but I dont think they look particularly nice at all.
    The wolf mount is nice but the rest are horrible

    ---------- Post added 2011-05-31 at 10:24 AM ----------

    Quote Originally Posted by Waterspark View Post

    BGs...derp.... Arenas ....
    so why give arena players a flying mount then?
  1. patcherke's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dannz View Post
    yah i agree, they should just be handed out like candy so none of them are unique at all, why should people have anything unique in the game, after all we all pay 15$ a month !

    /end sarcasm
    unique <>cool...still

    Her point still stands as she was referring to "cool" and not to "unique".
  1. epec's Avatar
    Meh, only the firehawk looks cool. Another boring update :\
  1. vadera's Avatar
    Those who are complaining about reskinned/rehashed mount , please please give an idea of what content/mount/raid/dungeon/etc do u want . And then let the people judge either u are better than Blizz or not. Atleast Blizz are doing something rather than nothing . Stop whining.

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