Legendary Staff / Dragonwrath Tarecgosa's Rest - Mount
During one of the latest update to the official armory site, the page of Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest has been updated to include a new spell: Tarecgosa's Visage.

It looks like the Legendary Staff also comes with a built-in mount now, Blizzard was pretty sneaky about it but it looks like we'll see the mount model on live servers after all. See the preview below!

Dark Legacy Comics #295 and Teh Gladiators #250 are out!

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  1. Myzrael's Avatar
    Where are good old times when legendaries were just a weapon with some unique proc. Now whole guild puts effort into getting one, but only the wielder gets to use a mount. Like the weapon itself isn't rewarding enough.
  1. m1k3y121's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Siton View Post
    Never going to happen, because Blizzard hates druids and they will never have a legendary based on one spec.
    3 specs. kitty and bear are 2 different specs, and with reforging, it's viable for both.
  1. mmocc5d9fa5936's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by enfermera View Post
    lol, loving the staff even more. dk's warriors pallies didnt get a mount from shadowmourne wonder how fast the mount is. prob 310% but wish it would be a "legendary" speed
    Except we did.
  1. Alayea's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kittenboots View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Grandmarshal View Post
    As if the staff wasnt good enough already?

    But one day... me a warrior I will have a unique mount! mabye i can just ride a massive axe?
    that would be a hilarious sight.
    I also imagine that it would be quite painful.
  1. mmoc8c22ecc507's Avatar
    Anyone know if the Heart of Flame (Last item to complete the staff) drops from normal too, or hc only?
    Also i came across a comment on wowhead: If Ragnaros not keeping his heart in the chest, it must drop on heroic. Bonelich
    Logic < WoW, but i found it funny, so i tought i'll share it.

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