Patch 4.2 - PTR Build 14313
Another bugfix build has been deployed on test realms tonight. That one really didn't have any interesting changes and it looks like the June 28th release date shouldn't be reported, I'll assume Blizzard is done at this point.

End of Season 9 Postponed for 1 Week
The patch won't hit the live servers next week and as predicted, it means the Arena Season will end later than expected.
Originally Posted by Zarhym (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
As an update, Season 9 will be ending no earlier than June 28.

[...] Unfortunately, there are many logistical reasons for why we needed to push back the end date to the 28th. Keep in mind our original announcement said it could end "as early as June 21." It wasn't an absolute confirmation of the end date. The announcement now says it could end "as early as June 28", which means it's still not guaranteed to end that day. It just depends on if all of our other ducks are in a row.

Tier 12 Armor Sets - Final Model/Color Preview
Tier 12 Armor Sets models on actual T12 set items have been available on test realms for a few days and we finally know what will be the color of every version of Tier 12 Armors! If everything goes according to plan, there will be another small update later this week, with multi-race + video previews for each class.

Tier 12 Armors - All Classes
Normal Mode
Heroic Mode

Death Knight
Normal Mode
Heroic Mode

Normal Mode
Heroic Mode

Normal Mode
Heroic Mode

Normal Mode
Heroic Mode

Normal Mode
Heroic Mode

Normal Mode
Heroic Mode

Normal Mode
Heroic Mode

Normal Mode
Heroic Mode

Normal Mode
Heroic Mode

Normal Mode
Heroic Mode
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  1. khatsoo's Avatar
    I like all of them, really. I'm tired of everyone complaining. Cool models, even better textures, the whole color scheme of them in both versions make sense (from brown-yellowish normal to flashy red-violet, except maybe for dk and priest). Too bad I start my holidays this Monday and I don't think I'll be playing a lot, real life for the win!
  1. Citrustree's Avatar
    Simple yet really awesome! I actually like all of them =D
  1. Saiver's Avatar
    Damn, wish the blue colored Paladin set had made it.
  1. Granyala's Avatar
    What to say about priest's one? What's that? A shiny toilet with priest head coming out of it?

    Not sure it's allowed to link images in comments so I just post the links from the old T12 Flame-thread.

    Goddamn it this editor is bugged... 2 links in one post not possible? It always merges them... stupid thing...
  1. Vieke's Avatar
    Dont like the hunter tier, looks too much like Shannox (if Im right)
    Rest looks OK
  1. Zenxion78's Avatar
    Why did they have to choose that horrible green set for the DK hc? The blue one would have been much better, or even the green for normal and the red for heroic. They've ruined a fantastic set by using that terribly colour.
  1. Pandragon's Avatar
    Love the DK set, but I'm also sad cause i loved the silver color they had, wish that had been the heroic version instead of the green.
  1. kiphemyst's Avatar
    anyone else noticed this
  1. Bakasensei's Avatar
    Why why why these colors for the rogue set ? The silver one was so awesome !
  1. Nosferato's Avatar
    ye they could have made the silver one normal as it would be a armor that would be less absorbant of heat, while purple would be the dark armor for the hc rogue
  1. Tagmonkey's Avatar
    Another bugfix build has been deployed on test realms tonight. That one really didn't have any interesting changes and it looks like the June 28th release date shouldn't be reported, I'll assume Blizzard is done at this point.
    I don't understand this part.
  1. Equilibrioception's Avatar
    Shaman's set is THE best set of these for me. Why did they have to put some metal s* on warlocks' head when it's them that wear cloth not the shammies Also I love the purple rogue set and heroic priest. Colors are great. I wish warlock's wasn't so bland color-wise. It looks like it's been washed few times too many. Not shiny enough.
  1. Sicc's Avatar
    Green color was the best for druids in my opinion and they just used the other two :/
  1. Montagne's Avatar
    Yus!!!! DK's got bunny ears!!!!!

    Mr Hefner will be so proud
  1. Paladinbeast's Avatar
    Why is the Shaman tier on a human? They cant even be shamans O.o
    But most sets look decent, i guess
  1. dazmck10's Avatar
    Aww what happened to the sweet blue DK set?
  1. mtawney1313's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by infernity View Post
    priests have to hope their shoes/boots do not have shoelaces, as they're never going to see them. priests across azeroth should start saying goodbye to the lower half of their bodies now!
    /Hide helmet

    Problem solved.
  1. Corbenian's Avatar
    It's a great pity, that they don't take the blue version of the dk tier 12 It would be a great thing, if they change the colors from the tier sets in dependence with the spec. For example: The blue dk set for the frost tree, the red for the blood and the green for the unholy. Or an another example: The purple mage set for the arcane, blue for frost, red for fire. That's push up the individuality of the chars.
  1. Bawl's Avatar
    I don't think I've seen it mentioned anywhere, but how do you actually get the tier sets this time around. Is it more or less the same as with the current tier?
  1. stinkypinky's Avatar
    zomg......Fire on everything....hmm..+stats on everything plus fire.................thats it..........oh wait......................FIRE FIRE FIRE......oh shit more fire...........

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