Update - Added a quick HD preview of the T12 Druid Set, because the official one might be a little too small. Yes, I know the hands are bugged on 2 colors but they're also bugged on the official preview so ... I don't know.

Tier 12 Official Preview - Druid and Warrior
Blizzard finally released the last 2 previews of Tier 12 armor sets, the Warrior and Druid sets. It means I finally have a confirmation that the T12 Druid set use pants and I can work on final versions of Tier 12 pages. Yay!

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  1. Vook's Avatar
    Lookin' pretty good!
  1. Ezio Auditore's Avatar
    nice one ooo
  1. Archijs's Avatar
    Rogues have the suckiest set IMO. Drood one looks nice, my alt will love it.
  1. shadowkras's Avatar
    Reminds me of Iron man.
  1. Pythagoreant's Avatar
    I like the warrior one. That and hunter are really the only ones I like.
  1. Nyxxi's Avatar
    Still think they should have refined the lock set.
  1. Jyllana's Avatar
    warrior gear looks BA
  1. Duilliath's Avatar
    Been pantsed ._.
  1. Izzyasha's Avatar
    /wrists at the state of rogue gear....
  1. galaxiah's Avatar
    Does this finally mean druids wont have a robe? YAAY
  1. Silverhustle's Avatar
    Wow.. That's a first for druid to have pants?
  1. escalprillo's Avatar
    yay no robe! <3
  1. Lilija's Avatar
    Druid without a robe is not a druid
  1. Azgraal's Avatar
    i really must say that Warrior's T12 is hands down the best looking set of this tier...
  1. Rixis's Avatar
    druid without a robe ... is not a druid ... stupid stupid blizzard, as if it wasn't bad enough all offset agi pieces being pants because they're modelled on rogue tier, now we lose our tier robe too >.<
  1. Snowcharm's Avatar
    Druid set is awful looking. Worse than T10 even
  1. BRO90X's Avatar
    Yay no dress! Glad I'm maining a druid.
  1. Linry's Avatar
    but but but i like my dress. ;-; oh well.
  1. Cairm's Avatar
    They look pretty good!
  1. killdamnzade's Avatar
    no robe on druid is great, but i really dont like the head piece... yay hide helm

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowkras View Post
    Reminds me of Iron man.
    more like the tin man

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