Stars (TW - Crystalpine Stinger) already working on Firelands Heroic - Shannox World First Kill
A lot of guilds killed all the bosses of the Firelands raid in normal mode already but it seems that Stars (TW - Crystalpine Stinger) decided to take it one step further.

After clearing the encounters in normal mode, the entire raid changed faction to reset their raid ID and started working on heroic encounters shortly after, that kind of thing happened in the past and it's not really surprising to see it used again to grab first kills.

As I write these lines, Stars killed Shannox in Heroic Mode. It's not really my place to judge if something is against the rules or not and I will just keep tracking heroic first kills as they happen.

Blue Posts
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Eternal Embers and Seething Cinders Droprates
You’re assuming the drop chances for embers averages out to .5 per boss in 10’s and 2 per boss in 25’s, which it doesn’t. Whether you’re in 10’s or 25’s you’re going to see an equal drop average for Eternal Embers per player, and the same can be said for Seething Cinders. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

New Content - Differences between PvE and PvP Players
The answer to your question revolves around a common difference in how PvE players and PvP players approach the game. Generally speaking, PvE players want more quests, more dungeons and more raids to experience -- more and new content is king. On the other hand, while some PvP players do want new maps, many others would be happier if we perfected the Arena or BG maps that already exist - or even if we cut existing maps. After all, PvP players don’t graduate out of Arathi Basin or Dalaran sewers the same way PvE players graduate from dungeon to heroic, or raid tier to raid tier. We did make some improvements to the existing PvP maps, such as trying to return Ring of Valor to circulation and changing the way flags work in Eye of the Storm (for rated play).

We’d love to add a lot more maps than we currently do, but we need to do it in such a way that doesn’t make the PvP experience worse for players who are more interested in refining their PvP experience than in seeing new maps. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 4.2 Hairstyles
We had a bunch of hairstyles we threw in for testing on the PTR and the majority of them did not pass the test. (quality, art direction, bugs, etc.) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Patch 4.0 Raids now puggable
We specifically intend for the 4.0 raids to be puggable now that Firelands is out. Grabbing some tier 11 by way of Justice, quest rewards, plus across the board difficulty nerfs should really be enough to get them going.

The patch has only been out a day or so though. I think it'll probably take a little bit before people really get it into their heads that they should be pugging the previous tier because it's not too hard to be successful. It's just getting people used to the various encounters and mechanics.

Maybe people are waiting for the holiday weekend? If nothing else, leading one yourself is always an option. I think we'd agree that we need some better ways to get pug raids together considering we intend to follow the "New Raid is Hard, old Tier is Puggable" format from here on.

Still unsure what that means regarding the final raid (i.e. Deathwing). Do pugs not get to see him until the next expansion is released? (Not saying whether that's a good thing or not, but personally I enjoyed getting to Arthas on some of my alts without spending near as much time as I did on my main.)
In ICC we had a stacking raid buff over time which gradually made the content easier. Not saying we’ll do that exact thing again but the philosophy was around even then that everyone who wants to can eventually see the content, but it’s going to take very organized groups (which typically means raiding guilds) to see the encounters first.

So casuals will constantly be a tier behind for the rest of the life of this game? If that is what is actually coming out of your mouth I'll save myself the time and unsub now. What a piss poor vision for your game. There are normal and heroic versions of raids for a reason. That heroic difficulty was implemented so that the two segments of the population (casual and hardcore) would both have something to do. You are now bifurcating the raiding population AGAIN, by telling casuals that they have to run around in the left overs.
Trying to label all of our players as “casual puggers” vs.” hardcore raiders” is ridiculously simplistic. Among raiders there is an enormous diversity of players. There are those who will raid virtually every night when new content is out, to guilds that raid once a week (and even then will cancel raid nights fairly commonly). If you must try to label raiders, you’d be closer to the Blizzard model if you said normal mode is for organized raids, heroic mode is for more hardcore organized raids, and the previous tier of content (and Baradin Hold) is targeted for pick-up groups. Also consider that even within a raid zone we try to design easier bosses (usually near the front) and more challenging ones (usually at the end) which can help blur those lines and offer smoother transitions for each category.

Overall, we think you’ll have a better experience playing World of Warcraft if you play with friends, either existing or those you meet in game. WoW, while much more solo friendly than most older MMO games, is still intended as a multiplayer game. We provide features like Dungeon Finder for when playing with friends isn’t possible, and as we said above, we’d like to offer more features like that. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Tabards Tab
Are there any considerations for a tab for your tabards?

[...] To clarify: he asked if we were considering it, and yes we are considering it. :) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Keyring Removal
On a serious point though some people are upset about the removal of the key ring. While that seems like we're just taking it out to be bullies, it specifically frees up storage space we can then make into useful features. Not that it will specifically be used for 'tabard storage', but we are going to be using the space the removal of the key ring freed up. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Thrall and Aggra's "wedding"
Correct. Their pledging of their lives to one another was essentially their 'wedding', although I'm sure Orcs don't use such nomenclature to refer to these things. Maybe 'life bond' fits better. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Does Blizzard plan on adding the rest of the dungeons and raids to the Dungeon Journal?
Absolutely. With the time it takes to present a single boss in the Dungeon Journal we were only confident supplying Cataclysm content with the release of the feature in 4.2, but we are on a path to filling it out with all dungeons and raids in the entire game. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Steam Summer Sales
In a very, very, very unrelated sidenote, Steam Summer Sales are up. I don't usually news non-WoW stuff but ... well, I like Valve and I'm pretty sure a lot of people will be happy to hear the news. Also, don't forget that we have a Video Games Forum!
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  1. Exerionx's Avatar
    What's done is done.Really, people. What has been done can't really be reversed :P
  1. Msi's Avatar
    Gz Starts, still love you
  1. Wrathbaby's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Terashi View Post
    Wowprogress has a rule against faction change abusers (paying real money for ingame advantage is cheating, no matter what anyone says). So while it may be a "first kill" it really doesn't count.
    Yes because wowprogress is a official blizzard site just like mmo-champ amirite
    I like how the lots of you are trying too hard
  1. Pootch's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Raht View Post

    And inc. ban for Stars.

    Blame on Blizzard...!
  1. prankstar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Scuravolpe View Post
    The funny thing about Stars' exploiting here is that it's completely unnecessary. No one else will be able to kill the heroic version this week either, so they could still be first next week. It's pointlessly tempting the banhammer.
    apart from the fact that the eu us and tw raid lock outs end on different days so somone will allways have an advantage for world first kills
  1. rhyun's Avatar
    They should be banned. they explore a feature like ensidia explored a bug. They are World First Cheaters on this patch!!!
  1. Dyrving's Avatar
    I like it!
  1. kamiko's Avatar
    gz stars... stop crying allrdy and get a life
  1. Rau's Avatar
    While I normally do like Stars it kinda would make me smile to see them get banned for this. Heroics are a competition and they just steroided their way to the top and abused the system, it's no fun competition then and it's sad for the other top-guilds when these guys already have killed an heroic boss and have had attempts on the others, that will just put them in some kind of lead automatically.

    Let's hope they get a 3-day ban spanning over next reset.
  1. Malakass's Avatar
    This is exactly what Stars members think about all the rage, hating, and exploitation flaming:

    (this crap won't let me post images ¬¬, it's safe, it's a .jpg)
  1. catalystical's Avatar
    They didn't break the encounters. And besides, as many people have said, a kill is a kill, at least in their eyes. It may not be a credible kill to you, and they might have their loot removed and all, but they saw the dead bodies, and that matters.
  1. Prof_Sarcastic's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Chiasmus View Post
    Paragon took full advantage of their roster, there's no rule to say what composition you may take to a raid. You cannot under any circumstance call that an exploit unless you're totally clueless of what the word means.
    A blizzard CM told me, personally, that I could be banned for doing Flame Leviathan (while it was still relevant) simply for using the optimum strategy. What Blizzard considers an 'exploit' hinges almost entirely on whether they think it will make them look bad.
  1. dabs's Avatar
    if u care this much about world first.... time to get a life
  1. Dutchmagoz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Paux_Like_Poe View Post
    And this is why this argument is moot and pointless. Don't pout because you didn't think of it first, it's very childish.
    US and EU servers can't do this, it got hotfixed ages ago.
  1. Geomatician's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Dutchmagoz View Post
    US and EU servers can't do this, it got hotfixed ages ago.
    Server transfer was fixed ages ago, faction change wasn't. Judging by what a member of Paragon said it's still working in the EU.
  1. Necroterror's Avatar
    Smart! Gz to Stars for their kill
  1. Nocturnes's Avatar
    They must shit gold considering they way you guys talk about people who get a first kill.....

    To me it's very dissapointing to see people are already 5/7 - 7/7. Day 1 has passed, let's QQ for patch 4.3 tbh /sigh
  1. Duster505's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vasz View Post
    That's not really the point. Nobody can do this on the EU or US servers. Meaning ALL of the worlds best guilds in those regions will have to wait until Tuesday/Wednesday to even start on HC progress. Even if Paragon, Vodka, ect WANTED to transfer, it would carry their raid ID over too.
    Still US guilds get credit for first kills when it is open to them 1 day before EU? I see nothing wrong with what Stars are doing. Its a first kill - it does not matter 1 bit for the long term future of anything. Just stupid ppl even trying to argue these things when ppl ALREADY are not playing on equal standings.
  1. Daraiki's Avatar
    GZ STARS I'm rooting for ya
  1. Sykezs's Avatar
    Gratz for the kill, gratz for being clever, gratz for your just rewarded BAN

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