Road to Patch 4.2 - Crafted Items
Today we have a small preview of all the crafted / professions items added in Patch 4.2!


HandsFists of Fury10x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
HandsEternal Elementium Handguards10x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
HandsHoly Flame Gauntlets10x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
FeetWarboots of Mighty Lords10x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
FeetMirrored Boots10x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
FeetEmberforged Elementium Boots10x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
One-HandBrainsplinter8x2x3x5xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards
Main HandMasterwork Elementium Spellblade8x1x2x1x5xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards
Main HandLightforged Elementium Hammer8x30x5xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards
One-HandElementium-Edged Scalper8x8x4x5xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards
One-HandPyrium Spellward8x1x3x5xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards
One-HandUnbreakable Guardian8x8x2x5xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards
Two-HandMasterwork Elementium Deathblade8x2x4x5xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards
Two-HandWitch-Hunter's Harvester8x6x4x5xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards
PvP SetBloodthirsty Ornate Pyrium Set97x80xBlacksmithing Supplies
PvP SetBloodthirsty Pyrium Set97x80xBlacksmithing Supplies


RangedExtreme-Impact Hole Puncher5x8x1x1x5xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards
ScopeFlintlocke's Woodchucker1x4x5x2xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards


RelicBloodthirsty Charm of Triumph5x6x6x1xInscription Trainer
RelicBloodthirsty Eyeball of Dominance5x12x1xInscription Trainer
RelicBloodthirsty Jawbone of Conquest5x12x1xInscription Trainer
GlyphGlyph of Unleashed Lightning3x1xNorthrend Inscription Research


FingerBloodthirsty Sapphire Ring1x4x8xJewelcrafting Trainers
FingerBloodthirsty Amberjewel Band1x4x8xJewelcrafting Trainers
FingerBloodthirsty Ruby Signet1x4x8xJewelcrafting Trainers
NeckBloodthirsty Sapphire Necklace1x5x8x4xJewelcrafting Trainers
NeckBloodthirsty Amberjewel Pendant1x5x8x4xJewelcrafting Trainers
NeckBloodthirsty Ruby Choker1x5x8x6xJewelcrafting Trainers


HandsDragonfire Gloves8x40x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
HandsGloves of Unforgiving Flame8x40x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
HandsClutches of Evil8x40x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
HandsHeavenly Gloves of the Moon8x40x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
FeetEarthen Scale Sabatons8x40x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
FeetFootwraps of Quenched Fire8x40x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
FeetTreads of the Craft8x40x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
FeetEthereal Footfalls8x40x40x4x3xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
CloakBloodthirsty Hide Cloak1x4xLeatherworking Trainers
CloakBloodthirsty Fur Cloak1x4xLeatherworking Trainers
BagRoyal Scribe's Satchel3x3xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards
BagTriple-Reinforced Mining Bag3x15xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards
Legs EnchantDrakehide Leg Armor1x20xLeatherworking Supplies
Legs EnchantDrakehide Leg Reinforcements2xLeatherworking Trainers
PvP SetBloodthirsty Charscale Set64x80x40x20x20xLeatherworking Supplies
PvP SetBloodthirsty Dragonscale Set64x80x40x20x20xLeatherworking Supplies
PvP SetBloodthirsty Leather Set80x40x20x20xLeatherworking Supplies
PvP SetBloodthirsty Wyrmhide Set80x40x20x20xLeatherworking Supplies


HandsGrips of Altered Reality8x4xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
HandsDon Tayo's Inferno Mittens8x4xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
FeetEndless Dream Walkers8x4xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
FeetBoots of the Black Flame8x4xUnknown (Firelands Raid?)
CloakBloodthirsty Embersilk Cape10x6x6xTailoring Trainers
BagLuxurious Silk Gem Bag3xFirelands Daily Quests Rewards
PvP SetBloodthirsty Embersilk Set82x37x37xTailoring Supplies / Tailoring Trainers
PvP SetBloodthirsty Fireweave Set70x30x30xTailoring Supplies / Tailoring Trainers

Frostlord's Scythe Stats Distribution / Scorchling Pet
Originally Posted by Bashiok (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
Making it ideal (stat-wise) now and it would stomp all over ZA/ZG weapons. It's fairly trivial to obtain so we're just not really willing to do that.

The solution we're considering would be to make it a 346 blue, but there are some designer-y issues and side effects of what a change like that would cause. Either way I don't think we would be keeping it purple and giving it Int or otherwise making the stats more ideal.

But anyway, those cloaks are pretty sweet, huh?

What happened to re-adding the scorchling to the game? >_>
It's available in the 4.2 daily hub.

Comic - Forest Fire idea of the Druid Fire Cat Form ...

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  1. VitesseEOD's Avatar
    Some of the craftables looks insane! Finally a reason to start spewing Dreamcloth again!
  1. Clockwork Pinkie's Avatar
    Yea, where is the fiery bear, or fiery bird, or fire boomkin, or fiery tree....ok maybe not the tree. Also loving the red gem + socket bonus on the cratfables.
  1. Spl4sh3r's Avatar
    Omg Scorchling!
  1. Resentful's Avatar
    Okay that scope right there makes me wanna play a hunter
  1. mmoc54ae987777's Avatar
    Why is there not 1 purple item for JCs? :
  1. Andaja's Avatar
    Not alot of those use volatile earth :/
    Guess prospecting wont be as profitable as it was (at least for me).
  1. Baygon's Avatar
    i love how Bashiok talks about how getting nice things trivial ways and mentions how nice those cloaks are from Ahune, but forgets about the even better cloaks from the new Thrall Quest which shit all over the ZA/ZG stuff anyway....he clearly has no idea
  1. Bilmeister's Avatar
    Volatile's will just skyrocket, so will truegold and dreamcloth. And that while i have undersold all that crap ages ago. i do not fully understand why so many "crap" mats are being used for such good items. like green gems wtf. i vendored all that crap ages ago.. ye ye my mistake. but lets look at it from a different aspect why do some require chaos orbs, others living embers. seems somewhat unfair to me really

    *time to roll BS again. seems every expansion thats the biggest goldmachine, JC has lost its golry a long time ago
  1. VolcanoAsh's Avatar
    Any news on Alchemy? A new stone would be nice.
  1. Playintrafic's Avatar
    I love how they put 700 stamina on the frostscythe. Yeah what a joke... The staffs that drop in ZA/ZG are a joke. They butt ass ugly and sub-optimal to a MH / OH setup. I just wanted to snatch the frostscythe up on my alts because it looks bitchin. I guess I will just keep the one I have from last on my warrior's vanity set. I wont even bother running the place on my Shaman/Warrior/Paladin/Druid this year. Or my dk once the pet drops.
  1. Magellann's Avatar
    It looks like there's a mistake with the Bloodthirsty Fireweave Set, it shows Heavy Savage Leather rather than Bolts of Embersilk. As it is, I think it's totally cool that we'll be able to craft an entire set at once. Did I miss this from an earlier post, or is that new?
  1. Naoto's Avatar
    More free epics for the rich scrubs.
  1. Tinykong's Avatar
    Why is Blacksmithing the only crafting profession getting 365 stuff? (aside from the one engineering item, which should have been a 359 introduced at launch...)The Firelands raid gear is nice, but it also would have been nice to see some 365 stuff for every profession on the daily hub vendors.
  1. fews's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Naoto View Post
    More free epics for the rich scrubs.
    what game have you been playing, seriously? high quality craftable items have been part of this game for so long i think you might be confused.

    get out
  1. Aleom's Avatar
    Wow I didn't know so many people had their panties all twisted up over the scythe...
  1. lb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Naoto View Post
    More free epics for the rich scrubs.
    More reason to bitch for the poor pro.
  1. mmoc0febdc0669's Avatar
    i foresee Blacksmith being a goldmine for a while in 4.2.Tho some professions are really not getting any love, JC and Inscription are a joke...
  1. ChrisKoe's Avatar
    I like how _every melee dps spec gets a craftable weapon except Enhancement.This is ridiculous.
  1. mmocf5ec7c6365's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ; View Post
    I like how _every melee dps spec gets a craftable weapon except Enhancement.This is ridiculous.
    Indeed, ridiculous ... They have to swap axe and sword and everyone will be happy.
  1. kaintk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Naoto View Post
    More free epics for the rich scrubs.
    oohh.. you don't love to FARM ? lol personnaly, i'va farm boots, gloves and two axe one-hand in 4-5 days of farm and for just a fews hours per day, so get your a** of the capitals city and go farm omg^^

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