Patch 4.2 - PTR Build 14265 Tagged as Release
If you spend time on test realms you might have noticed that the latest PTR build is tagged as "Release". It means it's time to stockpile the gummy bears and get ready for the Firelands, the patch will definitely hit the live servers soon. (Most likely June 21st)

Arena Season 10 Weapons - Models Preview
With the recent announcement of how Season 10 weapons will work in Season 10, it's time for a preview of the weapon models! For the stats, feel free to check the two links below.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Player vs. Player
Gladiator Weapons
  • Season 10 Conquest Point weapons will only be purchasable once a required minimum sum of Conquest Points has been reached during the current season. For example, Ruthless Gladiator's Pike costs 3400 Conquest Points to purchase. However, players must first earn a total of 11650 Conquest Points during Season 10 before they are able to purchase it.
  • Season 9 Honor Point weapons will only be purchasable once a required minimum sum of Honor Points has been reached during the current season. For example, Vicious Gladiator's Pike costs 3400 Honor Points to purchase. However, players must first earn a total of 18500 Honor Points during Season 10 before they are able to purchase it.
  • Once the minimum sum of points required to purchase weapons is reached, all available weapons can be purchased for their listed costs. The point requirement is not reset once a purchase is made.
  • Weapon tooltips from the vendor will let players know how many more Conquest or Honor Points must be earned in the current season before the item can be purchased.























Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Adding more PvP content
We've actually touched on this topic in the past. In general, while we could add more Battlegrounds and Arenas we risk thinning out the queue for all Battlegrounds and Arenas. We're not against the idea of adding more, but it's a matter of deciding the how and the when of doing so.

We could compare the content between PvP and PvE, but it's not exactly an equal comparison given that the styles of play are different as are the end goals.

Just as an FYI, we are putting the Ring of Valor back in again in 4.2, which (while not new) will at least add back in a bit more variety to Arena queue.

Also of note, we are implementing a new War Games interface (which you can see on the PTR) which should make it easier for people to play skirmish type matches against people either in the Battlegrounds or Arenas. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

War Games
We've actually had the War Games in since last December. The only issue was that it required that you knew it existed and used the right game commands to get it rolling. We've now shined it up and added a great new easy to use interface into the patch so that you can start challenging other groups. Just keep in mind, there's no rewards available (including HKs) for taking part in these, but they can be very fun. It's also a great way to hold your own in-game event if you wanted. (Remember when people would meet up at Gurubashi?) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Feedback and changes to the community
No, I don't. I just think that people have concerns (of which we're aware of) and we're doing what we can to address what we can as we go.

As for having someone else speak, we've been talking and will continue to talk. Just recently Dave Kosak gave some insight on the new quest hubs. (On the blog.) Greg Street continues to share his own insights there as well. No matter your personal thoughts or feelings about what they have to say, they care deeply for the game and community.

While some may have concerns over whether their questions in the Q&As are being answered or not, we are talking there as well. We're here in the forums responding to what we can.

It's true we don't have infinite resources and that's been true since day one of World of Warcraft. That hasn't changed. I see it come up time and time again that the "good" devs have moved to the new project, but that too isn't true in the way people think it is and is insulting and dismissive to the guys (and gals) who have been on the team for years. The people working on World of Warcraft are people who have been here for years or are still being guided by those who have been here for years. The people who "left" WoW haven't really left either. They are here at the studio lending their ears and thoughts to those still working on World of Warcraft. They haven't washed their hands of the game and the company hasn't washed their hands either.

We know we aren't always going to agree on a direction. We know we can make mistakes or not anticipate every possible outcome, but there is no way I'm going to tell you that we don't care, or that the developers don't care or that we are insular from the concerns being voiced.

We are and continue to be passionate about the game and about the community. We're never going to give everyone their perfect answer, but that isn't going to stop us from trying to meet and exceed expectations where we can. We aren't beat or beaten but can understand how easy it is to buy into that idea with so many people repeating the thought. Sometimes it's hard to be positive when you only see the negative, but the positive is still there and we refuse to lay down and go with the negative flow of thought. As any game "ages" it is so easy to forget the good and the "polish" and start picking at what you see as flaws. It's also easy to take for granted all the things that are added in because they make so much sense. Eventually you forget that it was ever new to begin with because it feels like it was always there.

Again, we're totally open to constructive feedback. We're not deaf to it. We just may not react immediately or have the answer you want. It's just not always possible to. That doesn't mean we didn't hear it or think about it on one level or another and it doesn't mean that we are going to suddenly stop listening because we don't like what someone has to say. We're just asking that the dialogue stay open, honest, and most importantly constructive. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

"Grindy" leveling and improving old content
While I wouldn't say that leveling from 1-79 is totally "grindy" (I actually had and continue to have a lot of fun running through those zones), I can definitely see your argument. I mean, a lot of current dungeon mechanics are fun, right? They make you analyze the world around you and adapt changing scenarios, sort of like a puzzle. At first glance, having that kind of gameplay accompany you all the way from lower level quest zones to end-game dungeon content seems like it'd be amazing. But that's just at first glance. There's a lot to be said for keeping the leveling process as seamless and straightforward as possible.

For a lot of players, the goal of World of Warcraft is to meet some benchmark, things like leveling up, getting gear, increasing their character's potency, and/or defeating end-game raid content. While questing may be enjoyable activity in its own right for some (like you!), there's definitely a portion of the population where it's really more of a means to end -- a way of achieving those other goals more quickly or with greater efficiency -- and that's an important fact for us to keep in mind.

It's not that quests aren't important; on the contrary, they're a critical part of the game, and we'll continue to work towards making them even more epic and fun. It's just that if we make quests too challenging or too complicated, especially during the leveling process, we run the risk of creating situations where players might become frustrated and feel like they're being forced into a style of gameplay that isn't exactly their cup of PvE.

Now, that doesn't mean there isn't some sort of balance that can be struck, where we're able to create quests that evoke the fun of dungeon encounters, but never really reach that point where they become tedious or difficult (we totally hear your feedback on that). It's a matter of appealing to as many players as possible and making sure that they're engaged, but not overwhelmed with over-the-top challenge as they level up -- which can be tricky, especially when you have such a wide variety of playstyles and opinions to consider.

Even so, incorporating more dynamic mechanics into questing and using quests as a teaching method is something we'd like to do for future content. Whether or not we should invest the time and resources into revamping existing content, though...well, that's something that we'd have to weigh very carefully, as it would require us to focus our attention away from creating new things. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Rogue (Forums / Talent Calculator / Skills/Talents)
Poison Management
If I've forgotten to buy enough poisons to see me through a raid or dungeon, or failed to pay attention to poison durations and seize the occasional moment to re-apply my poisons, then those are issues I can easily resolve by being slightly more mindful.

At worst, glyphed poisons apply very quickly, and it's possible to re-apply them in a non-clutch fight if you have them in your bags. It's not even close to ideal, but it's possible.

Why does it make sense for Hunters to no longer have physical ammunition for their bows and guns it's just MYSTERIOUSLY provided to them but Rogues' poisons must be bought from a specific vendor and then applied to weapons once an hour?
Well, maybe I can shed some light on the mystery then, or at least, our thought process.

Poisons are important to the rogue class and there's no doubt of that. There's still little or no comparison to be made between the use of poison (which amounts to an important buff) vs. ammunition, without which the hunter class was almost totally ineffective. Running out of poisons means a performance hit, but it doesn't mean that performance stops. Running out of ammo meant that a hunter could no longer use most class abilities or perform at anything resembling a meaningful level. It's relatively easy to remain well stocked with a selection of poisons. It required slot after slot of inventory filled to the brim with ammo to keep a hunter running consistently.

Ultimately, ammunition wasn't a mechanic that we felt was particularly interesting. Whereas a rogue sometimes has interesting choices to make regarding which poisons to use, the only real choice a hunter had was to use slightly more or less expensive ammo, which wasn't much of a choice at all. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

New Warcraft Fan Art
The Blizzard Fan Art Section has been updated with five new pieces of fan artwork set within the Warcraft universe.

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  1. Matik's Avatar
    Hmm already tagged for release? Any chance it could be released on the 14th instead?
  1. Chaoslux's Avatar
    I doubt they would make such changes right -before- the season ends, then again there arent any extravagant buffs to any class that could screw up ratings suddenly.
  1. mmoc9a4dcfb1a6's Avatar
    I get an 404 for the pics.
  1. Inci's Avatar
    Nice fan arts .
  1. mmoc1325507f8a's Avatar
    Fanart links aren't working for me.

    404 - File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.
  1. Chaoslux's Avatar
    I just noticed: Firelands raid first day of Fire Festival?
    I think Blizzard had it planned all along....
  1. Mystery's Avatar
    Hooray for release!!!
  1. hellboyy's Avatar
    recycling wotlk weapon models for staffs and guns i see. so pissed off they didn't design a gun for firelands and turned the original gun into a crossbow.
  1. -Ethos-'s Avatar
    I think theyve reached their limit with bow/crossbow/gun designs.
  1. Ronyx's Avatar
    Shouldn't it be released on the 28th to match the launch of S10?
  1. Kaneiac's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ronyx View Post
    Shouldn't it be released on the 28th to match the launch of S10?
    It's usually dropped on the day the season ends.

    The next season begins the following week.
  1. Whisperawr's Avatar
    Like someone else has said, the links for fanart are 404'ing.
  1. wickedbastard's Avatar
    Meh.. Dont like the bow/gun at all
  1. Shawaam's Avatar
    The weapons are really lame to be honest :/ So dull, boring, grey, dark and sad.
  1. mordale's Avatar
    hmm midsummer fire festival is going to be veeeryyy interesting this year i see.
  1. Camjee's Avatar
    Gotta wait for almost 12k conquest points before you can buy weapons? The fuck is this? God damn PvE heroes using PvP weapons
  1. xxdrew's Avatar
    all these 2 handers lookin like 1 handers. so dumb.
  1. mmocc5c312fa0d's Avatar
    Fanart is working fine for me, though what on earth is the third one supposed to be..?
  1. Grimalkin of Old's Avatar
    Whiny people will be whiny.
  1. Dajobe's Avatar
    fan art is super cute

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