Patch 4.2 Mounts Preview
We now have a decent amount of information on Patch 4.2 and I can start building nice recap/previews, let's start with mounts!

PvP Mounts - Twilight Drake PvP Mounts
Gladiators get a brand new mount next season! As far as datamining goes the color of the new Vicious Gladiator's Twilight Drake seems to be that one.

Vicious Gladiator's Twilight Drake

Unknown Recolor

Unknown Recolor

PvP Mounts - Epic Wolf and Horse PvP Mounts
Two new awesome PvP mounts have been added, the Horde War Wolf and the Alliance War Steed are rewards of the Veteran of the Horde II and Veteran of the Alliance II achievements. There's also a couple of recolors but as far as I know only the first 2 pictures below are used.

PvE Mounts - Fire Hawks
3 different Fire Hawks are currently in the game files but only 2 seem to be implemented/have a known drop location.

PvE Mount - Fire "Raven God" / Flametalon of Alysrazor
The Fire "Raven God" model is the Flametalon mount from Flametalon of Alysrazor. The mount isn't listed as a loot from Alysrazor in the Encounter Journal for the moment but it's very likely that it will drop from this boss, let's just wait and see if there's an official confirmation in an upcoming PTR build.

PvE Mount - Flameward Hippogryph
The Flameward Hippogryph is a reward of the The Molten Front Offensive, you can get this achievement by completing all the questlines of the new Firelands daily quests area.

Dark Legacy Comics #290, with an extra comic from this week!

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  1. Escariet's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cablecow View Post
    if you complain about these mounts your a fucking idiot , do you remember how far mounts have come ? they should just keep giving you fuckers nether drakes , god knows that's all you deserve
    The netherdrakes are actually good looking, especially comparison to this. and I doubt we are "Your a fucking idiot" I'm not yours. *sadface*
  1. grexly75's Avatar
    So much qqing over mounts.. If you have a look at the arena nether drakes from Arena Seasons 1 to 4 (Burning Crusade xpac) they are just normal nether drakes with armour put on them. And as far as I know no one complained back then about having reskinned nether drakes as the rewards for being good in arena. (Arena Season 1) (Arena Season 2) (Arena Season 3) (Arena Season 4)

    But oh no they reskinned nether drakes and added stuff to them. Oh the humanity how could blizz do this to us back then. Get a grip the new mounts are fine and yes they using a LK drake model with added armour to them but it has been done before and will be done again.
  1. Mr. Smith's Avatar
    Uh...all of you people complaining do realize that almost every Gladiator mount (Season 5 excluded, I think) that came before has been one that was previously available with armor slapped on, right?

    I mean, sure,if you feel like you guys deserve something more than that for the Glad reward,fine,but bringing it up so abruptly just seems like an excuse for people to continue their QQing about, "WORLD OF REHASH AND RESKINCRAFT, BAAAAWWWWWWWW"
  1. _Fire_'s Avatar
    Reskins/Same Skeletons have been there since well forever! I mean even the Phoenix uses the Gryphon Skeleton and you don't see anyone complaining...
    Take something that works and make it better is probably what they are thinking.
  1. MrApple's Avatar
    They should of made a version of the beryl fire hawk for gladiator. Anything less than that is unacceptable!
  1. Thessalor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sapphirea View Post
    Reskins/Same Skeletons have been there since well forever! I mean even the Phoenix uses the Gryphon Skeleton and you don't see anyone complaining...
    Take something that works and make it better is probably what they are thinking.
    Tell that to the PVP team. If you try to please everybody, you usually end up pleasing nobody.
  1. snuzzle's Avatar
    Why doesn't Horde get any race-specific skulls? I want to decorate my war wolf with tiny gnome heads and night elf scalps!
  1. Beyond2's Avatar
    Pretty upset over the Firehawk mounts. With three models, you'd think they could have made at least one available somewhere in the Firelands daily hub. Is it so hard to put the green one (crappiest color of the three by far) on a vendor that is only available after you've unlocked the whole zone, for 5k gold?

    I'd have less of a problem with the Firehawks if they weren't one of the only two phoenix models available in game. Every other new flying mount (with very few exceptions) is either a reskin or a drake... or a reskinned drake. Just look at the launch mounts: Stone drakes used the model of normal drakes, Storm drakes are based off the nether drakes...

    It would be nice if there were more mythical creatures to fly in than just dragons. Then they give us Firehawks. "Oh hey cool, three new phoenixes! And they use the proto drake skeleton, awesome choice, I love proto drakes! I wonder if I can get one maybe... Well there's three, One as a rare drop, one as a Glory of the Firelands, that leaves one available for non-raiders!...."
    *Reads this news post*

    Seriously, stuff like this makes me lose faith in blizz. If I had to guess though, I'd say the green one will be for "Guild Glory of the Firelands raider" Which at least I can get if I join a decent guild and grind rep. Which means leaving my guild if I want so much as a shot at these mounts. It makes me hate the game when casuals get yet another reskinned hyppogrif (Because its not like that wasn't the major flying mount reward from the Argent Tournament or anything) but in adding THREE phoenixes to the game, they couldn't even toss the casuals one. If nearly 400 daily quests isn't enough for a casual to earn a phoenix, what the hell is? What do casual players need to do to get a bone here?

    They did it right with storm drakes: Two from raids, Two not from raids. Two rare drops, two rewards. If the third phoenix isn't reasonably obtainable, I'm going to be very disappointed with blizz.

    And before the "elite pro's" roll in here with their talk of how "everything should be handed to you" No. I don't want my mount handed to me. If it means doing a whopping 700 daily quests, I'd do it for that mount. But that's not the issue, is it? You don't care if the casual works for it, you only care that they didn't raid to get it, which is asinine.
  1. Brosemon's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Argroth View Post
    Shame that those firehawks are only given to no-life losers.
    U sound mad cuz ur too bad to raid
  1. Drekmen's Avatar
    IDK about you, but that horde mount looks pretty bad ass.

    Quote Originally Posted by Racetrack View Post
    More reskinned mounts. More horses and drakes. How many horses and drakes have we had already? Come on give us something new already.
    Yes. We need to ride penguins. Penguins and turtles.
    I don't understand all this QQ. Nobody is forcing you to play, Jesus Christ.
  1. Dontrike's Avatar
    More mounts = good times. I couldn't care less if they are reskins, super reskins, or 25$ that I will definitely spend to get it. It also doesn't bother me if others also have it.
  1. WowgGirly's Avatar
    The time it takes to make the new models, the animation, the color the texture, putting it into the game... It takes a lot of work. I have family members in the gaming business and it's not always easy. Blizzard could be being lazy or be so busy it's hard for them to make everyone happy. Not everyone is gonna be happy with the changes, btw some people wanted Vanilla back and when they brought in ZG as an instance people said they just re-skinned! I would also like you to define how Blizzard is being "lazy" explain please ^_^
  1. MrApple's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Brosemon View Post
    U sound mad cuz ur too bad to raid
    Being too bad to raid would mean that you are in a comatized state of vegetableness.
    Anything better than that means that you can clear any pve-content tbh.
  1. Holy's Avatar
    No known source of the green firehawk yet?

    please please PLEASE be a new reward for a higher tier of mount collecting achievements... a man can dream.
  1. Altaria's Avatar
    drakes looks like shit,
    steeds looks like shit,
    fire hawks looks like shit,
    flametalon looks like shit,
    flameward hippogryph looks like shit,

    horde pvp wolf mount looks AWESOME!!

    shame on you blizzard, you are not the company once you used to be :/
  1. rettypally's Avatar
    You mean I cant just buy these mounts for $25 each?!?!?! THAT NO FAIR BLIZZARD I DEMAND I BE ABLE TO BUY THESE MOUNTS.
    I suck at pvp and pve and the only skill I have is entering my credit card number into web sites, so Ill never be able to get these mounts.
    QQ blizz I hate you.
  1. twilightsamus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Drekmen View Post
    Yes. We need to ride penguins. Penguins and turtles.
    I don't understand all this QQ. Nobody is forcing you to play, Jesus Christ.
    No one's forcing you to reply or be so hostile about it, ponyfag.
  1. Ancestral's Avatar
    Love the Nerfnow comic
  1. Jiggles's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by maldias View Post
    yes, they are very time consuming to make and make a whole range of animations for, then polish them, then fit the model onto it, check the clipping of the model when doing tha animations, then add the skin/pallet, etc.
    making a good model take alot of going back again and again and again and again and again....
    To start from complete scratch, yes. However, they don't have to -- even adding a few unique animations to each new mount would do a lot to add more personality and coolness.

    More time and effort? Yes. But hardly unreasonable.

    Often it's the animations of a model that really give it personality, since in actual gameplay you rarely have time for a careful inspection of the model.
  1. Keristrasza's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dannz View Post
    yah i agree, they should just be handed out like candy so none of them are unique at all, why should people have anything unique in the game, after all we all pay 15$ a month !

    /end sarcasm
    Aaannd .... you need mounts to be a special/unique/awesome individual amirite? Because your $15 a month doesn't get you Raids/PvP/Achievements/Titles/Gear/World firsts/server firsts. The way these greedy raiders act they should rename WoW too "World of Mountcraft" considering its the real reason raiders actually waste time in raids anymore. To hell with the lore/goal/achievements/titles/knowledge of doing it first and when it was hard right? /eyeroll

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