Update - Added a quick HD preview of the T12 Druid Set, because the official one might be a little too small. Yes, I know the hands are bugged on 2 colors but they're also bugged on the official preview so ... I don't know.

Tier 12 Official Preview - Druid and Warrior
Blizzard finally released the last 2 previews of Tier 12 armor sets, the Warrior and Druid sets. It means I finally have a confirmation that the T12 Druid set use pants and I can work on final versions of Tier 12 pages. Yay!

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  1. Mysteeq's Avatar
    I think the Druid COULD have had the option to have Robe/Leggings - the leggings are disgusting on a female, as all the females in WOW have "little boy arses". I do wonder why ...

    Personally I think the Druid set is utterly REVOLTING ... another nail in the coffin of being a druid since ... like forever. Thank you for everything you do to ruin being a druid for us. The char with the most hate towards it by Blizzard ... DRUID. Every time, especially the Resto.

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