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Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
If you use an authenticator – and we hope you do – you may soon notice that an authenticator prompt may not appear with every login. We’ve recently updated our authentication system to intelligently track your login locations, and if you’re logging in consistently from the same place, you may not be asked for an authenticator code. This change is being made to make the authenticator process less intrusive when we’re sure the person logging in to your account is you.

We hope to continue improving the authenticator system to ensure the same or greater security, while improving and adding features to make having one a more user friendly experience. If you don’t already have a Authenticator attached to your account, don’t wait until it’s too late -
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  1. pdude's Avatar
    This change finally convinced me to get an Authenticator.
    I'm beyond lazy.
  1. ProjectRKA's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tilie View Post
    I don't want them to know where I am! O_o
    But they already do xD
  1. unstudios's Avatar
    In my opinion this changes make no sence..
  1. OtisJay's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by unstudios View Post
    In my opinion this changes make no sence..
    Why not? your Authenticator is still on your account, you just dont have to enter it every time you login from Home. if anything it makes you more safe.

    Before you ask how. Just read the last 19 pages. it's spelled out quite a few times.
  1. Mosotti's Avatar
    Good morning, Paranoia! I'd like to see instead of an ocean of paranoid fleshlings dumping all kind of theories based on nothing (no, you can't say "it's much easier to break this" if you have no idea how it works), ONLY ONE working example that breaks the new setup. Until then... Good bye, Paranoia!
  1. frelo's Avatar
    why... it takes like 3 secs to logging anyway /sigh

  1. Calotron's Avatar
    I love this change!
  1. clarence034's Avatar
    Way to attempt to copy something Rift is doing, Blizzard. It's not going to bring back the subscribers that left to get away from Activision, micro-transactions on top of subs, and crap development led by the idiot crab.If they want customers back, they should decide whether they're doing subs or micro-trans, stick with a development philosophy for more than one expansion, and refrain from gigantic class changes, and not just at the beginning of a new expansion. The loss of root-breaks with shape-shift being tossed in during the same patch they removed feral fear-break, effectively making druids the most CC-able class in the game, was the last nail in the coffin...and there were a lot of nails. It's fun to drop back here every now and again and see how disgruntled a lot of players are...there seem to be fewer and fewer sycophants every time I come back.I wonder how many more subs they're going to lose in the next few months?Your Pal,Jubber
  1. Mosotti's Avatar
    Why are there people who QQ about their class in a totally unrelated thread? Why do they mention Rift? Do they really think Blizzard gives a shit about Rift? Why talk about micro transactions here and now, they exist since jurrasic. It's insane... Anyway, has someone broken the new system yet?
  1. Florida's Avatar
    Thats cool. (But do i want them to know where i am located) naaaah im cool with it

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