Legendary Staff / Dragonwrath Tarecgosa's Rest - Mount
During one of the latest update to the official armory site, the page of Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest has been updated to include a new spell: Tarecgosa's Visage.

It looks like the Legendary Staff also comes with a built-in mount now, Blizzard was pretty sneaky about it but it looks like we'll see the mount model on live servers after all. See the preview below!

Dark Legacy Comics #295 and Teh Gladiators #250 are out!

The Daily Blink - This Memo is Completely Real
Oh The Daily Blink ... You filthy, filthy, filthy trolls ...

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  1. Dannz's Avatar
    holy crap, dat's nice :3
  1. pateuvasiliu's Avatar
    Omg that comic is brilliant. And the mount is nice, too...

    EDIT:Yay second. Can I haz cookie?
  1. greyghost's Avatar
    A++ Daily Blink. Bwahahahaha.
  1. Irony's Avatar
    Tempted to come back just for this staff...
  1. Strafer's Avatar
    Oh snap! reused model.Hide from the QQ! :O
  1. Sokolas's Avatar
    Now I'm even more jealous to those who will get this staff...
  1. Kals's Avatar
    Sadface at re-used model/animation. Mount doesn't look too bad I suppose.
  1. Mihayah's Avatar
    Brb, leveling the mage. DAT MOUNT.
  1. Pumps's Avatar
    Yeah, another item only 0.000000000001% of the players will get. Let us buy it for real money blizzard! I'd pay 200$ for that
  1. Kendeura's Avatar
    What's that song?
  1. fangless's Avatar
    lol hoggerer. win. also, that mount... awesome!
  1. mmoc0f80c0c1fa's Avatar
    reused model, who woulda thought that...
  1. enfermera's Avatar
    lol, loving the staff even more. dk's warriors pallies didnt get a mount from shadowmourne wonder how fast the mount is. prob 310% but wish it would be a "legendary" speed
  1. Toffie's Avatar
    What a ugly mount, god it's so ugly... Reused it is also.... Blizzard... You never surprise ..
  1. Shambulanced's Avatar
    Figures that the legendary that's usable by mages would get something awesome like a built-in unique mountspell.

  1. Ademptio's Avatar
    Honestly I am not to happy myself seeing the staff now even has a mount option.. I know blizz wanted to make nice legendaries and newer and more special... But this just feels unfair to other classes/players that wont get the staff. They should add mounts to all other legendaries then linked to the legendary if they do it for one legenadry they need to do it for all of them in my eyes...
  1. frownface2000's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pumps View Post
    Yeah, another item only 0.000000000001% of the players will get. Let us buy it for real money blizzard! I'd pay 200$ for that
    Lol? not sure if serious or trolling.... sincerely hope trolling. $200? wtf?
  1. shadowjam's Avatar
    really nice mount .. but to me it looks a bit naked :< give armour ^^
  1. MattyP's Avatar
    The gnome comment and the Starcraft thing, priceless. I want the staff on my warrior so I can fly....this is clear prejudice against non-casting warriors.
  1. TheOne's Avatar
    Just because Billy has a shiny new solid gold bicycle doesn't mean everyone else should have one too.

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